Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Live Tour in St. Louis, MO

Overshadowed by the post-concert news that he had been taken to the hospital, Casey James performed last night at the Scottrade Arena in St. Louis, Missouri.  Now that we know Casey did not stay in the hospital overnight and instead headed to the next tour stop, Des Moines, Iowa, we can get back to the business of music.

Obviously, any recaps or reviews or videos of this show will be seen through the prism of knowing Casey was not at all feeling well.  That makes the many positive comments about his tough-it-out performances even more salient.

A couple concert-goers who are also Casey James Twitter fans posted their reviews last night, while waiting to hear how Casey was doing. They raved about his performances, even though they could tell that something was wrong.

CaseyEJamesFan tweeted: 
"He WAS amazing-- that's what was weird! But he just didn't look himself! He looked very tired." "Despite your illness, you still kicked butt!"
"He didn't look himself--I told my sis that right off the bat. His voice was a little off. He kicked ass on guitar though!"

Jlloy5  tweeted:
"He still sounded great but had a bad cough. I still cant figure out how he could belt those notes out with a cough"
"He didn't look real sick, but it was obvious that something was wrong, coughing a lot...not sure how he got all those notes out"

Jlloy5's picture -- for more click here
Photo by Jan Galloway Humphrey (CJCC)

Go! said, "James put in credible performances during his set, and is finally coming into his own on stage. He looked comfortable as he went full-blast rock and country-style. Lynche joined James late in his set for Bryan Adams' "'Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.'"

PlayBackStL also praised Casey's performance, writing:
The top three was where the show really took off, and probably the biggest surprise of the night was Casey James. Now Casey had a rough climb to the top three and oftentimes was noticed more for his rugged good looks than his voice, but make no mistake, he can sing; and what’s more, the boy can shred on the guitar. He came out wailing with a killer solo for the Black Keys’ “I Got Mine.” He then slowed it down for “Don’t,” a Shania Twain cover he played on the show, followed by a duet with Big Mike on Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.” James closed out his set by getting to his roots again on “It’s All Over Now” (most notably known for the Rolling Stones’ version) and playing a mean slide guitar. Judging by James’ guitar skills on display in the live show, I can’t help but think he was made to hold them back during the show. It makes sense, being that the focus of the show is a singing competition, but James is easily as good a guitarist (if not better) as he is a singer.

I'll update as more comes in.  I'm relieved, to say the least, to get to go back to updating about performances.  I'll admit it, I was scared last night.  Faked it well with that cool, journalistic detachment, didn't I?

I Got Mine


HYERLAW (Partial)

It's All Over Now


  1. AHhhh....Shari...what will we do w/o you???really felt relieved after the tweet of Momma James...Thank God... our Casey is always good to go...;)

  2. Gina S. @Bamagurl721August 26, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    Actually I could tell you were scared like the rest of us. Casey is such an amazing person to be able to perform so well when he was so sick. But we already knew he was amazing, didn't we?

  3. LDG_lildrumgirl- LaDonna DennisAugust 26, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    Well I am not one of the lucky people that has had the chance to see Casey in concert..:( but I could tell by the pictures..that he was not feeling well at all! I woke up this morning and was shocked when I seen all the tweets about Casey being sick and being taken to the hospital!!! :( I was scared!!! Felt like it was a family member of mine!! Casey and his momma have become our family on Twitter! I love and respect them! This tour and all that goes with it...late nights,many,many different cities,lack of sleep, no rest not to mention the stress...has taken it's toll!! Time for a break and to regroup! Spend time w/family and friends! Most impotantly...REST!! I can't imagine what a crazy ride this has been!! Alls I know is I want Casey to be happy and healthy! :) I want to hear and see him for years to come!! I love ya Casey and Momma too!! My love and prayers are with you!! (((hugs))) <3

  4. As you experience these temporary challenges...
    You seem to effortlessly… gracefully…
    flow with an open heart to the music of life, Casey ♡

    Such wondrous indomitable spirit !!!
    May you be blessed with limitless prayers
    for optimum health and comfort!



  5. Thanks Shari for using one of my Pics! Being a huge Casey fan, since the beginning of Idol, we could tell right away that he did NOT feel well! But even through the coughing and sniffling, he was STELLER! He sang beautifully, never missing a note and his guitar playing was everything (if not more) than we've seen in the past...AMAZING!!! This is just another reason why his fans love him SO dearly... no matter what, or how he's feeling, he always gives 110% to his fans! My admiration for him is just enormous... Casey James is a Shining Star and even at his worst, he is still the BEST!!!