Thursday, August 19, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Tour in Sacramento

Casey James and the rest of the American Idol Top Ten stopped off at the Arco Arena near the future home of either multi-multi millionairess Meg Whitman or the former "Governor Moonbeam" Jerry Brown. And that's all politics you're getting on this blog. If you want to know who I'm supporting in the race for governor (for the four of you who live in the once-Golden State along with me) you can check out my other blog (burnthistoo).

Sacramento is hot this time of year. You know what else is hot? Casey James playing guitar. The lucky folks in attendance got to see the future part time Nashville resident kill it like he has done every night on the tour. If his joy in playing were any more infectious, it would come with a CDC warning.

Did I mention previously that some of us who having been following the tall Texan for months now were not able to see him in concert when he was in their very own city? So those of you who do get to see him do his thing on that big stage -- count yourself as very fortunate, especially as there are so many great videos of the performances so you can revisit the experience whenever you want.

Now, on with the show!

I Got Mine



It's All Over Now

Reviews of the show:
From the 21Q blog of the Sacramento Bee:
Third-place finisher Casey James was wicked on guitar and changed instruments every other song - once during a song. Mentor Shania Twain would have applauded him on her hit, "Don't Fight, Don't Argue." And James had the crowd on their feet with "It's All Over Now." But his best performance was a duet with Lynche - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?"
The Sac Bee published this interview with Casey ahead of the concert:

Who will stand out at Wednesday's show?

It could be third-place finisher Casey James, 28, the goldilocks guitar guy who impressed the judges at his audition in Denver. The Bee caught up with James before a recent tour stop in Phoenix. He yawned (over the phone) a lot and promptly apologized.

You and the other "Idols" have been on tour since early July. Between the buses and baggage, how are you holding up?
You know, I've been doing music so long it would take a lot more than singing four songs a night to get me worn out. I'm having the time of my life, especially meeting the fans, because they're the ones who supported me.

You were raised in Cool, Texas, so the recent Dallas stop was close to home. One newspaper reported you paid $3.25 for 12 taquitos and hot sauce. Was it a hoot to be back in longhorn country?
I'll be honest. We rolled into Dallas at about 4 a.m. I had someone pick me up so I could spend some time at home. I got about 21/2 hours at the house. It was a gift from above. It just rejuvenated my soul. Now I feel like I could be gone another eight months. I hadn't been home (since the show wrapped), and I was worried about my dogs. Now it's OK.

You're no longer isolated like on the show. What's the mood regarding all the changes that are taking place?
It will be a totally different show next season. There will be new judges and a different band. (Musical director Rickey Minor left to join "The Tonight Show.") It might be a million percent better. You never really know.

For the tour, how was song selection handled?
The show was very generous with allowing us to choose our own songs. I'll definitely be playing guitar. (One review of an earlier concert noted James will perform a duet with Michael Lynche: "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?")

Any high or low expectations being with the same nine people for weeks on end? Has your look changed as the tour progresses?
I love traveling, going to new places and playing music. And it helps being older. There will always be a bond between all of us. I still look the same. I think I have a sharp eye for fashion, especially cowboy boots.

When the tour ends, what are your plans?
Well, I'm letting you in on some news. I'm going to be working with Sony in Nashville, making a record. I'm pretty excited. And then, going out on my own, and that will be the chance to see the real Casey.
Twitter fan @MarieLeathem1 wrote the following about her encounter with Casey on the stage at the Arco Arena.  Enjoy!
You know, I’ve hesitated to show anyone this video. Didn’t want the world to know about me and Casey (he’s very private you know). Was afraid that one look at this evidence of our connection would, well…let’s face it , we’re girls, claws will come out, tears will be spilled and jealousy will ensue. Oh I know you guys have all gotten a hug or hugs plural (big whoop), kisses, pictures, follows, twitter messages, letters, meet & greets, after party, shout outs in interviews, mentions in Yellow Notes…whatevs. Prepare yourself and please don’t hate me. Some of you will be so blinded by jealousy that you will refuse to see this tremendous expression of affection that he showed me (in front of thousands), that clearly said to the world “You, right there, in the front row, to my left, in the red, by the speaker…you‘re my favorite“…even though it is glaringly obvious when it happens (2:16ish)…you can’t help but notice it because of the exaggerated motion he uses (2:16..2:17)…. I will help you, though, because you may not be able to see through your waterfall of tears. It’s about 2:16ish, 2:17ish. Please do not mistake it for that pitiful wave at about 2:04ish (someone must have been begging for a wave). So, take a deep breath… and remember…there’s someone out there for everyone…

I know, right? You guys okay? It was if someone, at that very moment, said “Casey, point to the girl this song is about”. Remember, please, I am just a person…I‘m no different than you guys. I can’t control the fact that he wanted to point to the chubby, sweaty, cabbage patch looking lady in the front row (to his left, by the speaker, in red). And, no, I don’t think it’s the fact that I tweeted to him during intermission: Hey, I’m up front, to your left, by the speaker, in red - I mean that was so vague. We all know he doesn’t read his tweets in between twitter parties and yellow notes (or does he?). And don’t think I don’t know what you’re all thinking… it was so fast and you don’t even really know him, don’t you feel cheap? No. I don’t. Don’t judge me. It may have only been for a split-second, and he may not have even known the name of the lady (front, side, red) he was pointing at - but I could tell it was as real to him as it was to me. So I share this with you all, not to brag, not to make you green with envy, but to release myself from the sweet torture of keeping up this façade on Twitter. Continuing, daily to let you all think that I don’t really know Casey, that we’ve never shared this time of intense connection, when… after seeing this (2:16ish, don’t blink), it’s so obvious we have. Many of you will be naysayer’s, saying he wasn’t really pointing at me…that he was just stretching his finger because he got a cramp. You go ahead and tell yourself that. I understand.

Casey has very creative fans!!  Thanks for the smile Marie!!


  1. he is so purty, i don't care if he sings the phone book, Casey is one if the nicest most handsome thing to ever come out of Tx,Can't wait till he makes his album. Love you Casey, and i love these blogs abt him too........

  2. I like the way Casey is changing his songs around here and there. These were all slightly different from when I saw him in Pennsylvania. He also seems very at ease in all of happy he is getting to continue his dream with Sony!

  3. love your music!will be a fan for ever,but keeys
    you totally ruined my kesha song everytime it plays i have to turn it off.thanks !!!!!

  4. Just love all the news and vids. Casey's talent is coming out more and more each time I see a vid. Very impressed by the little changes here and there, in "Don't" and especially in "It's All Over Now." Casey on that guitar. . . . . . just awesome!


  5. Woah...Love the way you've got "Mine" screamin' in Sacramento, brahh!!!
    Untrowable! Truly!

    It will be beyond amazing seeing you on your solo tour, Love...
    Sooo anticipating you bringing us some old skool R&B, Casey James style!!


    ( Twiiter: @seata_dapants )

    PS Is "Mine" the guitar with Paw Paw's pickguard?

  6. Ha Ha! Shari...LOVED the CDC warning line!!! SO true :D Casey puts the SUN in sunshine!