Friday, September 17, 2010

Casey James News -- 9/17/10 - 9/19/10

Casey James fans, there may not always be something new to report.  In the months to come, Casey will be busy writing, playing, rehearsing, collaborating, and recording.  There will be lulls, as there were during the last two weeks since the American Idol tour ended.  That will be the new "normal," not the daily onslaught of new video, pictures and updates that there was during the tour.  Having said that, when there is news to report, you can find it here. 

Despite some confusion as to Casey's whereabouts, we have confirmation that Casey was in the offices of Sony Nashville.  @SonyNashville tweeted on 9/16: "Thanks for dropping by the office today, @caseyejames! Great to meet you!"  Casey tweeted @SonyNashville back the next day: "it was great to meet all of yall!! Thank you so much for everything!!"

On the 17th, Casey tweeted one of his famous yellow notes to update his fans on what he's been doing since the tour ended.  Some information had already come out -- he was resting, he was on the mend, he had the chance to play with one band he used to play with and to jam with the members of the Casey James Band, he got his haircut, he was off to Nashville, he attended the ASCAP awards, Aimee Mayo met him, and Sony/BNA put the Casey James Band on their website.  Here's the update from Casey, via Twitter, on what else has been going on these past two weeks:

In other news, radio station KZIM announced that they had an interview with Casey scheduled for today that would deal with his post-American Idol life.  As it turned out, the interview was not live, but had been taped just before the last stop in the tour (around 8/30 or 8/31).  Here's a picture Casey took with the interviewer Faune Riggin (has to be a real name) back then:

UPDATE:  When I wrote the following paragraph, I was basing it on the report from fans of Casey James on Facebook who summarized the interview.  There was (and as of yet still is) no tape of the interview for me to rely on.  I have recently come in contact with the interviewer and can now clarify the record.  So here is what I originally posted: 
Thanks to the intrepid fans at CJCC, this is what I can report about the interview (even though I have yet to hear it):  the reporter seemed to gush, reveling in her "big old hugaboo with Casey James," talking about how he was about to become a "megastar," saying how he looks better in person, and letting the fans who don't have smell-a-vision on their computers know that Casey "smelled really good."  Apparently, Casey was under the weather during that interview (as he had been sick at the end of the tour) and sounded stuffy.
Here is what Faune has since told me. 
We spoke about how hard it is to be "alone" on the bus even though it was an extended family. He said he got along better with some than others but overall it was all good since he was living his dream. He said he couldn't wait to get home and drive fast with his windows down and music blaring! I told him that may become difficult with fame and suggested limo tint! He said rockabilly has always been his genre so we can expect an original album with lots of heart and soul. And Shari - his hugs changed my life... just playing. He was very handsome but his ability to express himself was way beyond sexy. He really does have everything needed to be a mega star. There was more but I'd have to go back and listen to it to be factual. He cut some liners that I still air on my show each day as I go into stop sets.
I asked Faune was a liner is and she responded:  "Liners are pieces of audio. He says I love listening to Faune in the morning on KZIM KSIM."   I'm very happy to have this opportunity to correct the record and to provide more accurate details about the interview. 

Billy Cole also posted an update on his Facebook page, addressing the fans' interest in his and Jacy's role in the newly-announced Casey James Band.  BC posted "Sorry I've not been on in a while. Jacy I dont know anything yet as far as us being the band, but I will definitely let ya'll know something as soon as we do."  As I wrote in yesterday's post, BC is a terrific musician and songwriter who has a thorough understanding of music and a great love for many different genres and styles.  He's always been an integral member of The Casey James Band and should be in the future.  

This picture was released in October, but it more properly fits here as it is a picture purporting to show Casey's signing (which, of course, happened earlier).  This is Casey with the head of Sony Nashville Gary Overton and  Exec VP Renee Bell.
And speaking of The Casey James Band, Casey tweeted this picture a few minutes ago from Nashville:

I have two things to say:  Thank goodness for alphabetical order and this must feel like a dream to Casey. 

The Tweet that the picture was attached to may have set a new record for exclamation points, 14 to be exact: "Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"   I guess this means Casey is as happy as his fans are about this latest development!

Here's picture that may have been taken after the ASCAP awards earlier in the week as it includes Casey and Aimee Mayo.  The third person in the picture is Aimee's husband and co-writer Chris Lindsey.  Aimee had tweeted back on September 15th: "Ascap Awards last nite @silvertire & pickler won awards finally met Casey James -after party jam session N studio- he's amazing on guitar."

