Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Official! Casey James Signed to Record Deal

Sony Music Nashville issued an official press release today announcing that it had signed American Idol finalist Casey James to a record deal on its BNA  label. Here is the press release:




NASHVILLE, TN – Cool, TX native Casey James has turned his third place American Idol finish into record deal with Sony Music Nashville and 19 Recordings/BNA Records. The musician and singer/songwriter who’s been fronting the Casey James Band since 2008, had never even seen a single episode of the top rated show before auditioning in Denver and winning a golden ticket to Hollywood.

An elated James remarked, "Some dreams in life are only just that....dreams. All my life I have wanted this and now my dream has come true. Words can't describe how thankful and blessed I am for the opportunity to give back to all those who have supported me. I'm going to work hard to make the best album possible! I want to thank my Momma for making me go to Denver. Look out! I'm Nashville bound!"

Sony Music Nashville Chairman and CEO Gary Overton says, “We at Sony Music Nashville are incredibly excited about signing Casey James. I flew to New York to see him ‘live’ with the American Idol Tour and I was blown away with his voice, guitar playing and stage presence...and so were the thousands of fans in the amphitheatre. He has honed his skills as a showman with his years of performing live on stage! I can't wait to get him into the studio to begin recording his debut album.”

Simon Fuller, Creator of American Idol and founder of 19 Entertainment adds, “Casey is an exceptional talent and it is wonderful to see another of last year's Idols secure a major record deal and the opportunity to fulfill many more dreams.”

James is currently on the American Idols Live! Tour 2010, and will soon be at work on his debut album, releasing next year.
Being signed to the BNA label means Casey will be on the same roster as Kenny Chesney, Chris Janson, The Lost Trailers, Craig Morgan and Kellie Pickler.

In one year, Casey James has gone from this:

To this:

Who says dreams don't come true?  CONGRATULATIONS, CASEY!  We know this isn't the end, but the beginning of a new, exciting journey.


  1. Best news everrrrr. Live the dream Casey! We'll be here, waiting for your record to come out! You deserve all this! :)

  2. Well you're not Texas' best kept secret anymore! Congratulations Casey. I've been with you from day 1 and will be for the rest of your career. All your hard work and patience has finally paid off. The sky is the limit now! Always remember to be yourself and kiss your momma for hanging in there with you all these years. She, as well as you, knew it was there all along.

    Love, cj14uwhatever

  3. @CJFan_Audrey (Twitter)August 17, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    CASEY!!!!! Congratulations! In this case it was not just a dream, this really is your dream come true! I am so honoured to be your fan, to have exchanged several tweets/comments with you, BC & Momma, to have met you and have seen you perform! We are so excited for your next journey to come and we will be beside you every step of the way. I'm so elated at this moment! I can't wait to buy your first album. You're an amazing talent. Stay grounded always. We love you and are SO HAPPY & SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! XO

  4. Congratulations Casey James. I am so happy for you and I cannot wait to buy your album and see you on tour!!!!!

  5. I am so happy at this long awaited news that I actually got chill bumps and tears at the same time. This is something he has worked so long and hard for and it absolutely could not have happened to a more deserving or talented man! Congratulations Casey! I think by now you do know that all of your fans will now await what we know will be an album beyond our highest expectations!!

  6. Well, I believe God has a plan for this superstar. He's got such talent along with a beautiful soul. So proud to be his fan and so happy for him and his family. Congratulations Casey E. James you are on your way!!
    Lookout Nashville here he comes!


  7. Casey is where he wants to be, and that is the most important thing. Let's hope he continues to pump out that driving, soulful bluesy rock n' roll. Casey my man, you have earned this moment in life. Congrats to da MAX!!!

    Dr. Scanlon

  8. Congratulations, Casey! You are truly special, in ways that transcend your obvious beauty and talent. You have inspired me--as well as many, many others--to take the good from the bad and to treat everyone with more kindness, respect, and patience. Along with your music, this is a great gift you have been given and generously give to others. May all your dreams--professional and personal--come true!

  9. Carman (CoolCJfan)August 17, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Overjoyed for Casey, his Momma & Brother!!! I feel like I've shared in a tiny part of his journey over the past several months, but they have been to hell & back over the past several years. I thank God for blessing Casey with ALL that He has & I'm beyond honored to support him any way I can. Continue letting His Spirit shine through you Casey, you truly are, one of a kind. God Bless the James Gang.

  10. Congrats, Casey! So excited for you. You had me when you first sang "heaven" and you just continued to impress :) Saw you live in Mountain view and you were simply amazing. Can't wait to see you live again soon!

  11. Amber Caro--Casey's Crew #344August 17, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    What a great day for Casey James fans and family! I am so happy for this amazing person that I was introduced to via American Idol so many months ago. His hard work,willingness to step outside of his comfort zone to audition for a show he knew nothing about, his amazing personality, great family values, love for life, and true musical talent will lead Casey James to greatness! I know his journey began years ago but the journey we have been able to watch over the last 8 months has been incredible and the future is so darn exciting! We love you Casey!

  12. Casey,
    To borrow a quote from a pretty accomplished lady, Eleanor Roosevelt "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". I would say right now your future is looking pretty bright!!! (in fact, i think i need sunglasses bright)
    I am so happy for you and the entire James family. It is so great to see that dreams do come true.. and especially sweet when it happens for such an amazing person.
    I wish you all the best and will pray that God continues to bestow His blessings on you and your family.
    I am proud to say I was a fan from Denver and even prouder to share in your special day today!!
    Congratulations to you again,
    With much love and pride,

  13. This is the best day ever. So happy for Casey and his family. Casey, you have worked long and hard for this. I will buy as may CD's as possible and give them to all my friends, haha. I am so happy we finally get to hear your music, your way, how wonderful. You and your music does my soul good. Blessing to you and your family - ENJOY my friend, ENJOY!!!
    @LauraLCourtney (twitter)

  14. Congrats Casey, I couldnt be happier for you!!!!

    Angie <3

  15. Casey, it's all of our dream for you! I have chills and tears of joy. I have never before followed an artist of any type, but your music and your Christian spirit touched my soul. You have a fan forever!! Put your joy of music in that CD and let the world hear it. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!! Congrats!!

  16. Casey, I can’t begin to describe how happy I am for you right now!! I know how hard you’ve worked for this and it just elates me to see your dream come true! I don’t know of anyone more deserving of this than you. You are incredible, not just your music, but also you as a person blow me away. I can’t wait to buy your album and see you live every chance I get. I saw you in Tampa (a night I will never forget) and the energy and stage presence you showed was out of this world, the way you are able to convey all that passion in your music completely awes me. I hope you will be sure to include Georgia/Florida on your tours, I’m dying to see you perform YOUR songs from YOUR album! Wow! This is so amazing! And thanks so much for being so kind to me in Tampa, you are so sweet, I’ll keep that guitar pick forever! Haha :) Congrats a million times over!! I’ll be seeing you on the road!

    With much love,

    Kelsey - @poisnivyred :)

  17. So excited to finally see the official press release. It was a matter of time before he was signed. He is such an amazing musician and he's performances are incrediable.

    Congratulations Casey and James Family. All of your dreams are coming true. I am ready to take this journey with you and am truly honored to be able to watch you follow your dreams. You deserve this 100%. You said you will spend the rest of your life making music for us, well I will spend the rest of my life spreading the word about your music and supporting you!! I am so proud to be a fan/supporter of yours.

    As you would say, No words, Just Love.

    With Love Always,
    Lorraine Perez

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  19. CASEY JAMES...CONGRATULATIONS!!! So very happy for you and all of the James family. What a wonderful and beautiful day :)


  20. Congratulations, Casey!!!
    Dreams can come true when you work hard and you really deserve all the great things that are happening in your life!
    This is just the begining! I'm already dreaming of a WORLD TEWER, BABY! :)

    Love you!

    Maria Luiza @greenlightgirl_

  21. Dear Casey,

    I am so excited to hear about this!! You deserve this so much!! The world needs to hear your incredible voice and music!! Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done for us so far & for staying in touch with us through Twitter!! I can't wait for this first album!! Then once that's out, I can't wait to see you on tour!! (Just a suggestion: Come to MA please!!!!) hahaha. Thanks again for everything!! I love you!!

    Lindsay Sweet

  22. I am so elated. Even though the news broke last week, reading the press release really drives it home. It gave me goosebumps, and makes me so proud to be a fan. I knew there was something special about him the first moment I saw him on Idol. He proves dreams are not just dreams when one works hard, keeps the faith, stays true to one self, and just once tries something a bit different. In addition to having a God given talent to touch so many with his musical prowess, he is a gentleman of exceptional integrity and unwavering poise. There is a reason why he is on this earth that transcends the ordinary. The best is still yet to come. I am so incredibly happy for his Momma. She is also a beautiful soul and a pillar of warmth and strength. I adore her and am glad she is getting to see her son's dreams come true. God will continue to bless the amazing James family. I've never been so excited for the release of an album in my life. Even though I have been nervous about the direction regarding genre, the truth is I can listen to Casey James sing and play anything. He's made me embrace music in a whole other way. Thank you Casey James!

  23. Congratulations to Casey James and family. I am so happy for you. I knew you were a "winner" the first time I saw you sing, and have been following you since. I am so glad your dreams have come true. I look forward to your cd and meeting you at your solo tour.

    A true-blue fan,
    Sandy (morningstar4us)

  24. Margherita (CJCC_NYCGirl)August 17, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    Congratulations, Casey!! I can’t put into words how happy I am for you!!!! I’m so proud to be your fan and can’t wait to see and hear what the future brings! Here’s wishing you a long and successful musical career!! I’ll be following and supporting your career every step of the way!!!

  25. Kristy Hawkins aka CEJ_Fan_KristyAugust 17, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    Casey, this is such an incredible day for you, your family & your fans!!!!! Congratulations on everything that has already happened to you and for everything that will happen in your future. You are an incredible artist & person. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you but I hope to someday. You are AWESOME!!!!!!

  26. Casey, SO HAPPY for you and your family! I can't wait to buy your first CD (I will be buying a copy for all my friends and family, as well). You are such an amazing talent! I saw your potential from the very first and supported only you throughout the show because I KNEW you were the best of them all! Congrats, baby!!!!

