Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Casey James News 8/25 in St. Louis -- Videos & Interviews

As the tour winds down, Casey James and the rest of the American Idol Top Ten head to the Midwest.  First stop, St. Louis, Missouri, which, as Casey has learned, is abbreviated MO and not MI.  Sorry all you Michigan fans on Twitter who briefly thought you might be getting a surprise return of the Idols.  ;)

This interview was conducted before the concert with KPLR in St. Louis.

This next video was just uploaded by Jross-TV.
It has Casey, Andrew, Mike and some members of the American Idol band including Brandon Brown and Gorden Campbell sitting around eating and talking music.

Next is an interview that was uploaded to YouTube today, but was actually conducted three weeks ago (8/4).

Late Night Sandwich (St. Louis ed., Pt. 1)

Late Nigh Sandwich (St. Louis ed., Pt. 2)


  1. Shari,I really enjoy these sandwich video's.The guy's are having fun while stuffing their face's. The little glimpse of Casey makes our day all the better. Thanks for keeping us updated. We will take all you can find. Have a great day

  2. So happy to see some more LNS. Good to see Casey is eating healthy. First time I ever heard of a mac & cheese burger. Lucky Andrew.

  3. @Shari Would you post Late Night Pecs featuring Big Mike bench pressing (wait, is that the correct term?) Casey james please?

  4. Pat,

    All the Late Night videos that Casey is in are in one post. If you put what you're looking for in the search box at the top, it'll take you to the link!

  5. That was so cute when he twittered about landing
    in "MI" then corrected it right away with MO!:)
    Sometimes I get mixed up with all of the abbreviations for the states too! Love the LNS
    vids and will miss them when the tour is over! At
    least Casey is eating his veggies!

  6. I enjoyed listening to the video interview with Casey. I will have to say I admire the beautiful person the leader of the band is, the wisdom he exhibits, and his gratefulness, by making it known that the music that you write is influenced by multiple minds and hearts and souls. I'm sure there will be many beautiful songs for us to hear.

  7. Shari, thanks so much for all your hard work. It's great being able to follow Burn This Media for updates on Casey and the James family! :)