Saturday, August 14, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Tour in LA -- Staples Center

The American Idol tour came back to where it all started -- Los Angeles. My hometown. A mere couple of freeways from my house. So, of course, I didn't go. I also missed Natalie Merchant playing downtown at the Orpheum Theatre. But I did watch a couple episodes of Big Brother and am almost caught up. Does anyone on earth have a more annoying laugh than Rachel? I'm just wondering.

Thanks to one Casey James fan on Twitter, LGhanna, I was able to watch a few seconds of Don't on UStream and I liked how he's been changing up the vocal as the tour goes on. I always wonder how singers can sing the same song over and over, some for literally decades, and it seems that changing the melody is the least you can do to keep yourself from dying of vocal boredom. And it makes every performance a little different and a little special for the audience.

The concert was pretty well received by the critics, as it has been in most towns across the country. Fairly consistently, the reviewers have noted that the singers are much better than they were on the show and that there are a few true standouts (usually, in order of appearance, some combination of Aaron, Siobhan, Casey and Crystal). I think it's just another example of how the AI format devolved last year to the point where every week half the contestants were basically taken out and shot -- not a confidence-builder by any stretch of the imagination. I'm amazed that any could walk on to stage after the dizzying roller coaster of criticism they rode each week. Now freed from the constant barrage of inanity, they can just be themselves. And, true, some have more to offer musically and artistically than others, but all do their best to entertain.

So congrats to all for another great show, and, congrats to all the contestants who continue to meet the fans and make them feel appreciated for their votes, their continued support, and their love.  Because this tour is about giving back to the fans who put them on that stage, and in that regard -- no matter what the sales figures are, no matter what the reviewers say -- it's a big success.

For pictures and recaps of Casey's performances, visit the Casey James Cougar Club and Casey James Homecoming pages, both on Facebook, and Caseymania, on blogspot.  Also, search on Twitter where a number of fans are posting twitvids of their encounters with Casey and his electrifying onstage performances.

Pre-Show Interview

Not crazy about this interview, to be honest. It rehashes too much of the awkward, uncomfortable American Idol past and doesn't focus on Casey's future as a Sony recording artist.

Interview with Yahoo! Music in Los Angeles:

I'm sure you didn't miss it -- let's hear it for Tuesday!  Apparently, that is the date of the official announcement that his fans have been waiting for since Casey walked down from the stage to pick up his little cousin Lyndi and sing his final song as an American Idol contestant.  This has been a long tease -- from his quick trip to Nashville to his hints at finding a home in the country world -- and it's about time for the payoff.  Casey James will have a home for his upcoming debut album and a label to back him as he takes the next huge step in his career.  Let's hope that this is a creatively successful marriage that let's Casey be Casey.



It's All Over Now -- We have two videos, the first is closer, but shorter in length. So for those who can't get enough Casey (you know who you are), here are both videos.

Live UStream of 28 seconds of Don't:


  1. Love getting all the Casey news from each concert! He is such a great performer!

  2. thanks for all the Casey articles, Shari! keep em coming! now i don't know anymore what's not to love about Casey James! :)

  3. Shari I love all of your articles and read every one of them! Casey has the best followers and support groups in the world <3 Thank you and please keep these articles coming about Casey and his family. This is only just the beginning of his amazing music career!

  4. Shari- awesome job as always-- great job on promoting the best of Casey James. Excited about the album and Sony news!

  5. Its great that all of the idols can finally be
    themselves away from the constraint of the show.
    I can't wait to hear about the details on Casey's
    record deal on Tuesday! Thanks for the articles
    Shari, its really nice to be able to come to this
    spot and find all this information on Casey!:)

  6. Thanks Shari for always getting us the scoop on Casey. I've noticed that he does change things up and, more importantly seems to get better with every performance; I believe his Mom said that he's a perfectionist and it show!

  7. I meant shows LOL-it's too early!

  8. Thank you, thank you... this is the first place I visit to see the latest Casey news. You are awesome and we appreciate you!

  9. Thanks, Shari! I love reading and watching updates on Casey. It's great to have a site that you can rely on for the newest Casey James news. Luv him!!