Sunday, August 22, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Tour in Portland, Oregon

Finishing up their two-day Pacific Northwest Tour, Casey James and the rest of the American Idols were at the Rose Garden on Saturday night.

Interview: Before the show, Casey James was interviewed by Except for the reviewer bringing up the "K" word, it has some great moments.

Here's the interview:

I like what Casey says about not having expectations and going into experiences with an open mind and an open heart. Some good advice. He also, in response to the question what it's been like meeting people on the tour, said he was affected when he hears how he has touched people's lives. Then there was my favorite part, that shows why he is worth following and supporting: his promise "to continue to work my butt off as hard as I can for the rest of my life to do what I love to do."  Oh, yeah, and he again mentioned his album would not be cookie-cutter country, but a blend of rock, blues and country.  Let's hear it for blending!

MF Magazine also interviewed Casey James

In answer to what is the hardest thing about touring Casey responded, unsurprisingly, being away from family.  What Casey has learned about himself is how to accept being in a situation where he is not in control.  The biggest misconception about the show is "that we have more time -- that we have time at all."   As far as an interesting fan experience, Casey mentioned when Antonio Banderas told him (at the Shrek 3 premiere) that his wife wanted to say that she says "Hi."  In response to the question, what's next, he discussed  working in Nashville to get his record out.  "I know there are people out there that are ready to hear the music,  so I'm ready to give it to them." :)


It's All Over Now

Not up close and personal, but it's still great to hear him playing good old fashioned rock and roll and reminding us that the roots of rock are in the blues. It must be such a let down for the crowd when his set is over so soon.

I don't normally include a video of the American Idol tour finale song, but that's usually because whoever is videotaping is a bit slow on the draw and misses Casey's opening (which, of course, is the best part of the song).  But this time, the video-wielding concert-goer did an excellent job!

It's My Life

SeizeMusic has a terrific photo gallery on Flickr of pictures from the concert.  Here's the link to the Casey Photos.  And here's a taste of what she has:
Casey James in Portland
Gotta love the lighting effect
Photo from twitpic/anniee2010

Photo from the Oregonian

Here is another great video of -- bum-bah-dah-bum -- Late Night Sandwich.
Smells Like Teen Spirit playing in the background....

LNS (Oregon Trail edition)

Mmmm, Chipotle! Admit it, you want a burrito now.

The blog On Portland had this to say about Casey James' performance at the Rose Garden:

The highlight of the evening was Casey James, who stole the show out from under Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. His rendition of “I Got Mine” by the Black Keys was simply amazing, showing off extraordinary guitar skills. All I could think of during this first song was, "Damn, this boy can really play guitar". Casey James' "I Got Mine" was the real first exclamation point of the evening. This was followed by “Don’t” by Shania Twain, which was a great example of an artists making a song his own. It was at this point that it stopped feeling like an American Idol Tour and started feeling like the Casey James show.

Casey brought Big Mike back on stage for a nice rendition of “Have You Really Loved a Woman”. Mike's performance with Casey was stronger than any of his own three songs and it was nice to see the two of them sing together. The real highlight of Casey's set was “It’s All Over Now” by The Rolling Stones, the hands-down best performed song of the evening. Casey played a terrific slide guitar and made it clear that he is the best guitarist to have ever performed on American Idol. By the end of the song it was easy to forget that it wasn't an original song – a monstrous task considering its origin.
If you couldn't tell how much he enjoyed Casey's set by those two paragraphs, the reviewer finished off by adding:   "The big high point of the evening was Casey James, who I'd absolutely go see in concert again."

Well, Geoff Kleinman, welcome to the club! And check out the (nearly) unanimous comments on the site singing Casey's praise.

Finally, a terrific review from "OvenMitt" posted on MJsBigBlog
Here's what she said about Casey:

Casey was incendiary. He makes the hottest ugly guitar playing faces.
*Gulp* Okay, I admit it: Casey is my favorite. I’m sure some of you who frequent this site know this already. And yes, I DO like how the man looks. But, the incendiary part is first and foremost in my affinity for him. He, like Siobhan, likely calls the stage a second home. He was so comfortable and engrossed in his performance that I felt as if I was intruding on a private moment by watching him play. Those hot ugly faces seemed to channel visually the intensity with which Casey feels the music he’s playing. A huge selling point for me with artists is if they can channel emotions and make me feel them, too. This is one of Casey’s strongest suits, and his guitar(s) sort of aids and abets in that process. The hearty applause he received in the arena just confirmed that Casey was successful in getting the crowd as jacked up about his music as he was. I hope Casey keeps up the love affair with a lengthy live performance, because that will be his bread and butter in the future.

I knew OvenMitt (from many forums) and I were in sync!!  Here is a link to her photos from Portland.


  1. Naturally Casey had two!! Luv him!!!

  2. "Admit it, you want a burrito now."

    Mmm, yes I do! I do! LOL

  3. Thanks Shari!! Love LNS, any version, as long as Mike and Casey are in it! Love all the other kids, too, but do have favorites! Wish I could eat like Casey and be as slim....oh, and good looking! LOL MAE777

  4. Thanks again Shari! you spend some much time keeping this blog up for Casey and his fans-- we so love you for it. I can eat like Casey but I sure am not that thin when I do! He must burn it all off with his energy.

  5. I just had dinner, and now i want to eat again!!!
    As always Shari ... top notch ... THANK YOU :D

  6. Sorry i'm commenting again, but i forgot ... LOLLLLLLL at (bringing up the "K" word) !!!
    I LOVE your sarcastic style ... puts a smile ... no, no, no ... gets a loud Casey James Laugh out of me every time ... God Bless :)

  7. Loved the write-up on Casey, he is picking up fans everywhere he goes. Enjoyed the interview. I have missed LNS, I really do enjoy them. Thanks Sheri for all the updates.

  8. WOW! What a great write-up about Casey's performance at the Rose Garden...

  9. Love, love, love, bum dah dah bum Late Night Sandwich! Mike is cool. Again, so glad to read super reviews for Casey. Also love Casey & Mike's duet and everything Casey does. :-)

  10. Ohhhh .... groannn ... I've been exercising extreme discipline on a low carb routine for the past couple weeks hoping to get into my favorite jeans for the Idol concert - THIS Friday so I really really shouldn't be watching Late Night Sandwich! Especially when burritos are involved!! I loooooove burritos which is probably why I can't fit into the jeans in the first place! ha. PS ... Shari ... I had the burger the other night but left the bun. Matt's Bar in Minneapolis has the BEST burger called The Juicy Lucy!
    Love those Late Night Sandwich Videos! Just a few more left and the tour is over.

  11. I was front row at the Portland concert, and Casey blew me away. He was in a full-on relationship with his guitar on that stage, and it was mesmerizing to watch. He even threw a guitar pick out to me, and signed it later. What a kind, gracious, talented, smoldering hot guy. Sony Nashville has something special in their midst.