    Rachel :)

  27. CASEY...YOU DID IT BABE!!! I am so happy I am crying!! I feel honored & blessed to be a part of this! I have been w/u since I first heard you sing and Rock your guitar!! I am so happy for you, momma & Billy!!! I have never in my life been so moved & touched by anyone..as I have by you, your music &your family!! I know you will have an AMAZING career and I will be behind you & your family..every step of the way!! :) I can't wait to jam on my skins, with your first CD!! I am framing the cover bubba!! ;0 woohoo!!! Thank you and your family foreverything you do for the fans! It means the world to us!! God bless y'all! :)You deserve this and sooooo much more!!! Love you always sweetie...momma&BC too!! :)xoxoxx LaDonna Dennis aka...LDG_lildrumgirl :)

  28. Casey I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!! You and your family have blessed us all.... Congratulations, and love you bro!!!!!!! Keep up the good work....... Sincerely Gino

  29. Thank you, Shari, for continuing this blog, and for keeping us all connected and giving us this great forum for posting our congratulations to Casey and his family. I have loved reading every single piece you have posted--especially your terrific interviews--and look forward to reading many more. Keep the faith!

  30. What a special day!! Let's hope that BC and Jacy are part of the package! Thanks for introducing me to Texas Blues and to Keys Lounge! I am looking forward to buying your albums and seeing you perform live in concert. YOU were AMAZING at the Dallas show!

    Much Happiness,

  31. I am so happy for you Casey!!! So excited to hear YOUR music! What a breath of fresh air!! Truly gifted!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Much love and blessings! Alexa

  32. jenna366 (twitter)August 17, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    It is such a fantastic day for you, your mom, BC, the rest of your family and friends and of course your thousands and thousands of loyal fans around the world. I saw you perform 3 times in NY and you threw me a guitar pick on the GMA show which I cherish.... but this day beats all. Dreams do come true and noone deserves it more than you. Looking forward to a bright future for you, your debut album and your solo tour. God bless you and be sure to celebrate - we are all sharing in your celebration around the world. Much love and best wishes!

  33. Congratulations from somewhere in the Mediterranean!! I couldn't be more proud of you than if I were from Cool! I would like to piggyback on what Aimz said - I could not have said it better myself.
    It would be too crazy to imagine you in Tel-Aviv, but I suppose one can dream and who knows.... My congratulations to your wonderful mom and brother - through Shari's amazing interviews, I feel I know them too. Looking forward to your music and don't change. You are terrific just the way you are. Congratulations!

  34. Casey, You are a very special person! Your spirit has ministered to many of us! I know by reading the blogs how much everyone loves and admires who you are as much as your awesome gifts and talents! I'm so thankful to God for this dream come true for you, your momma, BC and all your family and fans! I'm praying for you, have been, and will continue to pray that God's will be done in your life and that He will keep you protected, directed, give you wisdom and strength to keep on the right road in your journey. I absolutely adore you and believe in who you are! I'm thankful that I get to be a part of you and your families life via media! Can't wait to buy your music and see all that's instore for you! Your story is an amazing testimony to the goodness of God and someone not willing to give up or give in! Thanks for staying true to yourself! It makes us all come up higher! Love you!! Thank you so much Shari for giving us the wonderful news!! MAE777

  35. We love you in Georgia and we're so excited for you!! Congratulations!

  36. Sherrie (Sher_lj - Casey&#39;s Crew #377)August 17, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Casey, Congratulations!!! I am so excited to see the official announcement. I never doubted for a minute that it would happen. You are so deserving of this. I can't wait for the album and can not wait to see you on your own tour! I saw you in Canada and was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet you, I will treasure that memory always. Thank you for the gift of your music, it touches my soul, but the person you are, the kindness you express and your down to earth nature just make you all that more special. Thank you for everything, have fun making your album!

  37. A big congratulations to Casey and his family on the announcement of his signing with Sony Nashville!! Your dream has finally come true:) I remember the first time I saw Casey on American Idol, I said there was something very special about this man and I was right!! When he was eliminated from the show I said that everyone must watch him because he is going to be one the biggest stars to come out of American Idol and I know I am going to be right about this as well!! (I have a knack of predicting these things:))
    Just remember to stay who you are Casey James...the person you are is the reason why you are loved by your fans both locally and internationally!! I am eagerly anticipating your debut album and hearing your first single being played on Radio:) I promise to do all I can to make you a success here is South Africa!!
    On a personal level, thank you for making me fall in love with music and singing again!! Through you and your music I have found the piece of me that was lost, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!!
    Remember...Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!!

    Love always
    Vanessa van der Merwe
    (@vander79 on twitter)

  38. Congratulations Casey!!!! I am so excited for you I am crying tears of joy right now. What an awesome opportunity for you, and for us, your fans. I cannot wait to hear what you bring us and to see you live at your own show. This is so exciting for me. I am so very happy for you.

  39. Congratulations Casey! I'm so happy that your dream has come true. You deserve it!

  40. CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!! I can't imagine how happy you and your family must be! You really deserve this! (How you have been playing for all of these years and not been discovered until now is beyond me! - I guess now was the right time.) Been a fan since the beginning. Can't wait to see you out on your own tour! Met you in Newark, and you promised you'd be back... I'll be waiting!:) Maryanne from NJ

  41. Congrats Casey!!! We are so proud of you! I am looking forward to your first and succeeding albums and your own tour! I'm sure you'll be successful with your career and we, your fans, will follow and support you all the way. I have to say that your music and life's story are inspiring and you and your family deserve all the blessings. Rock on!

  42. Hallelujah! Answer to many months of prayer. So thrilled for the whole James family. Wonderful people. I will continue to pray for Casey, for God to direct and bless every area of his life.
    Pacific Northwest

  43. Congratulations Casey James!


  44. A HUGE Congratulations to Casey and his beautiful Family!!! Looking at the before and after pics of your journey just brings me to tears again, I am so overjoyed! This could not have happened to anyone more deserving and always remember:

    "Go confidently in the directions of your dreams and live the life you've imagined. Never let go of hope, never give into doubt and never give up on your dreams. Dreams keep our lives in motion."

    We believe in you, Casey and we are Forever your Fans! Always "Stay True" and much love, always, from Tennessee! <3

    Jan (@janita394)

  45. This is AMAZING and it is GO TIME bubba!!! :0 wooohooo!!!! Love you!! :))

  46. WELL DONE CASEY! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family! I have every faith in you and your bright future! As a loyal fan and follower, I'll gobble up all your music and shell out any price to see you on tour. May all your dreams come true! You are SO DESERVING! BTW: You had me at 16678 :)
    Much love!

  47. Jerusha77 (twitter)August 17, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    Congratulations Casey! You are such an amazing and talented musician, and a wonderful person. You deserve all the blessings you have been given. You are an inspiration, and I am so proud to be your fan! I will continue to pray for you and your family as your amazing journey is just beginning. I know you will stay true to who you are, and I love you for that. Good luck and God bless! :)

  48. Congratulations Casey and family!

    You're blessed with unbelieveable talent, but what is even more impressive is how you've shown over and over that hard work, perseverance, faith, and class DOES PAY OFF!

    You are the REAL DEAL, a true artist and an inspiration to anyone chasing their dream

    Can't wait for the album and hope to see your solo tour in beautiful Boise Idaho

    Love and blessings,

    JJ @snosmurf

  49. Congrats to Casey and his family! Casey, I just know your first album with Sony will be fantastic! Billy, I hope you get to enjoy every second with Casey. I know you both are awesome together. Momma James, you have raised 2 terrific gentleman and I know how proud you must be. Congrats again and can't wait to buy that first album!!
    aka Sue

  50. Cjamessuperfan Patty CleghornAugust 17, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE. You are in the SPRINGTIME of your life.The winter is over-You've workers so hard and long for this day.I've been there from the beginning.It's been one of the happiest times of my life.I've never felt like this for any other musician, and cannot explain it.You shineas a musician,and shine as a person. You area credit to our Lord.I'm so proud of you - Just as if you were one of my own.Congradulations Sweet Casey.I'll. Love you til the day I die,then go to Heaven and wait for you.Patty Cleghorn Cjamessuperfan.

  51. Congratulations Casey on this special day! You have really touched so many of us. You have re-awakened my love of music thru your selections of songs and your performances are just fantastic. I've even joined twitter just to follow you and your awesome fans. Shout out to Sheri, CASEYMANIA and fans who shared their concert experiences. We all love you!!

    Have a blast recording your album and be sure to come to Toronto, Canada, with your tour. I just can't wait!

    Love, Lola

  52. Congratulations, so excited for you Casey! You have worked so hard, and you are amazingly talented. I can't wait to buy your first CD, and see your first solo tour. I'm with you all the way on your exciting journey! I saw you Friday at Staples, and will be seeing you tonight in Anaheim! I think this will be a very cool night to see you live.

    Congrats, and you see you in a few hours! :) :) I know your Momma, Billy and your whole family are so proud.


  53. Jordan PolinoDombrowskiAugust 17, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    "I’ve heard there was a secret chord that Casey played and it pleased the Lord…It goes like this the forth, the fifth the minor fall and the major lift…Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!! Congratulations to Casey James for amazing job well done!!!" Love from his Philadelphia fan! Jordan Polino-Dombrowski...

  54. @Terri_from_Tx and @Wildflower__ (Twitter)August 17, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    CONGRATS CASEY!!!! You so deserve it!!!! You're absolutely INCREDIBLE...and the BEST ARTIST/PERFORMER EVER!!!! We love you!!!! :)) <3

  55. Congratulations Casey!

    Your voice and guitar play are amazing!
    We love your sincerely attitude to your fans always.I can't wait for the 1st album!It will be filled with your attractiveness...

    Wishing your success & world tour.
    Thank you for everything you have done.
    Love you!


  56. starliteruby cc475August 17, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    Casey, I am a huge fan of your music since I first saw you sing I Don't Wanna Be on AI, and as I followed you more and more I realized how special you are as a person and as a musician and how much you have inspired me with your music and your spirit. It's so nice to meet and get to know you and your fans through twitter, and it feels so good that so many of your fans understand and feel the way I do... you are so special and bring joy and inspiration to so many all over the world... wishing you the very best and may all your dreams continue to come true. I believe!

  57. Let me just say - I wanna thank your Momma for making you go to Denver, too! I am so glad to have been with you since the beginning of your journey!..That makes it even more exciting! It is so nice to see wonderful things happen to good people...and Casey YOU are "good people" :) Your talent alone is amazing, but your kind heart is the icing on the cake! Love you much & I wish you continued blessings in all that you do!

