Friday, August 27, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Tour In Minneapolis, MN

As the countdown to the end of the tour continues with just five shows remaining, Casey James and the rest of the America Idol Top Ten head to the Target Center tonight.  As I told a Twitter friend/Casey James fan, when I think of Minneapolis, I think of the old Mary Tyler Moore show.  I used a quote from the first episode of that show in my novel (yes, I actually wrote a real book, for those of you who don't scroll down to the "about me" section).   During her job interview, Mary is told by the irascible Lou Grant, "You've got spunk."  As she starts smiling, embarrassed, he comes back with, "I hate spunk."  Love that!

You know who has spunk?  Say it with me -- Casey James.  He's back again tonight and I'm sure the fans who waited so long for their turn to see him perform live are thrilled -- even if he might not be able to meet with them in person.  No word yet if his schedule is being modified today as it was yesterday, but we have Casey fans on Twitter who will be at the venue to let us know.

Before tonight's concert Casey tweeted his concerned fans the following:

Then, as an added bonus, he tweeted a picture his mom had sent him:

Too much cuteness.

North Country Girl wrote on Jamestown II about her pre-show Casey encounter:
I saw some fans in Casey shirts, so I went to hang out with them. They said they saw Casey come out of the venue and go on the bus. So we went down to the other end of the bus, by the venue door. There were about 5 of us. Casey came off the bus walking like an 80-year old man, carrying his guitar case. He stopped by, said he couldn't do pictures, but y'all get a hug. He got one done, and of course it was prolonged by pictures. He started a coughing jag and bent over, his face turning bright red. We all started saying we felt so bad, he didn't have to perform like that, but he said he wanted to (that must be why he wrote the little yellow note) and excused himself back to the bus but said he'd be right back. When he came back, a pretty blonde woman was first in line for a hug, and then the handlers said he had to go. Her cousin said she (the blonde) was his biggest fan, she even follows him on Twitter (!!!), so he asked her Twitter name, and promptly forgot it. That is what you saw on Twitter. (An aside -- he didn't seem that tall to me!)

Photo by North Country Girl
She said this about his performance: "Casey didn't run around during the concert like he does when he is well, but his voice was very strong, never cracked, and he never had to sit down. He only coughed a bit between songs. He really is a magic man."
Twitter fan MNCyn was also at the concert tonight and took along two young friends.  I spoke with her after the show.  Cyndee raved about Casey's performance, even though she knew he wasn't 100%.  She had seen him briefly before the show when he left the bus to go get his guitar case.  She said he looked drained and pale.  She and a few fans went over to him.  One, Jesselynn_ on Twitter, told Casey "you don't have to sing tonight, you know."  Casey responded, "I want to" and then gave her a hug. 

Jesselynn_ and Casey
When I asked Jesse the day after the concert if there was anything she'd want to say to Casey she said, "No words, only love."  :)

Cyndee said "Casey opened to the roar of the crowds like always."  The audience was up on its collective feet for his set.  When Mike came out for their duet he asked Casey, who he called Mr. Pretty, "How you doing?"  The two, as they did for the first time on the tour the night before in Iowa, performed sitting on stools, no doubt in consideration of Casey's health.  He still threw picks out to the crowd and moved around on stage. He even waved at Cyndee's grandson, Spencer (a good thing considering how hard Spencer worked voting for Casey during American Idol).

By the end of the show's last group song, according to Cyndee, "Casey was smiling and it was almost as if doing the show gave him strength and wellness.  He was smiling and his eyes were brighter."  She observed that "performing was like medicine to him."

While Cyndee was a Casey fan going in, her fellow-concert goers, teens Anne and Ashley, "were so so about Casey before the concert - and afterwards --- wow."  They said of Casey's performance:  "hot -- crazy good ... only a true artist could do that while sick."  One of the teens, Anne, who plays guitar herself said,  "His guitar playing was amazing! We were not expecting that at all."  Ashley agreed. 

If he can get that kind of a response when he's not feeling well, it's no surprise Casey's been gathering new fans all along the concert trail!

I Got Mine


It's All Over Now (multiple versions since no one has the full song yet)


Photos by @LilyLulu2 more here

Above Photos from JesseLynn_

The reviewer posted a rather negative review of the entire American Idol show.  About the nicest thing he said of the performers was his comment about Casey:
The big discovery of the night was that Casey James, who finished third in this year's TV competition and signed with a country record label, aspires to be an electric guitar hero. He got bluesy on the Black Keys' "I Got Mine" and unleashed his George Thorogood-evoking slide and chicken-pickin' on a swinging sendup of the Rolling Stones' "It's All Over Now." James has the Goldilocks good looks of a rock star and encouraging guitar chops, but his voice was as generic as his name.
As bad as this seems, it was nothing compared to the ripping he gave everyone else. 

His review generated some contrary opinions, including this from Casey fan Jenna366:
Casey James in particular, who I also voted for like crazy and thought should have won, is incredible. Although you did say some nice things about him as a musician, the reference to his voice being as generic as his name is ludicrous and uncalled for. Give credit where credit is due but stop this ridiculous bashing and be objective. This season's tour was fabulous and the lower turnouts are more an indicator of the poor economy which has caused many tours to cancel shows or the entire tour in some cases. CASEY JAMES, LIKE ADAM, IS WELL ON HIS WAY TO BECOMING A HUGE STAR AND RIGHTLY SO.

