Monday, August 2, 2010

Video: Casey James Live Performances Pre/Post Idol

All of Casey's American Idol performances are easy to locate both on the official website and elsewhere in cyberspace. They have been dissected and discussed ad nauseum (the sickness often coming from the disconnect between what the judges sometimes said and what the rest of us actualy heard). In some ways, they are more irrelevant to Casey's future than some of the performances below.

I have posted elsewhere the full set from the Keys Lounge hometown visit and will later put together all the other hometown visit performances.  Each concert on the AI9 Live Tour has its own post with all of Casey's performances,if available.  So what's left of Casey's work to date? These.  This is a compendium of all the rest of Casey James' performances outside of American Idol. Some have full video, some are just sound, but they are the rest of the Casey James' oeuvre. Everything he's done musically that we have a record of before and after American Idol should be here. If it's not, someone will let me know, I'm certain.

Home after the AI Tour, Casey performs some songs with the Tim Hood Band. This is not the Casey James Band.

Shape I'm In


Shine Your Shoes (6/6/09)

One in a Row (accompanying his mom Debra on mandolin 6/6/09)

Let me pause here for a shout-out to his ridiculously talented mom. I think that song would be a huge hit on the country charts. Huge. Who doesn't relate to the lyrics? And she has a great voice. I know it's not as deep or serious as some of her other songs, but I think it's a goldmine waiting to be dug!

Gravity (Audio only from the Keys Lounge)

Talk About Suffering (To purchase click on link) (Audio only, circa 2007)

Road to Coming Home (Audio only, circa 2001)

Freezing (Audio only, circa 2001)

Free (Audio only, circa 2001)

Swamp (Audio only, circa 2001)

Above four videos credit twistdfrk

Shine Your Shoes (KIIS Purse Party)

Satisfied (KIIS Purse Party)

Always (KIIS Purse Party)

Jealous Guy (KIIS Purse Party)

I Don't Need No Doctor

Blue Sky (Wendy Williams Show)

Jealous Guy (from the If I Can Dream House)

HYERLAW (If I Can Dream House)

Jealous Guy (If I Can Dream House)

Casey, Alex, Andrew, and Mike doing OMG (If I Can Dream House)

Casey and Mike singing HYERLAW -- inside an M&M

Jamming with Andrew Rhim before the tour

Random Guitar playing during tour rehearsal

American Idols rehearsing My Life Would Suck Without You
First the set up:

Then the song:

A different angle:

Then they play a little Violent Femmes' Blister in the Sun:

Another nice angle of all this, from


  1. You missed this awesome, awesome, awesome snippet of Casey doing an OLD blues tune. A must add.

  2. Thank you!!!! I absolutely love having these great videos all in one place!!! - Margherita

  3. AMAZING, and as i said ... GOD SENT ;)

  4. Love all of the above vids, but my fav is "Always". I also really like "Satisfied", "Shape I'm In", "Freezing", and "Blue Sky". Heck, I love 'em all!!

  5. Shari, you are nothing short of AMAZING! Thank you so very much for compiling all these videos of Casey in one convenient place...what a true labor of love this is!

  6. Shari, thank you! I just sat here in my living room and had my own personal Casey James concert. Outstanding! What a gem you are and what a talent Mr. James is. Seriously, there is no doubt about what a big force he will be!

  7. "Always," what a beautiful song. And you know, Casey, I will Always Love You!