  58. Casey, watching you on your journey has been an honor. Your love affair with music has been a beautiful sight to behold. I can't wait for the journey to continue now that you are officially a Sony recording artist. I am so happy for you! Along with your incredible talent, you have an amazing spirit and sense of humbleness about you that draws people to your inner beauty. May god bless you and your wonderful family at this exciting juncture in your life. I can't wait to start buying your cd's. Congrats to you, honey, you are so very deserving of this happiness.


  59. Casey,

    Thanks for sharing your passion for music. You rekindled in me a passion for writing and the result is this blog. I have met so many wonderful people thanks to you, all these fans here and many more on Twitter and on Facebook, as well as your amazing mother and sweet, hysterically funny brother.

  60. I am so proud to have been a fan from your first appearance. I have never "cyber-stalked" a star before but I read everything about you and have watched every video. Will see you in person in St. Louis next week. Can't wait to see how your career progresses. Love you and your whole family. Congratulations. I've said it in twitter and in a fan letter, I can't wait to see you front and center at the CMA awards next year.
    Karen S. (kdsaa4)

  61. Congratulations Casey!! I want to wish you much success and happiness in your long awaited dream.

    vicki slone slone3v (twitter)

  62. Casey...
    I am so excited for you! I wish you the best of luck with the cd and tour! You are an amazing person with awesome talent! You are living your dream now! Much Luv always! See you on the road soon!

  63. Lauren (@tinyloveletters)August 17, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    Congratulations Casey!! I know all of his dedicated fans knew it would be a simple matter of time before we finally received the good news! Casey is undeniably an excellent performer and I so look forward to hearing more of his amazing music in the very near future :). I'm extremely proud to call myself a Casey James fan! Kudos and Love to Casey and his whole family!

  64. Dearest Casey, I couldn't be happier for you! (Your happiness makes others happy -- isn't it great how that works?!)Not only have you given us some terrific performances--with many more to come--but you have inspired lots of us to think about living our own dreams and to try new things, even though we might be closer to 82 than to 28. You are a shining spirit who appears to face life's difficulties and absurdities with great good humor (not to mention a wink now and then), and we love you for it! It's all starting now! Go get 'em!

  65. Congratulations to Casey, "Momma James", BC, Daisey Mae, Buster, & the entire James family -- as well as, the Sony Nashville label. This is just the beginning for Casey. He is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician who is SO very deserving of all the great things in his future. He is kind, honest, and I couldn't be a prouder fan or supporter of his music. May God continue to bless he and his family.
    These past 7 months have been an incredible journey. So much love to yall

  66. From Steve and Kathy Terry (Kathyt11 on Twitter)

    Casey - We are SO HAPPY for you and for the entire James Family. You are all blessed people and just "down to earth" good folks.

    Your spirit has been shining so bright through your music. God has truly blessed you with a musical ability that is beyond belief. Your singing and instrumental capabilities are OFF the CHARTS.

    Your powerful spirit came flying through when we were at your HomeComing Keys performance... YOU WERE a part of your guitars that day- and happiness / love were a part of every song... and once AGAIN at the Dallas American
    Idol Concert. AMAZING!!! You GAVE us your ALL and you have been doing that throughout the AI Tour...

    THANK YOU so much for sharing "your heart" and your musical talent with your FANS!!!! THANK YOU for fighting so hard to get your guitar playing ARM/HAND/LEG back into "working" order and for enduring so much "pain" every time you perform. We appreciate all you go through just to do what you love.

    Cannot WAIT for your 1st LIVE Concert - you, Billy and your band RIPPIN' it up and singing out with your heartfelt musical renditions. We're gonna be BUYING your albums / singles as soon as they come out...going to all your concerts.

    God gave you a second chance - He wanted you to SHINE that light into the world!! We are so grateful you are sharing your musical gifts with your fans!!! You are shining a very positive light into the world and many people will be touched by your music and your example.

    Your family has helped you through all your hard times and you have let the Lord guide your life and my HOW it pays to follow His path. So many thanks to the James family for sharing yourselves with all of us. You are all such beautiful souls.

    All your dreams are coming true and you are just at the start of a beautiful career doing what you love.


  67. Casey, Best News Ever!!!!!!!
    Congratulations on your dream coming true!
    I am so very Happy for you!!!!!

  68. This TRULY could no tbe happenin to a more deserving, more hard-working, more talented young man than Casey James. He has been to hell and back, and with love and support from his family, friends, and now his fans, he is finally getting the recognition for which all that time, toil, blood, sweat and tears were expended. Casey, I am overjoyed for you today...I hope you get a chance to kick back and soak this all in...you are on your way to a long and phenomenally successful music career, and I am thrilled to be along for the ride!


  69. Beyond Casey James' raw talent, verve, and dedication emerges a Perennial Wisdom that dissolves the ego allowing an "abiding in" what is untainted, pure, Love…a Love which is beyond personal love manifesting effortlessly in the form of EXCEPTIONAL MUSICAL BRILLIANCE!

    The bonus is that we also have the privilege of traveling this Joy ride along with him… so grateful that we are able to be even a small part of this ENDURING BLISS !!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your recording contract with Sony Nashville (19 Recordings…BNA Records)….
    Wishes of great success, CASEY and band members !!!!

    Just let us know how we may assist in any way we may, if you wish, in the ongoing fulfillment of this beauteous dream!

    Thank you, Shari, once again for the assiduity with which you have gifted us with every aspect of Casey's journey: always presenting and updating us with beautifully polished articulations! Grateful!


    (Twitter: seata_dapants)

    PS... Shari, I unintentionally posted this in the wrong section of the blog if you care to delete it from the comment section of August 16th's New Interviews with Casey James.

  70. Im so glad you followed your heart, and living your dream. Your lucky to have such amazing friends and family to support you through this life changing experience. ALL of your trillions of fans are so proud of you! Words simply cant say enough how incredible you are. You make a difference in people's lives every day. Of course there are thousands of other talented people in this world but you cease to amaze me every time you preform. You have heart and soul, and a astonishing personality to go with it. You stay true to your family, friends, and fans but most importantly your self!Point blank Casey, your like no other! we ♥ love you, and cant wait for your future ahead!-♥ Maryann Russell

  71. That just makes my day!! Congrats Casey!!!

  72. Casey I am so excited and happy for you!! You are such a deserving, talented, and beautiful soul, this news just makes my heart smile. Congratulations on this latest success and reward after many years of pursuing your dreams. I can't wait to buy and hear whatever music you make this time around, and for years to come.

  73. Casey,
    First let me say that I'm not good at writing so I know that I will not be able to express just how genuinely happy I am for you, your momma, and BC right now. I know that all of you have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices for this, and now your dreams are coming true! You are so deserving because not only are you a talented musician and singer, but more importantly you are a kind and humble man. You are a testament to God's unwavering love. You always do your best and work hard! That's all you can do! Continue to have your faith in God that He will do the rest and lead you down the path He has set for you! I have been and will continue to pray for God to guide, guard and protect you on this journey. Just stay true to yourself and your values because we love you for being you, Casey!

    It is an honor to be your fan and to have followed you since first seeing your audition on AI! I have never voted for anyone on AI before and certainly never been on Twitter until you came along, but I will continue to follow your career and support you in any way I can! God bless you and your family! Yall are such precious people!

    Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you! I have chill bumps and butterflies just thinking about how long and successful your career will be!


  74. Way to go Casey! I am so happy for you and your family. I have been mesmerized by your music and your story since being introduced to you on AI. I have to say I have never been so taken as I have been with you. I have to think it is because of who you are as a person and your talent that is rolled into one special package.
    Having heard how hard and long you have been working on your skill, I can say - "You so deserved this" Being able to be sucessful and support yourself and your family doing something you love is a blessing.

    Take good care and I can't wait to buy your album, buy it for my friends and family and maybe even for strangers - I want everyone to enjoy your music like I do.

    The very best to you, DeeDee @ddwils

  75. Congrats Casey - I'm glad you followed your dream. I think you have a ton of talent and have lot to give back to your fans. Your geniune and gentle persona will keep your fans loyal. Hope to see you in NJ and can't wait for your album. Wishing you much success and happiness.

  76. What great news!!! Congratulations Casey....looking forward to seeing you on the road living your dream. Can't wait to celebrate the release of that 1st cd <3

  77. Wow, I am so thrilled for you!! I am so glad you are bringing a fresh, original sound to country music. In my opinion Nashville country isn't as good as it was ten years ago and I think you may just be the one to bring some life back to it! I'm a huge fan of yours and I can't wait to buy your album!! :)

  78. Awesome news! Congratulations Casey. It has been amazing to watch your dreams come true and to have such a little part in making that happen. I cannot wait to see you on tour and I will definitely be out at midnight on release date to make sure I have your album in my hand.

    Congrats again!!! I can't wait for your album!

  79. Congratulations Casey, to you and your family. You were my favorite on AI this past season and I never for one second doubted that you'd make it BIG. Your sincerity and humbleness are much needed in today's entertainment industry, so all of us fans look forward to you showing those fancy celebrities how a real Texas gentleman treats his fans and everyone around him :) :) I hope that you maybe can come play our Brownwood Reunion Celebration next year (September 2011)!!

    Tammy Fisher
    from just down the road in Brownwood Texas

  80. Crowley, TX is proud of you Casey! We have been Casey fans from the first time we saw you on AI. We saw you at the Stockyards during Homecoming Week and we saw you live in Dallas last week. You are consistently amazing! Congratulations on your record deal - can't wait to hear it. Stay true to your roots both musically and personally, and may the Lord bless you in all you do.

  81. Congratulations Casey!!!
    A big fan of yours from Finland

  82. Casey :)
    This is such great news to wake up to. I am SO happy for the whole James family.
    Trust in yourself and have confidence in knowing how skilled you are, both as a guitarist and singer. Knowing this you will no doubt make a fantastic album. You are unbelievably talented, and very sweet too.
    Seriously, if you EVER decide to come to New Zealand, with the rest of the James family of course ;), please let me know, we'll all go out to dinner and i'll show you guys around ;) I know you will love it here!
    You are truly an inspiration, and you touch every single person differently. I genuinely hope this all works out and that nothing but good things continue coming your way. Did i mention how happy I was?! ;)
    Love you more than you know,
    Elahe (@ElaheKia)

  83. Congrats Casey!

    I'm so happy for your signed deal with Sony Nashville! You really deserve this opportunity and I know you will do very well in the business. We're all so proud of you!