Cyndee also responded to the lukewarm review by posting:
Here's another statistic for you, Mr. Bream. With a hospital worthy case of bronchitis-pushing-pneumonia and bed rest orders from the doctor, Casey performed at approximately 75% last night - and STILL he was the stand out performer of the show. And PS re: his name? Tell that to brother Billy James and mother Debra James. I think it's the real deal. And my bet ~ so is Casey!
With dedicated and loyal fans like these, and the others we've met around the country, Casey should soar when this tour is over!


  1. Sharron Grissett Mobile, AlabamaAugust 28, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    I was really upset when I heard Casey was ill. I was at a friends when another friend in Chicago called me. I am so glad he is ok, perhaps before the tour is over he can come out and meet all his fans, he deserves it. However, I hope he doesn't overdo it trying to please them. He is a very sweet guy and I wish him all the best in the world. Love YA CASEY!!!!!!! @slaphappynbama

  2. Great reviews, thanks Shari. It's amazing how Casey has soldiered on this entire Idol year while being so very sick.

    He never complains, who suffers with H1N1 during the Idol year and still gives it his all? Casey James does!!

    When I saw that tweet earlier from him and he was looking for the fan he hugged I immediately did a RT and then a RT of Jessica's tweet to him. So glad he was able to connect with her via tweets.
    Prayers work, and lord knows we've all prayed. I still can NOT believe the whole Casey was rushed to the Hospital was leaked on twitter. Thanks to our friend and angel @marieleathem1 she was able to track him down and let his frantic Mom know where he had been taken.

    I'm sad to see the tour come to an end, and at the same time so very happy. Back to TX, his families love and prayers, some of his Momma's chicken and dumplings and lots of rest and many puppy dog kisses are surly to make Casey healthy and well again.

    He is a blessing to many.

  3. I showed the teens the Dallas performance of "I Got Mine" on Youtube this morning. With wide eyes that got even wider throughout, they said, "He didn't do that last night. Ohhhhh Myyyyy Gawwwwwwddddd ... I would have diiiiied." I think that's teen talk for "I'm impressed!" I said, "And you still thought he was great last night." I think my two Tim fans are definitely now Casey fans!

  4. Carman (CoolCJFan)August 28, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    Love it!! Thanks Cyndee and Shari!! It's great hearing what "so so" fans are saying after seeing him perform live, and yes, I think you've got your teenager talk down. ;) lol

  5. I love to read these comments from the concert goers, as opposed to journaists who have no real interest (see Minneapois Star Tribune review). These are not 100% polished performers but young people just starting out. The point of the concert is for the Top 10 to say thanks to the fans and for the fans to see their favorites do a litte more of what they did on the show (or, in the case of Casey, wow them with things they never had a chance to do). The fans have connected with these performers on a personal basis, and to see them live is every bit as exciting as seeing well-known stars in person. That's the perspective I'd like to see the journalists take.

    As for Casey, he showed what a true professional he aready is by performing while sick. He knows how much his fans want to see him, no matter what. He gets it 1000%! That's why we love him!

  6. Just goes to show you what a wonderful,special person Casey is! So happy to hear about him..always makes my day! Thank You Shari!

  7. I have to agree with my fellow fan that the journalists sometimes forget what and who they represent. some of them if the first place dont know to much about music only push there dislikes and likes on everyone which we already know about how journalist work with alot of other issures..
    These performers work very hard especialy the 1st, 2nd and 3rd... in the last part of the show. and dont forget how many shows are involved.
    I for one LOVE CASEY JAMES, He has the whole package and im sure we will see all of it after the tour is over and he starts on his career... I still remember USHER, saying Casey is the one to watch, wether he wins or not......

  8. Those who CAN, do (Casey James)

    Those who CAN'T, write cynical reviews for the Minnesota Star Tribune. (Assclown Bream)

  9. To Daydreaminmeme: AMEN!

  10. Sometimes I have to crack up the things reviewers say. "As generic as his name"? What the WHAT? What's his name got to do with anything. What if his name was Guiseppe Spumoni (yup, just came up with that)? I don't get it (except, hello? yum, spumoni). How would he have described his voice then? Would he have said Guiseppe's voice was much like his last name that of molded Italian ice cream with layers of different colors and flavors? (actually part of that works). Anyway, I know he was just equating Casey's voice with his name, I get it, so clever. Yes, I know I'm being a little (lot) sarcastic, but c'mon! Ok, I guess my dukes are up a bit. Here's the thing (for me) about music...why can't there be room for everyone? Everyone's not the same...that would be so boring anyway. I would love Casey's music, if I had never seen him. If I didn’t know one personal thing about him. Fortunately, for us, he let’s us in and we get to see that he is much more than a talented musician. He's simply a good, solid human being (which seems to run in the family). So, not only do we have someone who we admire as a musician, but we admire as a person as well. And I bet you’re wondering if I realize that I'm a rambler and I’ve gone completely off topic. Yes. Yes I do.

