Monday, August 16, 2010

New Interviews with Casey James

AT&T Chat on Facebook 8/17 (Choppy at the beginning, then it gets better)

Interview from iPhone App

In the interview Casey mentions one of his Twitter fans, Nickle_T, who gave him a very special gift. We remember her as the one who came up with the idea for Song of the Day, too. So, congrats to Nikki for the shout out and for representing the fans so well!!

Interview with in Phoenix (Didi first, then Casey at 3:40):

Interview from Fox 10 Phoenix:

Russ Weakland (whose prior interview was called the best you'd never heard) had a chance to do a brief follow-up interview with Casey while he and the rest of the tour was in LA. Here's the link: htt://

The Sacramento Bee had a "phoner" with Casey, while he was in Arizona, in advance of his visit, along with the rest of the top ten, to Sacramento this coming Wednesday.  Here's the link to the interview.  The big scoop from the interview was this part:
When the tour ends, what are your plans? 

Well, I'm letting you in on some news. I'm going to be working with Sony in Nashville, making a record. I'm pretty excited. And then, going out on my own, and that will be the chance to see the real Casey.

The real Casey.  That's what his fans have been waiting to see -- and it looks like the wait may be coming to an end.


  1. Thanks, Shari, for the two great articles! I'm not sure I understand, though... Casey is making a record and then going out on his own? Is Sony Nashville signing him or not? I don't know anything about the music biz, but I'm confused about the above statements. Is Casey only making one record with Sony, or will he be releasing an album with them? Sorry to sound so dense, but I'd appreciate if anyone could help me out!


  2. Mary,

    I'm pretty sure "going out on my own" means moving on from American Idol and the AI9 Tour, to being Casey James, Sony recording artist. When the tour is over, he and the record company will work together on presenting the real Casey to the public.

  3. I can't wait to hear what he's got in store for us! I know it will be full of energy & luv, no doubt! Can I say again... CONGRATS CASEY!!!

  4. Thanks, Shari, for clarifying. I was panic-stricken for a minute there...I guess being a mom all summer has wrecked havoc on my brain cells!(I have four boys, ages 8 to 16) :) I just want to thank you for all the work you have done on this site. It is so very appreciated by fans of Casey, such as myself and my husband. We are so excited for him and his family and intend to follow him every step of the way. Casey James is going to be HUGE...I just know it!! Thanks so much again!


  5. What is "the real Casey"?

  6. Anon 5:17, good question. The real Casey would be the singer/musician who we saw at the hometown visits back in May, not just the part that he was able to show on American Idol. If you read the last interview with his brother/bassist BC, you'll get more of an idea of Casey the performer, instead of Casey the AI contestant.

  7. The term "going out on my own" means "touring", "on the road" as solo artist Casey James (w/his own band). Which usually follows the release of a "record" or as known today, a "CD". ALL GREAT NEWS!


  8. @Burn this, that's what I would guess -- the Casey we saw in his home environment. But that Casey was 75% traditional blues, some pop/rock -- very little country at all. So that is why I need clarification on the statement. I HOPE we'll get that Casey. Just like he was under AI constraints, he'll be under the label's constraints to make a commercial country album. Maybe I am too cynical. Time will tell.

  9. BybeeDJames on Twitter: "I spoke with Casey a little yesterday. He amazes me really. He is worried that I'll be disappointed if his first album doesnt do well. He said "you've got me doing world tours and I havent even been to the studio yet." I told him I'd be fine if he came home & played at the Keys."

  10. congrats Casey! :) I'm already so excited for the record. Ive a prediction it will sell like pancakes! Much much much love from the Philippines!

  11. what is the real casey? Casey is beyond talented, he is amazing! He has a voice that just reaches out to you, and inspires you to follow your dreams. Not only is he a fantastic singer/songwriter, his personality is like no other! He is true to his fans,friends and most important his self. words cant describe enough how awesome he is. Casey is as real as it comes! CASEY is the real casey! -MARY RUSSELL

  12. This is "the real Casey!"
    (just a piece of his performance at the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, TX.

  13. Yea, CASEY is not only a fantastic ARTIST!His PERSONALITY is like no other absolutely!!!Cas we love him so much!!!GOD SAVE the CASEY JAMES!!!Much love from the LATVIA!!!GOD BLESS.