    Love the way you sing with your heart & soul and can't wait to hear what your new music will sound like. We'll all be there to buy your CD's and go to your shows. Be sure to come up to the Northeast ;D

    I'll keep you in my prayers for safe travels & good health always.

    -Gloria Trovato

  84. Many congratulations to Casey on the official news about a record deal. I look forward to purchasing his first CD when its released. Also congratulations to the James family who are all lovely people.

    I supported you all through American Idol and will follow your career with great interest. Casey is one very talented guy who deserves his big break.

  85. Congratulations! That word simply does not do justice to the immense sense of pride and joy that I feel right now! I sincerely doubt that there is a person more deserving of this than you Casey! You have had your struggles and worries trying to achieve your dream and now you have the opportunity to make all of those dreams come to fruition! Enjoy every single second of what the future holds for you! I cannot wait to be able to hear your album! I cannot wait to see you perform more than four songs on stage! I cannot wait to see you become the rockstar I know you are! Live the dream Casey, it's yours for the taking! Love you always from across the pond!

    Paula xx

  86. Casey honey, you're the man. you have incredible talent and loads of CLASS. and we love you here in Connecticut. Congratulations. Bless YOU, big guy!

  87. Congrats to Casey. No words only love. Its all about the music! Casey worked so hard for this and he deserves it. Casey will have many good fans waiting for his album and hopefully a tour. Casey's heart and soul shines through his voice and his guitars every time he performs. Casey you are amazing! I've never seen anyone like Casey. Casey is an inspiration and a wonderful man.

  88. Woooohoooooo Congats Casey!!!! Looking forward for the release of your CD!!!! Enjoy the rest of the tour, and we will hear from you soon.

  89. The past is where it belongs now,
    With the questions and unspoken words,
    Dont even look for reasons,
    Let it lie there...undisturbed.
    So weep not...
    For things that never were,
    But rejoice instead,
    With things yet...
    To occur!

    Congrats, Debby

  90. Congratulations! I am so stinking excited for you. The first time I read the press release, I got tears in my eyes - you are an inspiration for everyone to keep fighting for their dreams. You deserve this so, so much. I can't wait to hear what you have to offer and I can't wait to hear your music on the radio.

  91. Casey! Congrats! I've watched several seasons of american idol but you were the first person I've ever voted for. So I couldn't be happier that you get to live out your dream! I got to see you perform in Georgia and your performance was amazing! Hopefully I'll get to see you again soon. I can't wait to hear your first album!

    By the way: I can see why you love Texas so much! I visited the Dallas/Arlington area last summer on a mission trip. We did backyard bible schools in several apartment complexes and I fell in love with Texas while we were there! One good rodeo and I was hooked!

    I can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the future! Your experiences have been a great illustration of my favorite verse!
    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil.4:13

    <3 Taylor Moore (twitter tademo)

  92. i'm soo happy for casey and all of the james family!!! you all seem to be such wonderful people and you're always so kind to all of casey's fans!! you truely deserve only wonderful things! casey has worked so long to get to this point and i couldn't be happier for him! casey seems so happy when he's playing music and he brings so much joy to everyone listening! thank you casey for being so sweet and kind to your fans and blessing us with the gift of your music! i'm so happy that your dream is coming true!! i can't wait to buy your cd!! much love! <3<3<3
    (on twitter: sarahahacullen)

  93. Lana (@LovefromTX)August 17, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    Congratulations Casey!! I'm so happy and excited for you and your family! Being from Ft. Worth, I can't believe I've been missing out on hearing you and your music all these years. Where have you been hiding? :) Thank goodness for AI!! You have a great future ahead of you!! God Bless!!

    LOVE from FT. WORTH, TEXAS!!!

  94. Casey..My heart is beating so fast at this moment!! First of all because I am writing to YOU! Second because I am so emotional! I have been in awe of you since the very first time I heard you sing and I will be forever in awe of you. There is something so beautiful about your spirit.. as well as your gorgeous voice that draws me to you. I always knew it when I saw you on TV but when I met you there was an aura about you that I actually felt. It is so hard to explain but it shines through you and is so powerful. I know that your spirit is infused by God and it makes you beautiful in every way! Gods way! Your voice captivates me and your character is like a diamond and it will shine forever! Your passion, your energy, your happiness and of course your extreme talent outshines anyone I have ever known! Thank you for blessing me...and all of your fans! You and your family will be in my prayers for always! I told your momma that when I met you I felt like I was looking into the eyes of the man that was born to be and will be one of the most inspiring artists of our time! I admire you so....and will be the first in line for your CD! Congratulations!

  95. Casey, its a wonderful, wonderful day!!! Sending you my sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations! What a milestone you've reached, yet all along knowing (yearbook message) it was meant to be your place someday. Thank you for keeping the dream alive so you could reach it and us, your fans, to happily share it with. I have no doubts that you will stay true to yourself, humble and sincere, these are your characteristics that make everything else shine. Thank you Momma for believing in your son, his dreams and abilities and the push that got him to the AI stage along with the backup of big bro BC and I'm sure many other Texas believers. Thank you Sony Nashville. And so we're on to the next phase; bring sweet music to our ears, Casey, the kind you've already shown us you know best!! Love to all of you, Giant Hug, Casey, and wishing you the best of success in your career!! See you when you come to Connecticut!!!!:)

  96. Remember the days of playing your guitar at high school parties in someones back pasture in Millsap?? Congrats!

  97. Hi Casey!! This is muddster88 from twitter and just want to tell you I'm soooo very happy for you and your future career!! Today is the first day of the rest of your life..your life as you knew it is going to be so wonderful and I just want you to know as I'm sure you realize by now that you have SO many fans all over the world who love you and will support you forever and I'm so proud to be one of those fans! I CANNOT wait until your CD comes out and I can have a REAL Casey James CD and not just burned songs on a blank disc! :) Love you Casey and I'm so very happy for you AND your family..your momma is also so wonderful and I know she is extremely proud of you! :))

  98. Congratulations Casey! I wish you the very best!

    "Go confidently in the direction of your Dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

    Patty Wilkins

  99. Congrats Casey!! Always enjoyed hearing y'all play. Can't wait to hear the album!

  100. Casey,
    Words can't describe how happy and excited I am for you. I'm wishing you all of the best. Can't wait to buy your first CD.

  101. CONGRATULATIONS,CASEY JAMES!!! And thanks for a great summer of following your AI tour! Many thanks to all the "twitter" people for keeping fans informed and up-to-date on this incredible musician/singer-songwriter. Absolutely cannot wait to buy a Casey James CD!

  102. Casey, this is amazing news. You deserve the best! You have the talent and the drive to go very far in this business! I for one will be waiting with baited breath for your CD. I know it will be amazing! Congratulations to you and your family! @bucky26 from Twitter.

  103. CFCaseyfan from the Casey's Crew fan site here to congratulate you, Casey on the wonderful news of the record deal!:-). I join your other fans to say that I am very happy for you and look forward to your own album! I pray that the move to Nashville, if that is what you will be doing, will be smooth. There are quite a few Idols that already live in the area, so you will be in good company. All the best to you. God bless you!:-)

  104. Hi Casey, I am @Tishijo on Twitter, and follow you, but you dont follow me. Congratulations, I knew the first time I heard you sing on Idol this day would happen for you. I have been spreading the word about Casey James ever since! You remind me so much of my son when he grew his hair out in high school, but I am most impressed with the way you have handled yourself in interviews, and with your beautiful family. I wasnt surprised to see you rock out with I Got Mine and steal the Idol Tour show! I absolutely loved Jealous Guy, and all the bluesy songs you sang during the Idol Homecoming, that music really turned people onto you. My favorite is Thats When I Need Your Love. I listen to it from two different You Tube videos, first half and 2nd half, and would so love to have a professional recording of it without all the girls screaming. Seriously. Keep on being the beautiful person you are, and everything will come to you.

  105. Hi Casey!
    Your Momma tweeted last night that she and Shari will print and save all these comments for you to read when you get home! What a great idea!

    I am so happy that this well-deserved dream is coming true for you, and for all of us beneficiaries!

    Now I will patiently/impatiently await your single and album! I know you will take your time and make it just as you want it, and that the wait will be worth it!

    I met you at the Shoreline on Sat and heard you live!! It was so great! I love your musical sensibility and depth. You sounded so good I kept closing my eyes. I had to keep reminding myself--wait, this is Casey, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

    I hope your tour comes to northern California, or that airfare is still cheap! Either way I will be there rockin' out with you!

    Take care, Casey. Blessings to you and your family!
    thankyoublues on twitter aka

  106. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY way to go CASEY and WELCOME to Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT for the album to come out! I keep playing the same songs over and over from American Idol that you performed! I am soooooo looking forward to hearing MORE!!!!! Hope to see you in Nashville!!! We were so disappointed that we didn't get to meet you in Knoxville but LOVED the concert! YOU WENT OFF!! ~~ your biggest fan: Danna Nicholson

  107. Hey Casey, congratulations. It's awesome to hear the you have made it. I am so happy for you. My sister and nieces are want to tell you congratulations as well. We are all so happy for you and we will support you throughout your career.

    Courtney Bledsoe

  108. Casey, ditto what everyone else said, plus thanks and congratulations from me. my heart is over flowing with thanks to God for bringing you to this moment. wishing you the best of everything. so excited to buy your first official recordings. . GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE CASEY JAMES. So thankful God blessed you with such a loving, supportive family . hugs to all. jesssmom from twitter and carolyn josephine collins from facebook..same person..me.

  109. LIZZY VITA, San Diego, CA
    Dear Casey,
    I'm sending you a card to your Millsap P.O.B. For here, let me say CONGRATULATIONS on your Special Day! It truly couldn't happen to a more deserving person...many blessings have come and will continue to come your way, Casey James! Stay true to yourself, your music, your background and you will always prosper! Think of how many thousands have fallen in love with you in just a year's time? This time next year, you will be in the stratosphere! (no pun intended to your guitars..haha...) Love you Always, xoxo=LV

  110. Haven't read all 110 previous comments, so may be redundant...
    Are we really surprised Casey got signed? Heck no! After his 4 month long national TV audition & 3+ months on the road practically headlining the AI tour, Sony would be nuts to pass on Casey. I don't know Casey personally but after spending all those months acting like local cheerleaders it feels like we all know him now. Understanding his drive, musical style & what he's done to get to this important day. A record deal is a huge step & there's no doubt he will continue to grow & show the industry what he's made of. Congratulations Man! Millsap Texas is proud of what you've done.

