Thursday, August 12, 2010

Casey James' Big Announcement

Via twitter, at 3:00 pm Pacific time:
I will be working with Sony Nashville!!! Not sure the exact specifics, but there will be an official press release soon. Unreal. :)
Click on this link for more:

Well, my work here is done.  BurnThis out!

Okay, well, maybe I'll stay around for a bit longer.  I started this blog in May to support Casey James and as anyone with any knowledge of the current state of the music business will tell you, to be successful these days you need a lot of help from a lot of sources.  So I will keep doing my little part to support this singer-guitarist.  And you should do the same, not only for Casey but for any artist you believe in.  They won't be able to continue to make music, if there isn't someone out there buying it.


  1. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Just been waiting to hear this!!!!! Knew this day would come.....and OH, WHAT A DAY!!!!! God bless Casey James and his entire family!!!!! I feel like shouting, jumping, singing, praising GOD for ALL HIS GOODNESS!!!!!! Thanks Shari...what a blessing!!!!! MAE777

  2. WOO HOO!! GO CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!

  3. Casey, SO HAPPY for you and your wonderful family! I can't wait to start buying your cd's!

    Rachel :)

  4. Congratulations Casey!

    Shari, I'll miss your daily posts! :)

  5. Congratulations Casey!!! This is the news we've all been waiting for. So VERY VERY HAPPY for you and your entire family!!! Looking forward to hearing all that talent on some new cd's and seeing you perform again soon. My best to you on this wonderful accomplishment.

  6. Doin the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!
    We knew it was comin, but it sure is FAWESOME to hear it from the Magic Man himself!!!!!!

    And, Shari, he retweeted the link to your article last night!!!!

    Valiece @sharigeller I just read this about @CaseyEJames Sony Recording Artist and it gave me goosebumps!
    about 10 hours ago via web
    Retweeted by CaseyEJames and 2 others


  7. Fox Interview in Phoenix