Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Casey James Post-Announcement News and What's Next

Yahoo! Music's Lyndsey Parker had a chance to interview Casey James when the American Idol tour stopped in LA -- after he tweeted about recording with Sony, but before the official announcement was released about his record deal.  As he was about to be signed to a country label, but hadn't in the past seemed to be an exclusively country artist, the natural question was what being on a Sony Nashville label would mean for the direction of Casey's music. 

Casey's answer:   "It is in Nashville, but there’s a lot of stuff out that there that I wouldn’t consider traditional country by any stretch of the imagination. It’s going to be what I’ve always done. Texas music–a mix of rock, country, blues, soul, funk, whatever…anything that’s good, it’s going to be on there…lots of guitar, good melody lines, good lyrics.”

Here's the link to the Yahoo! Music blog containing the interview.

Elsewhere, Houston Chronicle music blogger Joey Guerra, who has not always been the most fervent Casey James fan, in announcing the record deal, added "I'd expect it to outsell forthcoming 2010 releases from DeWyze and Bowersox."  I'd say that was a very accurate prediction on his part.  You can see the full blog here. 

Sony's announcement was covered by his hometown papers, the Weatherford Democrat and the Mineral Wells Index, as well as MyFoxDFW

Casey's signing made news in the country music world as well, with CMT posting this article about the signing.  The Country Music Rocks blog wrote about it as well, here.

But the biggest splash was made in the various social networking sites where Casey James' fans posted their congratulations.  Whether on Facebook, on Twitter, on message boards, or on blogs, fans who had been anticipating the announcement for some time were thrilled when it was finally, officially made and they unleashed an outpouring of love to the newly-signed artist. Congratulations came not only from around the country, but literally from around the world as, just on this site alone, there are fan postings from Egypt, South Africa, the Philippines, Scotland, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Israel, Norway, Singapore, Mexico, Latvia, Venezuela, and the Middle East.

Today being the day after the big announcement, it is a good time to reflect on what it means -- and what it doesn't mean.  It means Casey will get to make a record.  That is huge; it's what every artist dreams about.  But being signed does not guarantee success, as my earlier post "What Does it Mean to be Signed" explained.  He needs not only the help and backing of his new record label, but the continued involvement from all his fans.  What his fans can do in the next six months is what they've been doing -- follow him, support him, talk about him.  Whenever you see an article, forward it along, post a comment.  When there are polls or votes, bring his name up. 

Casey's publicist will do the heavy lifting -- trying to convince People magazine, for example, that this terribly unattractive guy should somehow be included in their Most Beautiful People edition or getting him invited to those rare country awards shows (there are only about three of them a week, I think).  All kidding aside, even with an artist as marketable as Casey James, the publicist has a big job to do, because there are no guarantees in the music business.  But he won't be doing it alone, because Casey James has an active and devoted fan base that has been supporting him since the first time they heard him sing.  These fans will continue to work hard on his behalf and will keep on supporting and promoting this Texas singer-musician because we believe in him.


  1. Woohoo, awesome Shari and I will be supporting him big time always!! How exciting is all this news!! Casey is going to be huge, no doubt about that!!!!

  2. Great article! I think Casey's fans will continue to be "true blue" with their support of this amazing musician/singer/songwriter. I know I will. Can't wait 'till the music begins! NORTH CAROLINA LOVES CASEY!!

  3. Marlene from SwedenAugust 18, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    Well written girl!!! But you forgot Sweden, he got fans there too... ;)
    keep doing what you're doing the best - writing about our lovely Casey James!!!!!
    Love reading on your blogg!
    <3 CASEY JAMES <3 We're all Soooo very happy and excited for you!!
    Marlene (from Sweden)

  4. I'm pretty sure this is tongue in cheek - you did really mean 'attractive' I'm sure!! And can fans help with convincing them??
    "somehow convincing People magazine, for example, that this unattractive guy should be included in their Most Beautiful People edition ..."

  5. Of all the things that might be considered "heavy lifting" for the producers, i think getting Casey on the most beautiful pepole will be the easiest thing ;)
    IMO, with Casey's talents, good manners, not so bad fan base to start with, he's already making the producers' job relatively easy, but they just have to give him his "SPACE TO BE CASEY" as Mama James (and all his fans) hope for.

  6. awsome article!!!!!i would love to see casey james in the people magazines most beautiful edition.i can't wait for his music.he will out sell lee and crystal easily...oh that voice.
    not sure if he's more beautiful inside or outside.

  7. There is no doubt he will be successful! I can not wait!!!!!!!! Love and blessings, Alexa

  8. I know I will do all I can to promote Casey &
    his music. Wow - he has so many fans from so many
    different countries! I believe a world tour sounds
    very likely in the future after he makes his rounds here in the US of course! :)

  9. Quote "Congratulations came not only from around the country, but literally from around the world as, just on this site, there are fan postings from Egypt, South Africa, the Philippines, Scotland, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Israel and the Middle East."
    Also from LATVIA !!!!!!!!

  10. jenna366 (twitter)August 18, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    I think Casey has the most loyal fans, a really great bunch of people who will continue to support him in every way they can. I never fail to find an opportunity to mention Casey, between listening to his music, tweets, facebook, fan site blogs and posting, watching his videos on youtube, doing my daily searches on google, etc. for more of that superstar CASEY JAMES. His fanbase will only grow and I know he will always have me as a fan, which I think is so true of every Casey fan I've met through the various venues and websites. There is no limit to how far he can go - with his talent and our continued support!