    Jake Felts

  111. From one Cool, TX native to another, YES, dreams to come true. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! The long and winding road gave you a chance to see some of the best scenery along your journey. Now you are at a higher elevation and can look back on those experiences and draw from the best. You can also look ahead and continue to look up at an AMAZING future. I saw you at Bulldog Stadium and there hasn't been that much electricity in Millsap since a lightning storm! You are going far because of your appreciation for the talents and blessings you have been given. May God continue to bless you. Will be waiting for that debut album and hopefully an encore performance in Millsap! Best Wishes!
    Melinda Cosper

  112. Imagine, Casey, there are thousands and thousands of us--soon to be millions--who will be following every step of your success as a recording artist! Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Everybody loves it when the good guy wins. And you're the BEST!
    Paula in NC

  113. Marlene from SwedenAugust 17, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    It's official... You're a rockstar!!!! :) can't describe how happy and excited I'm for you!!! You're AMAZING.. Such a complete man, you've got it all!!! And your family is the sweetest!!
    It's so late at night in Sweden, have to catch some sleep, but I'll write more in the morning... Gotta explane just HOW awesome you really are!! You're something SPECIAL!!!
    CONGRATS!!!! To YOU, your family.. And to ME!! :) ('cos this meens I get to hear your beautiful voice and great guitar skills for a looooong time! And hopefuly you do a concert in Sweden one day!!!)

    Love ya!!!!!

  114. Congratulations Caey!! From the moment I heard your pre-Idol stuff, with Crossover, I knew you were going to be a star! I'm so happy all your dreams are coming true, you are so very, very deserving. Can't wait to buy your CD, the day it comes out!! Love Casey's Crew #1 ~desdanny~

  115. Congratulations on your dream becoming a reality
    Casey! What a difference a year makes and just think where you will be in a year from now with this opportunity! There are so many more people that will discover how wonderful and talented a person that you are! I am excited about seeing you on tour in Chicago this August, but even more excited about looking forward to your first album. Then, the world will see the "real" Casey and how exceptional you really are! We love you!

    (aka) @raisen06

  116. Ya'll have no idea how happy this makes me. Casey is so talented and so amazing. It's great to see that the music industry hasn't gone down the drain and they're still able to recognize true talent when they see and hear it. I cannot wait to stand in the lines for an autograph or even a wave. Or to buy the tickets and to scream and cheer in the crowds at his concerts with the rest of the fans. We're so proud of you Casey!!

  117. 17.08.2010 - What a wonderful day for Casey,the James family and fans! I'm so happy for this!Casey, thank you for being the beautiful artist and personality you are and making me proud to be a fan. CONGRATULATIONS MAN and MUSICIAN, the BEST EVER!!!Incredible, adorable, inimitable...he is the ONE absolutely!Congratulations Casey's MOMMA.. only LOVE forever.Big hugs and much love to Casey and a whole James family!May GOD BLESS you.Casey's fans4ever from the LATVIA and IRELAND.

  118. Hi Casey,
    Couldn't be happier for you and your deal with Sony Nashville. So excited that the Casey James Band will be back in action. So proud of you for everything you've been through and how far you've come. So positive that you have another great journey ahead of you. You will be a bright shining star in the music world for years to come and the whole world will come to know and love you. Rock on!!

  119. Angie Perry WhortonAugust 17, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    I have known you for a while now and I just knew you would make it. You have everything going for you.
    I always say that is the real Casey he is not fake, stay true true to yourself and your fans sweetie. I am so proud of you I hope you enjoy every moment. Soak it in because this is your day baby. Congrats. Thanks for the Text.

    Angie Perry Whorton

  120. Casey,

    Congratulations on your record deal with Sony!! I can't say that I am surprised because the first time I heard you speak, play and sing on TV I knew you were special. I enjoyed supporting you and voting for you each week. As I learned about your life and the type of person you are, my respect for your immense musical gift grew. You are a talented singer, musician and songwriter with God-given abiility.
    I was blessed to be able to meet you in NC and I was so impressed with how patient and kind you were to all the fans who wanted autographs and pictures with you. We know you appreciate your fans because we have heard you say it so many times. I'd like you to know that your fans appreciate you also, not only for your talent, but for the humble, honest person that you are on the inside!
    I believe everything happens for a reason, even thought we may not understand the higher purpose at the time. Your music and your story have touched my life and made me strive to be a better person. As you continue on your journey, I hope you get to use the musician's notebook I gave you as a gift. I am looking forward to your first CD, and wish you love and happiness always!

    Casey's Crew #456
    @pjwood67 ~Twitter

  121. So so happy!! I am a huge Casey's fan from South Korea and always pray for him. Casey! I am very excited to have your CD. you definately can be a world star.I'm eager to go to your concert in my contury. That's one of my wishes in my life.

  122. CalixtasSoul (Twitter) from WVAugust 17, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    Casey, Congratulations on such an important day in your life. I have followed AI from the beginning, have voted maybe 10 times or so, but have never had a true "Idol" until now. You, and only you, are my American Idol. I am so honored to have played such a small role by voting for you each and every show. Yes, my family and friends thought I was crazy (I needed to recruit their phones), but we managed to pull about 1500 votes per show.. and now... WOW! I'll be forever thankful for my autograph from Pittsburgh (I touched your hand!!), your reply tweets, and following you on this journey. You are an amazing musician and an even more amazing person. Much love and even more success that you so richly earned and deserve.

  123. Nothing else to say but WAY TO GO CASEY!! YOU DESERVE IT AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Couldn´t be more happy for you, and for all of us fans too, cause soon we´ll get to have more of you!! And now, just Rock on sweetie!!!

  124. Proudly wearing my Casey James Rocks T-Shirt thinking...... move over Carrie Underwood here comes Casey James!!

  125. Casey, I'm so happy for you! Even though we live in the same area of Texas, AI introduced me to you and your amazing talent. I saw you in Millsap, and how you were with your fans, the media, and your family. Your talent is amazing, and your wonderful spirit just makes my heart sing. I know you love the Lord, and follow him. Continue to do this, stay true to yourself, and live your dream! Looking forward to buying your music and seeing your shows. Enjoy this amazing ride you're on, but don't forget Texas. See you around.

  126. Dear Casey,
    Congratulations on this well deserved news. I am so happy for you and your family.
    I never had any interest in joining twitter until you came around. I’m glad that we can tell you how much your music touches us and how much we support you, your family and everything that you do.
    I had the privilege and delight of meeting you in Bridgeport, Connecticut right after your meet and greet; I told you how much I love jealous guy and that I hope that you will record a full version of you’ll think of me for the album.
    As the top 10 was signing autographs at the barricades, nobody did what you did, you went through the crowd very slowly making sure to sign every single autograph and take a picture with any one who wanted one. What a sweetheart you are, you were very patient and so nice to everyone.
    I also had the pleasure of meeting you again outside of the Nasdaq the day you rang the bell. You and crystal were the only ones who took pictures that afternoon, every one else said no, how sweet of you, thank you again for accepting to take a picture with my daughter and I! Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to meet you in person and most of all for being so kind and generous with your time.

    Casey, why am I a fan of yours?
    Because you have a genuine gratefulness for the little things in life.
    You love your family and friends and now your fans.
    You are kind and humble
    You don’t know how gorgeous you are, which makes you that much more attractive
    You own the electric and acoustic guitar on stage
    You know how to pour yourself into a song
    You made a John Lennon song much better, how about that!
    Jealous guy is my favorite all time AI performance
    The world is a much happier place because you are in it
    Success will not change you because you are very grounded
    I love listening to you sing and speak and I know you have wonderful things coming your way. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
    You are now a part of my daily prayers. I pray that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and happy wherever you are.
    May God bless you and protect you always.
    fandecinema on twitter

  127. Casey,

    There's a quote by Bono that "music can change the world because it can change people". Your music and your character have inspired so many of us to want to become better people, so already your music is changing the world! Thanks to you I have been introduced to some new music and gotten reacquainted with the music my parents brought me up on. And your joy and passion for music has reminded me of how much I loved making music with my own two hands, so I starting playing my violin again. Every time I watched you perform on American Idol, and when I saw you at the Philadelphia show this summer, you brought a smile to my face because the joy you get from playing music comes through every time you are on that stage. I haven't felt this excited about music in a long time and have been sharing your music with everyone I know!

    You're a talented musician for sure, but you're also a good guy who knows what matters most in life. Your positivity, humility, and the way you are so gracious and kind are all reasons why I am proud to be your fan.

    Congratulations on your record deal and on finally being able to do what you have been working so hard for all these years! I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming true. I wish you much success in the future, and hope that you will be able to do music at this level for as long as it keeps making you happy. I can't wait to buy your album and see you on your own tour!

    Jen (@JM_Taylor)

  128. best news ever..Phillipines is soooo CASEYHOLIC!!!

  129. NORTH CAROLINA loves CASEY JAMES! Can't wait to attend Casey James concerts and buy Casey James cds! He's an amazing person and an amazing musician! May God continue to bless you, Casey.

  130. Congratulations Casey! So glad my 2 hours of voting for you every week, while neglecting my husband and boys :), has paid off! Never watched AI on a regular basis or voted for anyone before but you got me hooked! And now I am on twitter, silently stalking you and yes, my family thinks I am crazy! Thanks in advance for all the great music you will be making (and I will be buying)! Good luck and GOD BLESS!
    P.S. Love your family! Tell them all thank you for letting us fans feel like friends of the family!
    Carol (IndianaMomOf4)

  131. now you know Casey dreams do come true.so very happy for you,you have so many fans that love you and respect you for the fine person you are. this is just the beginng for you and your band, WE WILL BE HERE ALWAYS WAITING TO SEE YOU ON TOUR AND TOU BUY YOUR CD'S AND SUPPORT YOU IN WHATEVER YOU DO. SHOOT FOR THE MOON CASEY.
    caseysCrew488 on twitter

  132. Casey, this Pennsylvania gal adores you and your music! As I read through some of the comments, I can't help but be thrilled by all the lives you have touched with your music and your personality. Congrats on your wonderful news and may god bless you and your family.


