Monday, August 23, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Live Tour in Anaheim, CA

The crowd at the Honda Center in Anaheim were the first to get to see Casey James perform under his new moniker, Sony Recording Artist.  Anaheim is the home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, not to be confused with the Los Angeles Dodgers...of Los Angeles.  But I'm not bitter that the little city to the south is trying to muscle in on my city's substantial cache by using our name.  Imitation -- or in this case, flat out stealing -- is the sincerest form of envy. 

Of course, Anaheim is also the home of  Disneyland -- the happiest place on earth.  But for the fans of Casey James, it was the Honda Center stage that was, at least while he was prowling it, the hottest place on  earth.  Unfortunately, not much video of Casey has surfaced, but if more comes in, I'll update.

Don't (Partial)

Green Hippo, as posted on MJsBigBlog, had these very nice things to say about Casey:
Next up -> Casey James. I was prepared for lots of screaming from Adamland, since he was her favorite, and she did not disappoint. Now, Casey didn’t do much for me during idol, but I did notice he can rock that guitar. Wow, did he ever rock out on the guitar. Now I was blown away by his guitar skills. His first song “I Got Mine” by The Black Keys, was sick on the guitar. I really don’t know how his singing was, because the playing distracted me very much so. His 2nd song “Don’t” by Shania Twain had more vocals, so I noticed them Not bad, not bad! I am happy he got signed, he is somebody to watch, his guitar playing will get him far. I predict along the lines of Orianthi and better.
And out comes Big Mike again for the duet “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams. A nice sappy, emotional piece for I guess most of the female audience, not for me though. But having both voices side by side, I have to say I liked Casey’s better than Mike’s. Casey ended his set with “It’s all over now” by the Rolling Stones. It was perfect! Have I mentioned how much I liked his guitar playing *grin*
Andy11, also on MJsBigBlog, posted:
Casey was outstanding. He just walked calmly out and ripped the electric guitar during his stellar opener. Great rocker stage presence of the cool, laid back variety. He was having a great time and so was the audience. He played multiple guitars and used a slide at one point. Great rousing take on It’s All Over Now to end the set. He has definite rock star potential. The duet with Big Mike was fun in an Idol way.

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  1. I'm happy to see that everyone is enjoying Casey, and the recaps just keep getting better and better. It was evident from the start he would be pulling in more and more fans from everywhere once he was let loose. I liked that Casey's guitar playing *grin* was mentioned, it surely is awesome!