Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Videos -- Complete Set from the Keys Lounge

In the interest of historical accuracy (and not because I'm anal or anything like that), I am posting the five songs performed at the Keys Lounge in chronological order. I'm also using a combination of videos because different ones capture different aspects of the performances. The videos uploaded by dmdhemp, for four of the five songs, have all the song intros which really help set he scene. The other videos provide more close ups and record what Casey was feeling as he was performing in a place he had played before but never to a crowd like that.

Too Sweet for Me

Too Sweet for Me (close up)

Love the Seger-esque wail at the end of the song.

Gravity (close-up)

With special appearance by BC James on bass.

Satisfied (close up)

Drowning on Dry Land

Drowning on Dry Land (close up)

King's Highway

King's Highway (choppy, but close up)


And here's a picture I hadn't seen before from Homecoming (or is it a Pepsodent commercial?).


  1. Where's Kings Highway? That was the last song sung and very good.

  2. Thanks, but you missed Kings Highway and an instrumental by the Ventures.

  3. I will never ever get tired of watching these performances, he is so amazingly talented and filled with so much joy and passion. I've never seen anyone so happy to do anything. It is nice to hear the intros. I sure hope that he doesn't completely abandon doing traditional blues when he goes country. I know blues is not as commercial, but this is him at his absolute best -- guitar and vocals.

  4. Casey has everything it takes to be one fabulous blues man. I appreciate every bit of Casey's talent, but my preference in this selection of songs is #1 Gravity and #2 Satisfied. He is one amazing musician and singer who really gets into the music full force, bringing everyone with him. Talented to the ultimate degree. I am very much looking forward to seeing what comes out on his new album. Thanks for the Key's Lounge vids, they are great, and the Pepsodent commercial pic! :)

  5. Thanks for posting them all together... I see you liked my 3 "close up" ones... I was right beside that HUGE State Trooper - who kept getting his hat in my way.... I have made a book also of pics - will send you link - once I give the book to Casey at DFW Homecoming....

  6. Casey James, blues man!!!!! Love Satisfied and Gravity.

  7. You guys are doing a GR8 job with the page! It's wonderful to view all of Casey's news, videos and pics! Thank you so much!