  133. Congrats casey! you deserve this so much! I and the rest of the filipinos love you and your whole fam so much!

  134. jennifer bussone (@spinnyjb)August 17, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    Well Casey Everett James....I wanna shake your hand! I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming true. It really couldn't have happened to a more talented, nicer, humble human being!! It has been a joy and a pleasure to watch this process...from Denver to Nasville!!! I am so proud to be your fan and will be buying MANY copies of your cd to distribute to all my family and friends. May God Bless you on the next leg of your journey....this is only the beginning!! God has great things in store for you. Your life was spared for a reason. :) Stay true to yourself and your roots... you are always in our prayers! Congratulations once again !!! You deserve every good thing that is happening to you ! :)

  135. I remember the Wednesday after I first made your "acquaintance" on my TV. I was at work and we were talking about Idol, and I said "Watch out for that Casey dude, he's something special." And everyone was like, "Who?" And I was like, "You know, the guy who took off his shirt." And we all laughed. But seriously, I told them that it wasn't your shirtlessness, but the sense I had that you lived in the music you sang that made me believe you were something special. Week after week, you proved me right. And you continue to prove me right with each tour stop. I look forward to continuing to be right as you embark on the next leg of your journey.

    I am so genuinely happy for you, and am so looking forward to the music you are going make for all of us to enjoy!

    Laurie . . . a fan in Arizona. (You'd better keep your promise to come back here!)

  136. Hi Casey! Congratulations!!!!
    That God enlighten and you save!
    I love you!
    Here in Brazil hope for its success!

  137. CONGRATS CASEY! I am so happy for you! I know your album is gonna be great and I will for sure buy it. I remember seeing you on TV when you auditioned and I picked you as my favorite and knew you would go far. I voted for you so many times hoping you would get to this point. I know you are great to your fans and I have yet to meet you. Maybe if you do a tour in Georgia I can. :) You have so many fans and I am proud to be one of them. God has huge plans for you. Congrats again! You deserve it all and more. God bless. - Michelle (@MichelleLTanner)

  138. Casey,
    Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so very pleased and happy for you. I can't imagine anyone deserving this opportunity more. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Charlotte and hugging you in Atlanta! I was so impressed with your kindness and patience and the attention you paid all your fans.
    As so many have said in previous posts, there is definitely something special about you that shines out to the world around you. I think you have a basic "goodness" that is very rare and that, I believe, only comes from knowing God. People are instinctively attracted to that goodness, in fact hunger for it.
    I am concerned that you may be overwhelmed by the outpouring of admiration you receive from your fans...accept it as a BLESSING...and understand that you, in your person and in your music, bring JOY to many people...something there is far too little of in this world :)
    Thank you for the joy you have brought me. I look forward to following your career...in whatever direction it takes. I'll be buying your albums and attending as many concerts as I possibly can...and I...WISH YOU... JOY!!!!!!!!! in all that you do.

    Marsha Ardila

  139. Casey
    You are a gem!! I'm so happy that I caught you on AI... you are the reason I tuned in each week. I got the chance to meet you in Bridgeport CT and you were so kind to us, despite me giving you grief for not returning my tweets ;) I love every second of watching your dreams come true. I will continue supporting you throughout your career, and I can't wait to meet you again and see you sing more than 3 songs!!!
    Keep on dreaming, because we love your dreams. Never doubt yourself and get ready for that world tour (tewer)
    The Casey Nation will be following you every step of the way.
    Love and luck,

  140. Congratulations Casey! No one deserves this more. I've been waiting for this moment since I first saw you on Americn Idol. I thought you had the best voice in the competition and wanted one of your CDs in my hands! Work hard, display a character that makes Jesus smile at you and you will go far. And never forget to give the credit to Him who had made all of this possible for you. Rock on, Super Star!

    Sharon O'Muilleoir
    Super Fan, Twitter Follower and a member of Casey's Crew!!!

  141. YAY!!!!!! I could not be happier! I knew from that first audition that this day would come. Those 2 hours spent voting for him every Tuesday night, the anxiety we all felt every Wednesday night for the results, the relief week after week hearing "Casey James, you are SAFE!" But when Casey wasn't in the top two, we all knew that this was only the beginning for our beloved Casey. I've loved watching his journey unfold, and have loved even more how close he and his family want to be to his fans. Casey isn't going to be some celeb that sits in an Ivory Tower, he's already shown us that he and his family will be right out there with us. That's a testament to the wonderful job Debbie did as a mom to raise her boys with good morals and to be men of good character.

    Casey, thank you for being the kind of person that makes me not just be a fan because of your amazing talent (ok, and good looks too! haha!), but also because you are an amazing person. Much love and many prayers as you begin this new journey!
    Lorilea Conyer
    Twitter: CJCCKY
    Casey's Crew #332

  142. Casey! So happy for you! Hope I get to meet you and get that hug and pic in Nashville! Love you! CJFan_Regina :)

  143. Casey,

    I am SO happy for you!!

    I've been a fan of your music since I first saw you on the show, but what has truly amazed me over time is the kind of person I have found you to be. Your humble spirit is such a refreshing change of pace in the music industry and this could not have happened to a more deserving person. You put a smile on my face every day, so I am genuinely excited that wonderful things are happening for you.

    Everything in your life has led to this! God has had His hand on your life from the beginning....if you thought this was awesome, imagine what He's got in store for you now :) Congratulations <3

    Sasha from StL

  144. Never a doubt in my mind. The first time I saw Casey on American Idol I immediately started a website for him because I knew people would need to know about this guy and his pure talent. So very proud of Casey!!!!

    It started out just like any other AI season....sitting with my family, picking favorites. Then you came on, Casey, and I saw a good looking guy with a great voice, standing there looking kinda vulnerable, a little tired, and desperately needing someone to "hear" him. At that moment, you became my favorite! ♥

    So for the 1st time EVER, I began voting like crazy, following every bit of news, and even got on twitter to follow you.

    After a short time, I began to realize that all of this wasn't just about you, but that "CASEY JAMES" was a family, and I was somehow part of it!

    This experience has been all inspiring, wholesome, worthwhile, thoughtful, honest, decent, kind, respectful, and FUN!

    I simply could not be more proud or happy for you, Casey! I am and will always be amazed by your good heart, beautiful voice which sometimes brings tears to my eyes, and your truly daunting guitar playing.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Love always, Leslie

  146. So excited to hear that you are finally getting the recognition that you have worked so hard and long for.... makes me believe that good things really do happen for good people. As a matter of fact you and your family have not only made me believe in dreams and family again but just that there are really good people in this world.

    I know that you must be super excited and nervous about your first album, but just remember your fans and family loved you before you were signed and we will all love you nomatter what songs you sing or how many records you sell of your first album. If you stay true to who you are you will be just fine, trust your instincts they have gotten you this far and now you have a huge fan base to help you along the way. We fell in love with a humble heart and a gracious smile and nothing you do or dont do at this point will sway your true fans!
    Enjoy this fantastic time and know that we are so proud to be Casey James fans.

    God bless,
    Jamie Owen
    (missjewel76 on twitter)

  147. Congratulations Casey James!!! You weren't just given a recording contract, you earned it(with a lot of hard work and hard knocks along the way).

    What can I say that others haven't already said? I think you have a very unique following among your fans. I had never watched AI until this year. (in fact I watch so little TV it has not even been on since the AI finale!)

    I caught the first top 24 performance shows and thought - hey that guy did a good job. But it wasn't until Hold on I'm Coming that I took notice in one contestant over another-- I really loved your performance that night-- it was so much fun. But what got me to actually vote for you was the sense of who you were as a person that clearly came out in Jealous Guy. You drew everyone into that song with you! I am a major Beatles/Lennon-McCarty fan-- and that was always one of my all time favorite Lennon songs-- and you made it better because it became one with you!

    But what sealed the deal with me was you revealing your spirituality-- and not hiding from it or apologizing for it. Now I am not ever going to put you up a pedestal-- No one deserves to be asked to be a saint for his fans. Know that I will always support you and just want you to be you. That is all we can ask of each other. Finally, I have always held my faith close at hand - not wanting and perhaps fearing not being PC.. But no more -- you have inspired me to be the real me, the good, the bad, the ugly-- but most importantly the faithful and happy to share that with others. God Bless you and yours always, Casey.

    Twitter fan

  148. Casey,
    It is such an honor to be your fan. I am so very thankful to your Momma for giving you the push to audition for AI. You are so humble and genuine and kind, this couldn't be happening to a better person! You so deserve this and I will be right behind you always, I promise! Thank you for being who you are!!!
    With so much love, Jesse
    JesseLynn_ from twitter

  149. I am so happy for you. You deserve everything in your life. I cannot wait to hear your beautifull music Casey.
    Congratulations from Venezuela!

  150. Congratulations Casey!! If anyone is deserving of this, you are -- you have proven that hardwork and perseverance pay off. I love how you are so humble and down to earth, and make your fans feel as though we are part of the journey. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you -- I have no doubt that it will be an amazing ride.

    Ashleye (@Ashleye05)

    "Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you." Psalm 37:7

  151. Casey James, you have truely touched many lives not just thru your wonderful musical talents, but thru your geniune sole. You have an aura that invites one to join your passion for your music, family, and faith. God blessed you with this special talent and now it is your turn to share it with your thousands of fans - your way. Stay grounded and many more wonderful things will come you & your family.

    70Mach1 in AL

  152. Dear Casey James,
    Congratulations on being signed as a Sony Music Nashville recording artist. I'm so happy that your dreams are coming true. You truly deserve this. Your beautiful music has brought joy and pleasure into my life. Now I'm really looking forward for more music from "the real Casey" . I'd like to wish you the best of luck in your music career. I know this is only the beginning of many more successes coming your way. Congrats again!
    Suri Maya.

  153. Casey, you're an inspiration to anyone. Congratulations! This is the news we've been waiting to hear. You're gonna be a superstar, you're on your way now. Love you!
    Please come to Europe soon. :)

  154. I knew from the first moment I heard your beautiful voice sing Heaven that you were something special. I know you will have an amazing career as a recording artist. You have a love for music that I have never seen in an artist before. I have never been this interested in a musician before but, you have this aura about you its mesmerizing. You have such a beautiful spirit. Congrats, to you and your amazingly talented family on your DREAM coming true!! Cant wait to buy my first CD and go to my first CASEY JAMES concert!! I hope you will still come out to met us fans, cause I would love to get another picture with Sony's newest recording artist!! Let the music begin!!! Chris


  156. The joy "for me for you" (to quote Randy Jackson) is that every day, really, has been your dream come true because you have, through your talent and drive, gotten to be in, with, about music. I know you know this is the true gift, the God given gift, that you can dwell there...in the light. The rest has found you here but that's where I hope your soul will always stay.