Brian Mansfield of USAToday/Idol Chatter tweeted on 9/18: "Just bumped into Casey James. He's having meetings this afternoon. Says he has started scheduling writing appointments for his album."

As always, check back here for updates on Casey.  And when you need your Casey fix, use the search button on the front of the blog to take you to anything in the archives -- every hometown video, every tour stop video, every late night sandwich video, every tour interview, interviews with his family and friends, pictures, articles, tweets, yellow notes -- they're all here.


  1. I'm laughing out loud. Intrepid! Now that's a perfect adjective for the faithful Casey fans!!
    Definition: "fearless, brave, daring, bold, heroic, game, have-a-go, courageous, stalwart, resolute, gallant, audacious, valiant, plucky, doughty, undaunted, unafraid, unflinching, nerveless, dauntless, lion-hearted, valorous, stouthearted." I particularly like PLUCKY. :-)
    To 'Anonymous' from the other day - is this more acceptable an adjective for you?! Smile ... relax .. it's all in good fun!

  2. Shari,
    I am so excited for Casey. He is gonna be a huge star. Shari, we appreciate all that you do for all of the fans and for the James family and what a family to be representing. I believe that I have come to love them because of the trust that they have in you which has allowed them to open up and we get to see a glimpse of their lives that others may never know. Thanks to you the James family all feel like close friends of mine rather than a fan/performer relationship.
    Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. .. . I love the term intrepid too!! I had already clicked on the BNA site many times just to see Casey's name, but the picture Casey tweeted is even better. I actually looked at it and the pride and joy for him brought tears to my eyes. So glad for you Casey. . .you have a fan for life here.

  4. Singin' 'oh Happy Day!' Casey James! My heart is going to burst its so full of happiness! like i said before..iLOVE it when his face shows how happy his heart is! nothing says it quite like that happy Casey smile! So proud of you Casey. So thankful for you,Shari

  5. Doing the TEXAS Happy Dance!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to book a trip to WHEREVER the 1st performance is by the Casey James BAND!!!! I'm hoping he got to take his sweet dogs with him to Nashville (Daisy and Buster)... so he can get some lovin'

  6. Great song, "Oh Happy Day!" The picture of Casey just made my day as well. Look at that gorgeous, beautiful, happy, huugggeeee smile, and as always - #1; I bet he frames that one! I just couldn't be happier for him. Thank you Sheri for all you do for Casey, his family and us. Much appreciated!

  7. Anybody thinking 'road trip to the CMA's' ?? lol
    November 10. One can always dream!!

  8. Thanks for the post Shari! Im very excited for Casey! Wherever his first performance is..I'm there!

  9. Thanks for the post! I am so happy for Casey. Would love to see him at the CMA Awards!! I guess you can tell we are ready for a road trip to see Casey!!

  10. Thanks for updating as always!
    So happy he finally tweeted for us.
    I love that pic of he smiling & pointing at CASEY JAMES BAND.
    Hope to hear the good news about the band member!


  11. Thanks again for the update and photos! This Casey James fan is EXCITED!! I am on the CaseyTrain with many and we are happy about this new Journey.
    Casey, Congrats sweetie! Best of Luck to you and the Band! :)

  12. I am so happy for Casey!! He deserves ALL that is coming his way!! He and his family have worked so hard!! I love to see good things happen to great people!! Casey and his family are great people!!! Momma raised good men!! Casey is one of those people!!! Genuine,honest,sweet,humble,awesomly talented!!!
    Through this last year I feel that I have become friends with the entire James family! Not just a fan of Casey's but a friend and loyal supporter of his and his family! He has brought such a joy to my life! I have met so many wonderful sweet people, via Twitter ALL because of him!! We have become one BIG family!! All in Casey's corner!! I love to hear him sing and play! I have been watching his dream unfold right before my eyes!! It is such a great honor to be a part of his journey through thi last year!! I can only imagine what the future holds!!!! I can't wait to hear it!! I will be here as a loyal loving friend and ALWAYS in Casey's corner!!! The whole family has touched my life!! I love em!! They deserve much happiness!!! Thank you Shari for ALL that you do my dear!!! Your AWESOME babe!! Good luck Casey!!! God bless you and your sweet family my friend!!! I can't wait to jam on my drums with your first CD babe!!! <3 :) xoxoxoxxxxx

  13. I just saw this blog! Very entertaining for us Casey fans! We spoke about MUCH more than hugs, smells, and looks in the interview on KZIM KSIM. He spoke of his life on the bus, plans for his future albums, and much more. You are correct that is my real name. Thanks Mom and Dad! Loved reading your blog. Keep it up! Casey really has a genuine soul and his music reflects it.
    (But the hugs were things dreams are made of)

  14. Faune,

    Thanks for your clarification. Since there is no tape of the interview, I had nothing other than the fan's recollection of what was said. If you have the tape of the interview, I'd love to put it here so people can hear what was really discussed. Thanks again, and I love your name!!