  14. I listen to Casey's music every day of my life as I design and work in my studio! I have to say that my collection this season is ALL designed with the feelings I get from his music...I have to say it is one of my fav collections!! .Can't wait to be able to hear his new album and create more!!! Congrats Casey!! Sony made the best decision they have ever made to sign you :)))))

  15. @CJFan_Audrey (Twitter)August 17, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    I'm so excited for the press release, watching Casey's AI journey end and watching his solo career develop! SO EXCITED!! I look forward to seeing the 'real Casey' and hearing more of his music!

    Just also want to say how great it was to hear him acknowledge Nikki for her amazing gift. Way to represent the fans Nikki!! Good job girl :)

  16. Don't worry Casey, your first album is going to be great. Your fans are here to support you, so I know with your efforts and our support, things are going to work out great.

  17. Casey is performing as "the real" Casey now - his performance level is amazing... but his song choices will change... What he did on AI (some of it) was not what he would have done on his own...

    These are not Casey - singing 90 second songs, singing without a guitar, singing / dancing the group numbers...

    Here are examples from Keys HomeComing of the "real" Casey and we are seeing some of this on the AI tour also:
    "Satisfied" by Ian Moore

    "Gravity" by John Mayer

    "Too Sweet for Me"....

  18. To Bybee D and Casey, we will be very happy if Casey played at Keys now and then, but now he will have to fit it in. I believe he will definitely make it all over the world, because that's where his fans are. I have no doubt Casey's album will hit it big! Everyone loves Casey, his one-of-a-kind phenomenal voice that can sing any kind of music, and his blazing hot guitar skills. I think when Casey is talking about seeing the "real Casey," he just means when we see him for the entire concert, we will then see what he is totally capable of versus the short idol and AI tour time allotted for his performance. If we liked what we saw, a whole Casey show will be so much more!! That's what all of Casey's fans are looking for. Bring it on.

  19. Casey,
    I don’t even know where to start. I have watched you since the day you stepped in front of the judges for the very first time. From that moment on you have managed to steal my heart more and more every day. I wonder if you have anyone that you are a huge fan of and I wonder if you have ever felt for them the way that we all feel about you. If you have then maybe you will understand our rambling on. Right now there are so many feeling going on inside my head that I can’t even get them straight enough to put down on paper. When I try to think about what I want to say, a million things about you flood my mind. I will never be able to tell you what following your career has meant to me and knowing that I had a small part in helping you fulfill your dreams. There is a quote that I have put on your page many times. I don’t know that you have ever even seen it but it goes like this When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” Casey, I am so glad that you listened to the Hope in your heart. If not for that we would never have known you and the wonderful person that you are. We don’t just love the music, we love who you are and what you stand for. You are what we have waited for, for such a long time. You Casey James are our Luke Skywalker ! Never give in to the world, hold fast to your beliefs. Be true to yourself always. I am so happy for you. Remember all of us. Whenever you want to tweet with us, we will always be right here.
    Much Love and Stay Happy Sweet Music Man,


  20. Beyond Casey James' raw talent, verve, and dedication emerges a Perennial Wisdom that dissolves the ego allowing an "abiding in" what is untainted, pure, Love…a Love which is beyond personal love manifesting effortlessly in the form of exceptional musical brilliance!

    The bonus is that we also have the privilege of traveling this Joy ride along with him… so grateful that we are able to be even a small part of this enduring bliss!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your recording contract with Sony Nashville (19 Recordings…BNA Records)….
    Wishes of great success, Casey and band members !!!!

    We are here to help in any way we may, if you wish, in the fulfillment of this beauteous dream!

    Thank you, Shari, once again for the assiduity with which you have gifted us with every aspect of Casey's journey: always presenting and updating us with beautifully polished articulations!


    (Twitter: seata_dapants)

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  22. Casey can't wait to see what you do next, but I have no doubt you will amaze us. CONGRADULATIONS!
    You treat your fans with love & respect that means a lot.

    May God give you what you need & grant you what you wish.

    Kathy. (KathyCC310)

  23. Casey,
    Great news about the recording contract! Thanks to Momma James for pushing you to try out for AI so the rest of the world gets to hear your amazing music. Good luck with your new record and know you have tons of fans who love and support you!

    God Bless,
    acaligal (twitter)

  24. "Official" CONGRATULATIONS to @CaseyEJames on being signed by 19/BNA and to Mama James for encouraging Casey to try out for Idol!

    I cannot wait to have Casey's album in my hot little hands and see him play his own tour with the band at a venue near me... As soon as possible.

    --Mary S. in NJ