  157. @morganna94 (Twitter)August 17, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!! I knew from day one you would be a star. You have gave me some of the best days of my life: your homecoming at the stockyards, and the Idol show in Dallas was by far THE best. You blew me away like always. Thank you for being you, because you are amazing. I know you'll continue to be amazing. I am so happy for you and your family. You, your momma, & your brother, are all so sweet. I can't wait for your album. I will be one of the first in line! I'm so happy to be a tiny part in making your dream come true. You deserve it all.
    Much love always, Morgan. :)

  158. Hope I’m not yet late for the party…

    Casey - one thing we have in common is that we both haven’t watched AI. Albeit mine was a personal preference, reckoned it was nothing but mere “cheese factory”. Who knew I’d turn 360 degrees after seeing you strum the blues on Hollywood week? Resistance indeed became futile as I was instantly hooked and rooted for you every week.

    I’m a rock purist and knows no jack about country but I’m just about as excited on your Nashville route. You are so crossover that I wouldn’t worry a tad. It’ll be very exciting to watch your career. Enjoy the ride Casey – we’ll be right behind ya. Love u heaps, Drew / Australia

  159. Casey will make best album ever, coz he can sing anykind of song, any genre. it will be coolest album ever, who knows next year he will receive some award like Grammy or AMA etc, hopefully, prayer for Casey E James. Coz only this way he can make international tour and can come to my country (south east asia-Indonesia). CONGRATULATIONS once again to my hero Casey E James,never been so excited

  160. I'm so proud of you Casey, you deserve it! I love your music and cant wait to be able to hear you play more of your own. I enjoyed meting you in Dallas along with your entire entourage :), and I'm hoping it wont be the last! Hurry back Home...we miss you!

  161. What more can be said then all these great comments just wanted to chime in with a BIG HAPPY CONGRATS on your contract. Watched you in wonder since the beginning. Too good to be true.. a man with character, talent, genuine humility, the hair the face the perseverance. I've never been such a big fan before. Love your whole family and it feels great being part of a BIG tidal wave of support!

  162. Hi Casey, I am so incredibly happy for you and your family. This is just the best news ever and I cannot wait to purchase your CD. This is only the beginning for you and as your career grows, always stay true to your beliefs, don't compromise your values and above all else continue to love Jesus. You have such a sweet spirit and it has been a real honor to share this journey with you. Many blessings and much love sent your way. Hope to see you in concert sometime up here in Vancouver,BC.
    So happy for you !!!


  163. Ever since I first saw you perform on American Idol, I thought there was something very special about you. It wasn't just the beautiful tone of your voice or your exceptional guitar skills, but the steely determination behind your eyes.

    It is so rare to find someone who's in the music business not because of the fame and fortune but because of their love for music. You are a "true" musician, who simply loves music and who wants to share that love and joy with others. That's why we love you. You inject energy, life and excitement into every song you sing. That is a rare talent.

    You have a bright and dazzling future ahead of you and we will be cheering you on every step of the way. I'm so very happy for you that your dreams are finally becoming reality. You deserve it all. Congratulations Casey!

  164. It feels great to see good things come to good people! CONGRATULATIONS CASEY AND THE ENTIRE JAMES FAMILY!!:)This goes to show how so many people believe not only in your amazing talent but also in your being Casey James- a wonderful son to your parents, a sweet and loving brother to BC, and a BLESSING to the rest of the world -who came to admire and enjoy your music -who are blown away by the passion that emanated each time you sing your song and played your guitar -and who came to love that fun and ever positive Casey, whose love for the Lord Above has inspired a lot of people to believe once more in the power of Christian Faith. Indeed, you're a star of the rarest kind, Casey! :)
    here to support you everywhich way I can-- Ethelreeda :)))

  165. Casey,
    Congratulations and thank you Jesus! This stepping stone is going to change your life and allow you to live your dreams. Do not let the entertainment business or your achieving celebrity status change the humble, caring, heart you now have. It is who you are inside that has drawn so many fans to you.

    I believe talent is a gift from God and the perfecting of it is our gift to Him. Through your struggles, it appears you have drawn closer to Him and also believe you are blessed and are thankful. I pray you continue to be blessed and be used by God to touch millions of hearts.
    Looking forward to seeing many of your shows--congrats!

    God bless!
    Cathy Anne


  166. From KathyCC310
    Casey you have proven over & over that you deserve this from your talent to your heart.

    Besides the obvious I have been so impressed by the way you make your fans feel respected and loved and important to you. Thank you

    Casey you make your family, your mamma, Texas and this fan very proud.

    May God provide you with what you need and grant you what you whish


  167. Wow...finally! Congratulations.Can't wait to see that album come out and to enjoy every bit of it. I'm so happy for you. You really deserve it.


  168. hey casey. proud of you and am glad you got this big break. make the best of it and work your a## off. most of all, i wish u loads of luck .

    keep making music.

    much love

  169. Congratulations Casey on your signing to SONY Nashville! You are an amazing, humble and talented human being with infinite love for music.We look forward to your brilliant music career, and counting the days until your album is released, and you start touring.
    God bless you,your wonderful family,friends and fans.

    Cristina / NJ/ @shoareca


  171. Casey,
    So happy for you, Congratulations! Thank you for taking us with you to that place you go when you play music. Just getting to feel a tiny little bit of what you feel when you are singing/playing is heavenly. I not only admire you as a musician but also as a person. What an inspiration!
    Good luck and I will always be there supporting you. Can't wait for YOUR music! I am not sure of a lot of things but I am sure you will be a big star!

    God bless,

  172. Congratulations Casey.. no words to say.. too excited n waiting to hear de 1st one.. happy dayz


  174. Congratulations! Words are not enough to express how wonderful it is for your followers to know that they will be given more opportunities to enjoy your music and your presence. You are a very mature individual and your positivity shines through your every single performance. The joy that you feel at your every performance doubles up to us viewers simply because of the passion you have when you perform. That is your strongest edge over most artists. You are here for the sheer joy of performing and we feel that. As you go through the insane world that you are entering, never lose track of everything that you are because you are already awesome.

    Here is something for you - it reminded me of what i have seen so far about you:

    Take time to think-
    It is the source of all power.
    Take time to read- It is the fountain of wisdom.
    Take time to play- It is the source of perpetual youth.
    Take time to be quiet- It is the opportunity to seek God.
    Take time to be aware- It is the opportunity to help others.
    Take time to love and be loved- It is God's greatest gift.
    Take time to laugh- It is the music of the soul. (and of course i know that everyone here loves that about you!)
    Take time to be friendly- It is the road to happiness.
    Take time to dream- It is what the future is made of.
    Take time to pray- It is the greatest power on earth.
    Take time to give- It is too short a day to be selfish.
    Take time to work- It is the price of success. There is a time for everything. . . .[Ecclesiastes 3:1-8]Bible

    Wishing you all the best!

  175. Karenbar13 said...

    Casey, I'm so glad you're going to be able to share your talent with the world. I want to thank you, not just for the pleasure your music has already given me, but for something else.
    Thank you for expanding my musical horizons! If I hadn't gotten interested in you, I would never have found all the great Songs of the Day. (I hope you'll have some more for us.) Thanks especially for Lee Roy Parnell and Bonnie Bramlett's "Breaking Down Slow." I also learned about a lot of other music I love that we in the northeast never heard of. Seems like Texas and Oklahoma are like Paris in the 1920's, where the most interesting stuff is happening!
    I hope it doesn't seem odd to talk about other music than yours, but I really want to thank you and I have a feeling you won't mind.
    Looking forward so much to your CD! I'm so happy for you!

  176. Congrats Casey you deserve the best! And congrats to sweet momma James & BC! What a happy day! Casey is the first artist I've supported in my life. I never even cared or watched Idol before but Casey is completely different. I'm very excited to see what Gary Overton said & Simon Fuller and now am dying to know the producers & stuff like that! I can't wait for his CD, but really the best thing is he's not rushing his CD. He will take time to choose the right stuff!! WOOHOOOO this is my first post here!
    CJ1AI, from the Middle East

  177. Ola El-Toukhy (CaseyCrew450)August 18, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    I could never have enough of your voice & guitar playing ever since i got hooked up during the AI show. And although you sing the same songs over & over on the tour, i always watch them over & over hoping that i'll catch a glimps of a new move you make or a simple change in the song ... i'm hooked!!!
    Now,with this record deal, it's like a promise that you'll keep on feeding my hunger to your music :) espcially that for me (an International Fan), i may never get to meet you in person ... but once you start recording and releasing your album, there's no boundries :D
    God Bless You, your ever so supportive amazing Mama, and your "back" Billy Cole - may ou always achive what you strive for and excel at it as you've come to show us :)))

    Your Fan for Life CaseyCrew450
    Alexandria, Egypt

  178. Congratulations!!! Your dreams are coming true
    and you deserve it!! I wish you much success, happiness and love in your future!! :) All the best to you and your family. I look forward to your new CD and your solo tour.

  179. Wishing you the absolute best of luck with your new album. We are all so proud of you and will continue to support you and your band FOREVER!! Happy Days! Thanks for being YOU!

  180. Tanja NORWAY

    Dearest Casey!
    Wow.. You're gonna be reading this..
    First of all I have to thank U, -You have opend my mind to other music styles, and for having such a wonderful personality!!

    I just knew You were made of gold from the moment I heard You sang Heaven, and the best moment for me, when You did the BEST version EVER of Jealous guy.. I still get goosbumps everytime I hear it. Love Your vocal and your guitar play! I have so many favourite songs You did at the show, but that one was overwhelming for me. :0)
    I would like You to give Billy a gentle slap on his shoulder and say a big thank U from me..Lol...he has been sO, helpfull!! I play the guitar myself, and I have asked him about the chords You used when You did that song..

    Casey...* YOU MADE IT!!* No one deserve this so much as You do! I also wanted to say that I really like some of the earlyer songs You've done, - Shine your shoe, road to coming home and freezing.. You are just so amazing!!
    I hope, really really hope I'm gonna be the lucky one to meet and see You LIVE someday..
    Looking forward to buy your new CD! Keep on rockin!! ** Love from a big fan from NORWAY **

  181. Congratulations To You Casey! I have been Inspired by your music from the first time I heard him sing and have followed him through his journey and will continue as long as it takes me. He is the real deal ,the whole package, and I have no worries when he makes an album Casey is a true artist because the Beauty lies within his Soul! Looking forward to buying all his music and CD'S. The James Family Is So Awesome. Love From A Alabama Fan!

