Friday, August 20, 2010

Casey James' Mother Debra - Contemplating trees and apples

As most of the regular readers of the blog know, Casey James is a perfect example of the old adage the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. His mother, Debra, is a talented singer-songwriter-musician. Like many women, Debra had to put her own dreams on hold to take care of her two young boys after her divorce.  But she never forgot about her first love, music, and always found a way to keep it a huge part of her -- and her family's -- life.

Thanks to Debra James who shared this with Caseymania

At a time when many might start looking back on what was or what could have been, Debra kept moving forward to see what still might be. As Bybee D. James, she recorded a CD about a three years ago.  It has been available elsewhere, and it was even sneakily placed in my intervew with Debra about her youngest, but I've never devoted a stand-alone post to her music on my blog before.    A terrible oversight.   Here is the link to her MySpace on which you an listen to, and purchase, some of the songs.   You can also buy them at the iTunes store by clicking:  Bybee D. James -- Cross that Line

The next three videos have been on my site for some time, but I'm including them here again for your listening pleasure.  Watching Debra perform, and hearing her songs, reminds me of watching Casey -- there's that same joy, that same serenity.  It's what they were meant to do.

I found this quote while thinking about whether one ever stops being a musician, when you "grow up" or move on to do other things.  “I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down.”  I guess this is why Debra continues to write and sing and why Casey never quit on his dreams.

First up is one of my favorite songs of hers, one that I think almost all women can relate to!  It's called One in a Row. You might recognize her accompanist. 

The next video is of just a hauntingly beautiful song, accompanied this time by two lovely ladies from across the pond.
No More

Now it becomes more clear why Casey once commented that he's not the most talented person in his family.  Although he does manage to hold his own in their duet, performed during the American Idol hometown visit:

Wayfaring Stranger


  1. Beautiful Voice...beautiful soul...beautiful person. :)


  2. I have been enjoying your lovely CD…
    Heartfelt … melodious shimmers of Light, Debra!!!

    Ahh and Momma James and Casey…beautifully intertwined of humility and vulnerability …A pas de deux of perfect harmony…Love!



  3. It is so delightful to see Debra barefoot and relaxed, singing and playing her guitar. I believe that Casey's success will have a beneficial effect on her own music career.
    Musicians at Keys Lounge all speak very highly of Debra. This year she has won a lot of hearts of those who are Casey fans.
    Much happiness to Debra!


  4. Jen Lloyd (@jlloy5)August 20, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Another great one....keep up the awesome work! Loved Debra singing! Thanks again Sheri!

  5. Debra is a wonderful singer, loved all of the vids and songs. What a talented family.

  6. AMAZING, just Amazing in every single way ... God Bless!!!

  7. I know Debra is proud of her son, but just watch how proud Casey is of his momma when she starts to sing Wayfaring Stranger. He's beaming. How heartwarming is that? Gotta love that whole family.
    Karen Smith (kdsaa4)

  8. Shari, AWESOME article!! TY for showing Debra's talent too!! Before she started singing professionally, we used to just hang out and she'd play the piano or the guitar and sing for me! She could make me cry even then! She does have a beautiful voice and is very multi-talented!! I plan of having all or her music in my home as well as Casey James and his band"Crossover" with Billy Cole and Jacy McMann!!:o)

  9. Thanks for your continued support writing about Casey, his family and his music. Casey is so proud of his mom, and he has every right to be. She's the strength and soul of this wonderful family.

  10. When Casey sings "Wayfaring Stranger" I am mesmerized! Such a unique voice. Hope songs like this are on his first album.

  11. such a sweet humble woman and what a great voice,i wish all that is good in life to touch each member of the james family and may they continue to find fame in doing what they all love,,, music!!!!!!

    janice,,, CaseysCrew488@ twitter

  12. Debra, you are an amazingly talented woman! I hope to keep hearing your music! Laura (@bucky26 on Twitter)

  13. I love hearing Casey sing "Wayfaring Stranger". I don't know why I'm crying. I guess Casey and his mom touches my heart. Silly me.

  14. Debra is very talented, I enjoy listening to her music. She deserves to be known worldwide.
    I especially love the song Talk about suffering. It's so beautiful, Casey and Momma James together, pure and simple.


  15. I wish I had the words to describe just how hearing Debra sing and then watching her sing with Casey too, affected me beyond measure. You can see so much of her in Casey. Both their singing and speaking voices are quite mesmerising and give us such insight into the sweet people that they are. I have enjoyed discovering this beautiful man on AI and now I'm enjoying discovering the beautiful Momma who gave him to us. They are two of the most talented singers I have seen and I am so thrilled to have discovered your Blog here Shari so that I can keep in touch with all the great things happening fo Casey. I hope Debra will get recognition too. She has a very distinctive voice like Annie Lennox. Good Luck Casey xxxx