Sunday, August 1, 2010

Casey James Pre-Idol Photos

This is a collection of photos of Casey James from before American Idol:

Debra and Casey James -- Early performance at Weatherford Senior Center

Debra, Casey and Billy at Lumpy's circa 2000
Debra and Casey James

Casey James with Dixie Rex

Kellie, Spence, BC, Debra and Casey James


  1. Great pics. Many of these I had never seen before. Very nice.


  2. Shari you always deliver. Thanks for the great pictures of Casey and thanks for this site :)

  3. Thanks for the pictures Shari! Casey looks handsome short hair or long, but the beard is not flattering AT ALL! Not flattering for Billy Cole either! Please guys, always let us see all of your handsome faces.

  4. Shari, great collection of Casey's Early days pics! We don't need to go anywhere to search his pic/vedio/bio/news. Casey looks very handsome but somehow very serious look... :)

  5. Ah Yes. I like to see the different ages as he is becoming the man we met last year. Thanx.