  15. Shari,
    “Correct the record” from what? The snippet you wrote regarding the interview was based on a few comments left by members of the CJCC while they were listening to the interview. Three of those comments were direct quotes of Faune’s, written during the interview. Here are the quotes that were posted:

    ‎"...big old hugaroo with Casey James..."
    "'re about to be a megastar..."
    ‎"...he is ten times more beautiful in person than he was on the show...and he smelled really good..."

    The other comments had to do with:
    1. Casey sounding stuffy during the interview
    2. When the interview was possibly recorded
    3. Whether Casey really does smell good
    4. Someone missing the interview because they took their kids to school
    5. Two comments from members who met Casey but couldn’t say whether he smelled good or not because they were busy enjoying their moment meeting him

    We did NOT summarizie or interpret the entire interview or make Faune sound like a “gushing reporter.” I’ll be happy to copy each and every one of those comments here. You are the one who made the leap to, “the reporter seemed to gush.” No one at the CJCC said that or anything like that about Faune. If you didn’t have all the information about the interview, maybe you shouldn’t have written anything about it. Your comment about “correcting” the information seems to read that you received incorrect information from the CJCC, which is just not true.

    I agree that you speaking with Faune did allow more details of the interview to be revealed because obviously more was said than the three quotes posted above. So, kudos to you for speaking to Faune and ADDING her perspective to your post. But please do not make it sound like you received misinformation from the CJCC, because you did not.

    As you stated, “Because my integrity, and that of my blogs, means a lot to me, I've updated this old post with new information. Thanks to Faune Riggin for your perspective.” The members of the CJCC did not in any way, shape, or form, give erroneous information regarding Faune’s interview. I take the reputation of the CJCC seriously, thus the reason for this somewhat defensive response to your updated blog to “correct the record and to provide more accurate detailing about the interview.”

  16. Mickey,
    I think you're reading too much into it. I corrected the record by bringing in the perspective of the interviewer. I did not say that the original information was wrong, but I did imply that it was incomplete, which it apparently was. And, yes, seemed to gush is my interpretation based on the reports and now that I've talked to Faune I'd say that it's accurate but not complete -- she was very enthusiastic about Casey and remains so, but she also was able to get some more substantive information out of him which we can now share.

  17. I still believe there is a difference between correcting the record and adding more information that you received. My gut feeling reading your update is still my gut feeling. I just wanted to be sure to clarify and set the record straight. CJCC never said it was a complete recap of the interview. I just wanted to be sure that was noted.

  18. Shari,

    You say the information on CJCC was incomplete, but it was never meant to be a complete description of the interview at all...I posted 3 of those quotes - all separate, unrelated, and obviously not meant in any way to recap. They were cute, random, fun snippets! That's all... I can't imagine you would use them to build a blog entry and then say they were inaccurate representations of the interview.

  19. Margherita,

    They were incomplete and I said at the time they were all we had in the absence of any audio. Now we have more information to add to the record. It is interesting how much of a tizzy this has stirred up -- I add information from the interviewer about Casey's experience on the bus, liking rockabilly, looking forward to driving his car around Texas and all people want to do is worry about whether this addition should be called correcting the record or not. The record was incomplete, it is getting more complete. That should be a good thing.

  20. Wow! Give Shari a break. She has been such a great source of information regarding Casey. Between this and the gal harrasing his mother last night about hos lack if tweets, we will be lucky to ever hear from him on Twitter again. All the snarky comments go against everything Casey stands for. What a turn off. This would have been more appropriately handled in a private matter and not for all to see.

    No one is perfect and things can easily be misconstrued especially via the Internet. It's how we as adults conduct ourselves that define who we are. For many of us this is why we love Casey. Patience, understanding, respect.....that's Casey and the way of the Lord. We should try to practice that in our lives and how we treat others as well.

    Sometimes the best intentions are misinterpreted.

    Mich in Colorado

  21. Don't most women young or old, reporter or not gush when they see Casey? What's the big deal Shari updated the info.

  22. I forgot to add... I think some of us have too much time on our hands. Shari has done a tremendous job getting interviews and Casey info all in one spot. I understand you love the CJCC and want to defend your peeps but really, aren't you being a little dramatic especially since Shari updated the info? Everyone gushes at Casey and who said what or how is irrelevant. I have to say to the ones stirring up trouble, "Find something better to do with your time." Don't sweat the small stuff!!! Life is too short to be so petty. Shari if you are reading this, Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  23. Anonymous,

    THANK YOU!! I rarely tear up around here, but you got to me!