  11. Thank you so much for this very informative article Shari. I am so very very happy that Casey has so many fans from so many countries. That will sure keep him busy on tours; but, he needs to do many many tours in the U.S. as well, and be promoted like you say at country music awards (hear there is something coming up September 1st :) sure would be nice.) A People Magazine article would be excellent for Casey. I hope someone will push for it. I know that Casey will have a very successful career. So many people, of course including myself, love him and all of the fine music he has to offer.

  12. Very happy for Casey from Mexico. I hope that
    all the season 9 top 10 idols do well.

    Of course Casey is my personal favorite followed
    by Crystal but the competition is over and there is room for all of them in the market.

    Once again congratulations Casey and what make me happy is that he looks so happy in a recent
    interview he gave...and that's what counts.

    janice.... caseys crew 488 !!!!!


  15. Count me in!! I love Casey and will continue to support him in every way that I can! Great article, Shari! I've only followed one other artist from season 2 and his fans are still so loyal and I believe Casey's fans will be with him forever! When you believe in someone, that's easy to do... Plus him being such an amazing talent and God gifted!! MAE777


  17. Another great article, thank you! Casey's fans are good people. We are loyal and extremely supportive and have been since day one. We've never given up on him and we ain't going to start now! He has touched many hearts, around the world, with his humbleness, his never ending gratitude and a voice that instantly puts a smile on your face. His guitar skills are mind blowing and he has a stage presence that is utterly captivating! He has everything that it takes, and more, to be a very successful musician/singer/song-writer and we will be there cheering him on for years to come! We're not going to let him down, I assure you!

    As for any worries about Casey taking the Country route?

    Quote: "I've always felt that Blues, Rock'n'Roll and Country are just about a beat apart" ~ Waylon Jennings

    GO Get'em CASEY!!!

  18. Shari, you're exactly right about Casey hopefully getting a publicist who is going to keep him in the limelight. People magazine would be amazing! As Casey not only has the outer beauty, but radiates with so much inner beauty, as well. He more then qualifies for that title! If I were handling him, I would be snagging him for a spokesman position for a well-known product/label out there. I think he could really help agencies sell their products, and talk about great pr for both him and Sony! Could you imagine a Casey James(Sony recording artist) "Got Milk" add with him and his guitar, along with that adorable milk mustache? I intend to support Casey every step of the way...I've already told my family members and friends to expect his CD as soon as it comes out as I will be purchasing as many as I can to spread "the Casey love around".

  19. I think Casey have fans everywhere.. I'm Norwegian... :o)

  20. CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!!! You were my absolute favourite in Season 9 and the only reason I followed AI.....and I'm a HUGE fan from SINGAPORE!!!
    Thanks Shari, for all great articles & interviews on Casey. I hope one day I'll get to see him perform live and now can't wait to buy his CD!

  21. Gotta love it! Casey has become known WORLD WIDE!!! Such an honor to be a fan!

    Thanks again Shari for such an amazing blog!

  22. CASEY is GOD's gift to us all !!!The Best ever absolutely !!! Much love from Latvia and Latvians in Ireland!!!

  23. Wow, I had no idea the Casey love had spread that far around the world. Not surprised though!
    Thanks again, Shari!

  24. VERY interesting comment from the heretofore unconvinced Joey Guerra (who is a HUGE Siobhan fan..and it seems when it comes to Casey Fans vs. Siobhans fans, the twain shall never meet!)

    Shari is absolutely 100% right ON when she says WE fans need to do all we can to keep Casey out in front of the world in this interim period between the end of the Idol tour and the release of Casey's record. So, SPREAD THE NEWS, y' paraphrase one of Casey's most loved songs, "Always": TELL THE WORLD THAT HE'LL BE COMIN!!!! Retweet every tweet containin links to news about Casey, mention him on your FB pages, email BNA Records about pre-orderin his album...y'all are creative, inventive, get out there and STREET TEAM FOR CASEY! This has enormous power to help an artist become more well known...just look at DAUGHTRY and Jason Castro...their fans have had a large part in their success...we can do the same for Casey! GEAUX, Casey Fans!!! Laisssez les bon temps roulez!!!!

  25. I'm (pleasantly?) surprised at Joey Guerra considering his fairly blistering critiques of almost everyone on the Idol tour. I'm not really interested in perpetuating the "competition" as in who sells the most units amognst the season 9 Idols. That seems to be a preoccupation of the media and the bean counters at the labels but I don't give a fig.

    What I hope for is Casey's own brand of blues/rock/alt/country. There are examples of not-strictly-country artists in Nashville, like Ryan Adams for example. So far his instincts have been right and I'm sure that whatever music inspires Casey will inspire me. I can't wait!


  26. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Shari! By the way it's spelt SINGAPORE not Sinapore
    We may be a small nation.. but currently the very first(inaugural)Youth Olympic Games are now being held right here in Singapore!
    Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Jason Castro, David Cook, David Archuleta & Kelly Clarkson have all already been here....
    But the only person I'm looking forward to is definately CASEY!
    I'm not a country music fan but Casey have that unique sound that's so appealing and he's such a beautiful person and awesome musician...
    Casey James is going to rock the world!!!

  27. Thanks! Having the worst trouble with my new wireless keyboard. I've never had so many typos before!