  182. I'm SOOOO happy & excited!!! CONGRATULATIONS CASEY, thank you for sharing your gift of music to the world.
    Love from SINGAPORE!

  183. Casey,
    I don’t even know where to start. I have watched you since the day you stepped in front of the judges for the very first time. From that moment on you have managed to steal my heart more and more every day. I wonder if you have anyone that you are a huge fan of and I wonder if you have ever felt for them the way that we all feel about you. If you have then maybe you will understand our rambling on. Right now there are so many feeling going on inside my head that I can’t even get them straight enough to put down on paper. When I try to think about what I want to say, a million things about you flood my mind. I will never be able to tell you what following your career has meant to me and knowing that I had a small part in helping you fulfill your dreams. There is a quote that I have put on your page many times. I don’t know that you have ever even seen it but it goes like this When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” Casey, I am so glad that you listened to the Hope in your heart. If not for that we would never have known you and the wonderful person that you are. We don’t just love the music, we love who you are and what you stand for. You are what we have waited for, for such a long time. You Casey James are our Luke Skywalker ! Never give in to the world, hold fast to your beliefs. Be true to yourself always. I am so happy for you. Remember all of us. Whenever you want to tweet with us, we will always be right here.
    Much Love and Stay Happy Sweet Music Man,
    (Kelley Mae)

  184. Casey-Glad that all those nights of voting for 2 hours has paid off! I watched from the very first auditions, so funny to look back and see Simon not wanting to put you through to Hollywood. Make sure ya send him an autographed copy of that first cd. Best wishes for lots of success in the music world-ya earned it and ya deserve it. Make us some cool music!

  185. This probably wont post-none of my tweets or comments seem to post anywhere,but if it does get through-Casey,never have I rooted for someone to be seen and heard like I have for you.Mesmerized at first sight,most likely a lot of us girls out there like that,I must have fallen for you and your music and never want to be without sight or sound of you.And I hope that what you give us always comes back to you a million-fold times.What's that you always say? ONLY LOVE

  186. FARA RILEY {FARASPIDER ON TWITTER}August 20, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    What I really wanted to say is that the first time i saw your face on idol it was like deja vu it felt like i had always known you were there,or going to be there,a feeling from ancient times -meant to be -i believe you were given a purpose,a path to follow that would allow people to see you so we could recognize what qualities are needed to make us better human beings,i am not deifying you but i do feel you have been instilled with a radiant grace,either learned or inherent,a humilty,humbleness and sweetness of soul that is exemplary.Please continue to follow this road that you are on-because whether you know it or not-you have been bestowed with the mantle of a teacher-I know that people might say it is just music,but it is powerful medium to convey thought and emotion,to make us feel connected and you are teaching us many new and old ways of being that many people forgot or didnt know how to be.Oh and the thing I love most about you is that you have said that you love all animals,I do too.Anything that walks,crawls,swims,or flys,they are such an extension and expression of what creation is -I have so much compassion for most all creatures.WELL DONE CASEY JAMES-HERE'S TO A LIFE WELL LIVED

  187. Casey, I am so happy for you. I have loved you from the first time I saw your Idol audition. Your music and your sincere love for what you do has impressed me very much. You are different in that you know who you are and don't pretend to be something you are not. I wish you much success and I plan to follow you your career as I see all your dreams come true. I can't wait for your first album. I know it will be awesome. Thanks for caring about your fans. Congratulations and God Bless!

  188. Casey, I can't add anything new to what's already been said. Just congratulations....I know God has an awesome future in store and you are going to shine His light in this dark world. God bless you, brother! Can't wait to buy your first album, your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. And I can't wait to see you win your first Grammy!! You will always be in my prayers! Hugs & love, Debi Adams. :)

  189. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!!! I am so excited for you!!! I know your beaming with pride at knowing all your hard work for years is now paying off!!! Well, I'm from the same area of Texas that you are, and I am sorry to say I never got to see you perform before American Idol. But I will tell you this...from the moment I saw you in Denver, you were pouring your heart out to those judges, and when you were there pleading for your ticket to Hollywood, I saw something in your eyes that said..."I'm here.....listen to me....I want this more than anything, and I can do it! I know, some of that was actually your words, but your eyes told the story, and I picked you right then to do great things in music!! I knew I had to do whatever I could to help you win this competition, and I did!!! I kept a running tally of my votes and I voted over 20,000 times, counting my husbands votes as well, because I knew I had to do whatever is was that I needed to do to help you achieve your dreams of making a record!!

    I even started a blog for you, to follow you through your very 1st Tour, the AI Tour! There will never be another 1st one and I wanted to document everything I possibly could for you, the fans and your family! I hope you drop by from time to time, because Caseymania won't be closing down after the AI Tour is over, I will continue to follow your career and bring all the positive news I can to your Fans!! I want to tell you how proud I am of you, you've done it!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, and buy your 1st album, cause I can look at it, and say.....I helped him get this!!!
    Take care of yourself.....Love ya!!! :)

    Much love and big hugs to you sweetie!!!

    GSJordon aka @caseyjtxgal2010 aka Glenda Jordon

  190. congratulations casey, better late than never, i'm ur fan here in canada. i feel sad when the tour in toronto was cancelled. anyway hope to see u in ur own tour.

  191. Casey, congratulations, you have brought music back into my life. Your story, singing and awesome guitar playing have touched my heart in so many ways. Your family is so inspiring to me, knowing all the things families go through, it is our foundation. My hubby and I will travel from northern California to see you in concert when the time comes. Love you so much.

  192. Casey you are the best guitarist I have ever seen. I only watched American Idol becuase of you. I could not wait every week to see what you were going to sing. I voted on my iphone over a 1000 times each week, and my sister and I would text each other throughout the shows. You were also wonderful in Dallas and the STAR of the concert.

    Congratulations on your signing with Sony in Nashville. It will be a good fit for you and your bluesy rock and country sound. Nashville is a good place for you to live part time, too. There are a lot of good Christian people in Nashville, TN just like in the state of Texas.

    The main reason I continue to follow you on Twitter is becuase you are such a great Christian man and it shows in everything that you do. You live the life of a Christian. You love Jesus with all your heart and I can tell that you try to act like him, which is the way all of us should be. Your family is wonderful and I congratulate them as well in all of your success, because without your family you could not have complished everything you have.

    Thanks for all the music, the kindness, and the love you have shown me and all of your fans.

    With love, Jami Chavarria, Sonora, Tx
    Twitter Name- blondiechav

  193. Sorry you are so sick , just wanted you to know
    I am proud of you and hope you are better and can
    get some rest soon! Looking forward to cd and I know you are anxious to see family and your little buddies at home!

  194. Older Fan From NYCAugust 30, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    Congratulations, Casey! As an OLDER FAN, I am thrilled and inspired to see you, a young man, living your dreams. As we get older, many of us get in ruts, and we need something to shake us up. You are a JOLT of JOY. Following your career has helped me reconnect with the younger part of myself that is still full of possibilities. I have begun to revisit my own dormant dreams and passions, and although I have to let some of them go, I find there are others that I can revive and still others that are brand new--like the Texas blues! It may seem silly that a young man I do not know could have this effect on me, but that is the simple--and profound--truth. We truly are all connected in some mysterious way...

    Your obvious love and appreciation of life and your quiet tenacity are what I find so irresistible. I had never been an AI follower, and came upon your lovely performance of "Don't" purely by chance. I won't lie--you were very beautiful--and who of us is not drawn to beauty? And so I looked up your previous performances and started to watch the show, and your music moved me because it so obviously moved you. It was tremendous fun watching you enjoy yourself so much. Each week, you handled yourself so graciously--in “the good times and the bad.” And you have a wicked and wonderful sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud!

    It has taken me a long time to begin to learn the life lessons you seem to have learned in only 28 short--but no doubt challenging--years. You are well ahead of the game, my friend!

    I strive now to follow your example of an open heart and an open mind: no expectations. So, perhaps this old dog can learn new tricks--even from a young dog (or should I say “dawg”?)!

    Well, that all sounds so serious, doesn’t it? Let me simply say, YOU ROCK (I’ve never said that before!!) Casey James, and I thank you for the inspiration. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

    Gail from NYC

  195. Congratulations!! (Hmmm… I am really late here…) From the moment of the announcement (and even before, since we knew it was inevitable :) I’ve been overjoyed for you. Like many others, I just can’t find the words to express how much it has meant to me to share this with you and even help you (in some small way) to fulfill your dream. Words simply cannot convey how sincerely happy I am for you. All your hard work, dedication and tenacity has led you here and you could not be more deserving of the wonderful things that I know are in your future. (It was only a matter of time till you were discovered. After all, a treasure can only remain hidden for so long before it dazzles through concealment!) You are such a talented and amazing singer and musician. But, more than that Casey, you are a beautiful person. I am moved by your music and incredibly touched by your kindness and your heart. You have a way of affecting people’s lives, and you have affected mine so much, I don’t know how I would begin describing it. Your genuineness and sweetness is so rare who could help but love you? There’s joy and passion and light and life that shines from you and I feel blessed to “know” you. I pray you continue to trust in and be strengthened and led by God. And, know that God has good plans for you. (Jeremiah29:11) I am thrilled I get to watch your dreams come true. “Follow your dreams for as you dream you shall become.” (Anonymous)

    Congratulations also to Momma James, BC and the whole family. With such an amazing and supportive family behind you there is no way you can go wrong.
    Love always, Michele --@shellgal9

    P.S. You still owe me a pick. Someone took the one you threw to me, as you know. Just because you’re a big official Sony recording artist now don’t think I am going to let you slide. I want that pick. :)

  196. Lotts.......@teamcaseyjamesSeptember 2, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    "....pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people cant take their eyes off you. All other tangible rewards will come as a result"
    Maya Angelou

    It's clear that you have found it
    The thing you love to do
    We cannot keep our eyes off you
    The dream is beginning
    This is just the start
    Breathe in the moments and fill up your heart
    We've had a glimpse of who you are
    Its part of why you've come so far
    Talent, grit, strength and steel
    Have only helped to seal the deal
    Life may get crazy, out of control
    So always listen to the light in your soul
    We can see that light shining
    Bright from your face
    That's why in our hearts you've a special place
    Don't ever give up
    To yourself, stay true
    And all the rest will come to you

    I wish you everything you wish for yourself and more
    with "all the love"
    lotts (london)