Monday, August 9, 2010

Casey James to sign with Sony Nashville

According to the LA Times, Casey will be signing a record deal with Sony Nashville. I did predict that this would be announced today. This is amazing news and I wish I was there to share it with all his fans.

In just over a year, Casey James went from well-respected regional musician to newly signed internationally-known musician. If anyone still questions whether American Idol has clout, this should put that issue to rest. If I were a struggling artist, I would run to the nearest audition site pronto. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

As talented and marketable as Casey James is, in today's music business you need more than talent to be successful. And that's where American Idol came in. Because it was a platform for Casey to show the world -- and not just a small slice of it -- who he was and what he could do. The public and, significantly, others in the music industry were given the chance to "discover" his talent. No more playing before small audiences of questionable sobriety, no more trying to scrape up the money for a demo, no more anonymity. Today is the official start of the next chapter of the Casey James story.


  1. Very happy for Casey! :) I just want to hear the "official" announcement right now. THANKS, Shari, for the update! Luv Casey and your blog!

    Rachel :)

  2. Shari, hope you're doin well & enjoyin your time were RIGHT!!! Your streak is alive and kickin, Dawlin! This is the BEST news ever... until the OFFICIAL announcement, of cousre :) I am So happy for Casey and his family...he has been to hell and back, and he deserves every last moment of this triumphal time in his life. It's an old stale cliche for sure, but it TRULY could not happen to a NICER GUY!

  3. Waving at Shari :) Thanks for taking time from your vacation to add this tidbit. It is so exciting. We are inching closer and closer to the official announcement, but I really think I needed to see this article.

  4. GREAT news...for Casey, his family, friends, and his fans! He so deserves this happiness in his life! He has worked long and hard and I can't wait till the official announcement. I intend to buy everything Casey James!!!

  5. Thank God. Casey was destined to be discovered!!!
    He is positively "a breath of fresh air".
    With all his talents and charms, I hope his new album makes a milestone in the music world!
    Good Luck CASEY...