Monday, August 30, 2010

Casey James and the American Idol Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio

Growing up in Los Angeles, you might be surprised that my favorite baseball team was the Cincinnati Reds  But they had an amazing line up with Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Davey Concepcion, Ken Griffey (no, not junior, the original) and my personal favorite, Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench.  What I loved about Bench was his old-fashioned, Oklahoma-bred values, his great work ethic, his commitment to be the best.  After surgery to remove a benign tumor, Bench's throwing arm was compromised and impacted how he played from then on, yet he continued to be the best in the game.

Do you see what I'm getting at here?  Reminds me of one Casey Everett James, Texas blues guitarist turned TV reality show contestant turned back into what he was and always will be -- a dedicated, talented and devoted musician. 

The penultimate concert of the 2010 American Idol tour takes place tonight at the Riverbend Music Center.  I won't be able to update this blog way into the early hours of tomorrow, as I have in the past, because real life intrudes.  Just as Casey's momma is about to get her youngest back, I'm about to let mine go.  The world is weird that way.  But she'll be in a dorm, not bouncing around in a bus (at least I hope not!), and should get some sleep (at least I hope so!) and take care of herself.  She's shown me how to do Skype video chat so, unlike Debra, I won't have to wait for someone to upload a YouTube video for me to see her (at least I hope not!).  She's starting a new chapter of her life too and with every turn of the page there is excitement and apprehension and the great unknown.  But mostly new experiences which are all part of Life's Rich Pageant (thank you REM). 

Feel free to use this blog as yours tonight.  Post whatever you find in the comments section for others to read.  On Wednesday there will be a major post for you to add your comments to reflect back on the first chapter of Casey's professional life.  Check back here then.  When I get back to a very quiet, very empty nest, I'll fully update this and the other blog posts.  Then we'll see where the next chapter leads us.

A few hours before the show, fans at the venue before the show tweeted that Casey was out there meeting fans.  This is great news, it means he's doing better.  Here's a tweet from one of them at the venue:  @poisnivyred Yeah! Someone actually asked him how he was feeling and he said he's much better :)"   But since she also tweeted it was very hot, let's hope Casey isn't over-doing it.

I found this with the correct date, 8/30/10, so I believe this is from Cincinnati.  If I'm wrong, let me know.




  1. The love for Casey James music and love for the man he is have grown from day one,and matured and blossomed into a strong forevermore love.

  2. Every mother's dream/nightmare -- to find your child on YouTube!!! la peche

  3. Jlloy5 (Jen Lloyd)August 30, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    Thank you Shari. We are sincerly grateful for your generosity with your time to update this blog continually. The conclusion of th AI tour is bittersweet. We are sad to see that the daily excitement of following this tour is nearing the end. The excellent updates on this blog combined with concert goers updating everything they see, and the sharing of videos and pics will especially be missed. Friendships have developed, and an appreciation for the sandwich has sky rocketed.

    On the other hand, there are feelings of peace and excitement that this tour is bringing to us, as dedicated fans. We feel peace for Casey as he gets to finally be surrounded by loved ones and sleep in his own bed. Feelings of excitement
    will climb as we anticipate and wait patiently for the release of his first album.
    To sum it up, we are proud of Casey James, and look forward to the future of his musical career.

    Thank you Casey. You have provided something for each of us, and we are grateful for your talent, humble demeanor, and your love.

  4. No words. Only love...for Casey James. I love his music & I love him as a person. I'll be waiting impatiently for his CD & solo tour!!!

  5. I was kinda hoping you would have a NEW Blog - following the CAREER of the soon to be EVEN more FAMOUS Casey James... Fans still want to follow... and I think we are very devoted...
    Let's See -

    Casey James - The Rest of The Story

    Casey James - Star Rising

    Casey James - FANS for Life

    Casey James - No Words... Just Love...

    But WE are very thankful for all that you've done to date... so would completely understand an ending of a chapter...

  6. Thank you, Shari, for ALL you've done to bring Casey to us, especially us who couldn't be there in person!! I've enjoyed all your interviews, videos, updates, recaps, tweets, writeups, EVERYTHING!! It has meant so much to me because I love Casey, his Momma, Billy and family soooooo much!! We couldn't have known all these interesting things had you not done this labor of love. You and Glenda from Caseymania have gone above and beyond to keep us informed. I feel like my life has been enriched from knowing Casey, his family, and you two!! Looking forward to Casey's and his family's bigger, brighter, and better future! Can't wait to buy his 1st CD!! OH WOW... Get chills just thinking about it!! Thanks again!! MAE777

  7. if you think casey james is a huge sucess now
    just wait till his videos and music hits gac and cmt!with that face and that voice he can't miss.i can't imagine a song that he couldn't turn into his own,except maybe achey breaky heart that song should never been done in the 1st place.haha!

  8. I agree, thanks for all you have done.. Ive been watching from the start. I knew he was special the minute he took his shirt off and smiled.. I knew the minute he sang and played the guitar... He was special...
    Im hopeing someone will start a new fan based web that we can read about how he is doing, or maybe beable to send him message,s
    And , yes, just wait until he starts singing and makeing video,s.... OMG..
    Im thinking he will be a huge sucess.. And you know, it was for the best that he came in 3rd.. He would have been tied to what ever for a couple of years if what ive read is true..

    I was hopeing to see the tol, ind and the last cvg.... WHATS UP?