  11. This old fart is bragging he has Taylor Swift's phone number on speed dial. Now that just creepy! And I quote "Jon has yet to satisfy a request of many Star Tribune readers: that he take a music-appreciation class." This guy is a joke.


  12. I just love the way you girls take up for casey. He surley dont deserve anybody saying hes generic anything. Casey is as real as you get ,including his name, Thats just one more thing i love about him, this guy, whoever he is,sounds like a friking fruitcake if you ask me.

  13. Casey James is the male version of Carrie Underwood..Generic--can't wait to watch you eat your words!!!

  14. I loved Adam Lambert, but this year's concert was just not all about him, so why bring him up? I think this reviewer must have been having a very bad day, because it shows in the majority of his negative remarks. I have to thank him for saying some very positive things about Casey. As generic as his name, hhmmmm, Casey's name is far from generic, actually it's quite original; so,....that must have really been a compliment. I would like to improve on that compliment by stating that Casey has a one-of-a-kind voice, unmistakable as a matter of fact. I think the reporter just wanted to get a buzz out of the but.

  15. Thank you for the videos, as sick as Casey is, he sure puts out an amazing performance. I did notice a smile as he tuned in on the twang.:) He sure can play that guitar.

  16. When Casey is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame that curmudgeon will be raving about Casey's unique voice and how he (Jon a.k.a. Horses A**) once received one of Casey's personal guitar picks, while neglecting to say he purchased the pick on eBay.


  17. Thanks as always for the info, vid's,& pictures...
    Hopefully Casey is getting back to 100% feeling better.

  18. Amen Meme!!!!! Thank you again Shari, breaks my heart to see him looking so pale and know he is sick and still has 5 shows ahead of him, but it seems that playing is an elixir for him, so that is good! I don't want this tour to end, but I want him to have some rest and time to recover, then he focus on that album for us too! :)

  19. I commented here WAY before I read the Star Tribune Review. Thank you lord, for life's many blessings!!
    Just read another review from Chicago. What on earth?!! Oh yes -- it was a good Casey review but honestly, the nasty things they had to say about the other Idols!!
    Wow, these poor kids, get knocked around on that TV show, (I use the words TV show lightly) being it a Sunday and all, and then the media knocks them to the ground and kicks them in the face!!

    What on earth is wrong with our society!! I was always, team Casey during Idol, but when I saw my show in Baltimore I thought they all did a great job & was pleasantly surprised to be honest. Of course Casey was & is indeed my all time favorite -- I've long been a fan of a Idol winner, none of these nasty reviews surprise me, but no way, have I, nor would I, help pay to keep their blogs open by hitting the sites. Nor will I, or have I ever commented on trash talk. You know what? All these Idols are all someone's child and are loved by lots of people.

    I'm also not going to put any unnecessary pressure on Casey with projected albums sales or awards. Doesn't matter to me how many albums he sells nor how many awards he gets. I'm always going to be his fan. Pretty sure, he is happy just getting his voice heard and having a chance to see his dream become a reality. Too much pressure is put on these kids, and its really sad!!

  20. I'm thinking of captions for the two Jesse photos above. 1- "He's mine. All mine!" And in Minneapolis, he was! 2- "I'm here to protect this boy. If he doesn't want to sing, he doesn't have too!" But he did and he did and ever so well! Aren't we lucky!? This lady is as kind and sweet as she is pretty. He was in good hands.. at least for the moment. :-) It was very fun to watch, and to be with her as she received several CJ Tweets. I wonder if's she's recovered yet?!

  21. Preach it @girl4reba!

  22. Is that MNCyn (Cyndee) reporting back to us? Lucky, lucky girls! At any rate, Casey really needs to get some R&R. I totally respect his professionalism and love for his fans, but get so *scared* for the guy when he's got bronchitis and almost walking pneumonia. He's a consummate professional, but I want him to get better and be rocking for a long time. And, those notes to his fans, wow.... this is why we're so endeared. He brings out the beautiful souls in those around him.

  23. Missed you Friday night, Christy. Was hoping to hear from you & to meet you!!

  24. @Cyndee
    I'm so jealous but yet happy that you got to meet Casey! I thought about going early, but was traveling a bit to get there and had another person with me who absolutely would have committed me if I would've been standing outside a stage door. LOL! But, I really do want to meet the guy someday. Is it true that he has a halo and an aura? He just seems so sweet.

    I think I may still have your info. and can get in touch down the road. Maybe we can hang outside the stage door together when he comes to Minneapolis on his tour (then I won't feel so weird... I've never been a "hang out by the stage door kind of gal.") Remember that -- it's a deal. And if Casey is reading this, he needs to note that there are two nice upstanding ladies from Minneapolis who want to meet him the next time he comes to town:-)

    Drop by the other site someday and weigh in. We miss you! And, I left some other Casey James nuggets out there for you on one of the posts. It was a total moment of fandom, and I was scolded, and I crawled away with my tail between my legs. But now I'm reformed and have not used Casey's name on that site for a few days:-) It's all good.