Saturday, July 31, 2010

Casey James and the AI9 Live Tour in Lexington, Kentucky

After what I'm sure was a well-needed day off yesterday, Casey and the rest of the Top Ten head back on stage tonight.  They had a chance to meet with fans before and after the show.

Pre-show Pictures:

Photo courtesy of @GwenDeWyze

There are some fantastic videos on this site of Casey hanging out before the show as well as concert video.
Casey Playing Frisbee

The above videos courtesy of mxgirl3

Concert Pictures:
Photo credit KaitlynOliver7

Above pictures by ihavecoolsocks

It's All Over Now

Don't (parial)
Above videos courtesy of msgirl3
 I Got Mine
Casey & Mike's duet:
Above videos from Staceyhere

After concert photos:

Photos courtesy of Lorilea Stegall Conyer

Photo credit Danna


"But several artists seized the opportunity to make good second impressions, particularly third place finisher Casey James. On the show, James always seemed to be a little lost trying to make the judges happy. But taking the stage playing The Black Keys’ I Got Mine, he quickly established himself as a Texas bluesman who had a Stratocaster and wasn’t afraid to use it."

Read the whole review here:


  1. can't wait to see videos and pics of tonights show!i always look forward to them.i'm so proud to be a fan.anyway casey have wonderful and glorious days ahead you're always in my prayers
    i know that probably sounds so really have terrific fans here,only a couple might need to look into a dating website.


  2. To another wondrous evening...
    Of Casey James' music gifted to his audience.
    Treasured by us and gratefulness returned with lasting appreciation for a truly exceptional artist.

    A continuous flow...of Joyousness...Love dovetailing Love...
    poetry in motion!


    (Twitter: seata_dapants)

  3. love the pics!what a lucky young lady!!!!
    casey treats all his fans with tlc.can't wait
    to see casey and his brother on stage together

  4. Casey always looks sweet enough to eat!

  5. Casey looks great! Happy happy pictures with his fans. Casey loves his fans and, besides his singing and great guitar playing, that's why his fans just love him to the max right back. I love Casey's hat's, the white one is cool too; and the shirt with the cross and wings is supreme. Glad you're having a great time Casey. Just wanted to mention, I watch the vids of the performances over and over and just can't figure out where in the world the guitar picks are coming from. I keep seeing a pick being thrown into the audience and then, before you know it, another one appears from nowhere and he keeps tossing them from out of the blue. Where does he keep them, up his sleeve?

  6. where would rockstars be without there giggly
    female's absolutely hilarious.tweeter
    is more entertaining than any teen mag.

  7. Sweet baby Jesus that man is so pretty, those lucky lucky girls, sigh........

  8. Anon. August 1, 6:50pm: if you look at the video carefully during the performance, he picks the pick from a pocket in the middle of the Microphone stand. Casey is not a magician. lol.

    btw I was fun ti watch playing frisbee.....