  24. One more thing.. I read the CJCC page and had thought about joining but, if I have to be surrounded by such negativity and pettiness what's the point? I have already have been to high school ! I rather read from afar!!! Thanks again Shari. We love you!!!!

  25. I'm a CJCC member and I too was put off by the "correct the record" comment. Granted, I'm a stickler for grammar having spent the last 15+ years in the law field, but when you 'correct' the record, you repair inaccurate information. When you are going to add additional information, you 'update' or 'amend' the record to include the newest information. And from my experience, most of us could care less if we receive a tweet or an update from Casey-he's been sick and exhausted, and we want him to enjoy his time off (if one can call it that, since he's writing for his new album). I've met some of the most lovely, supportive women in my life through this site. However, when someone is using CJCC information to support a blog, it's only fair for CJCC members to be 'territorial.'

  26. Want These Books,

    I am an attorney and a motion to correct the record includes adding information to make the record complete, it is not limited to fixing mistakes.

  27. Shari, I enjoy your blog and it is the best place to find all things Casey. Please don't let negative comments change what you do. Kinda an overaction if you ask me.

  28. Shari,I am so shocked by some of these comments.They are such a downer. I agree with above, this should have been handled privately. Thanks, I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.Please don't let this get you down any longer.

  29. In retrospect, whoever said this should have been a private conversation is probably right. I haven't the foggiest clue what this is all about. I just know some feelings were hurt and toes were stepped on and it just saddens me to see friends who came together for a good cause are now at odds - whatever the reason. And if you all really care about this group (and I believe you do) and about the James family and all the time, love, and effort that has gone into promoting our young friend and his budding music career, then you need to repair this breach ~ privately. To those directly involved, please ... please ... consider DM's and private messages to sort this out. I can't believe this is anything more than unfortunate misunderstandings and I'm sure with a little patience and a lot of kindness ..... and for the sake of all ... it can be resolved.

  30. I agree with Anonymous#1....seems like much ado about reason to get so excited over semantics....everyone please take a chill pill, go to your "happy place" and remember it's all about the music...AND...sweet Casey James! :)

  31. Sticking up for your friends is one thing, but for something that is so minor as who said what and how is really petty as I said yesterday. I'm just a on looker with a BIG opinion. LOL.. When you have women and children being abused, children going hungry, autism on the rise, people loosing their jobs, people being diagnosed with illness including cancer,and let's not forget our young men and women loosing their lives to save this country (just a few things going on in the US) this all seems very silly no matter how nice the women you have met on your site are. Let the loyalty go for something more important.

  32. Shari,
    I dont usually express my opinions here, but I have to say this time I feel like I need to. I know the CJCC has been a big suppor of Casey, so has alot of us that are not in the CJCC. I have to agree that they do seem to air a certain snobbiness that has kept me at an arm distance. Too dramatic for me also. But thats what happens when you get a bunch of women together! If they have a problem with you, it would be so much more mature to speak with you privately.

  33. This is sooo much ado about nothing and sooo female! It's embarrassing. Shari's had a direct link to the James' family because they obviously like what she writes about them; how she portrays their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions. Can we say "petty jealousies have clouded judgements here???"
    Shari's a writer, like MJ from MJ's Big Blog, and others who research and quote sources. I honestly can't see anything that was so misquoted or misrepresented .... and obviously Faune did not either!! She commented above how she enjoyed the blog. I certainly can't see anything here that justifies the nastiness - and yes - that's exactly what it is when you factor in the friends who have weighed in on the subject - one so horribly that the comment was actually removed!
    I don't like women as a general category - and this is why. I've never gotten involved in anything like the CJCC before - ever - but I thought this group was different. I guess not. So sad to say that. So very sad.
    Mickey - you run the risk of taking down what you started when you engage in this sort of battle. You were the one on the attack. You were the aggressor; all in the name of defending what?! It was a cute fluffy little article - hardly worth fighting over. I hope you believe it's worth it. Frankly, I think not.
    And Glenda - I know you and M are friends, but please don't compromise the integrity of your (excellent) blog by taking sides here. One disappointment in the female world is enough for awhile.
    And Shari - keep up the good work. Even if there's something amiss on this blog (which I'm still not seeing), your work is excellent! You're a very good writer - here as well as your book, your blogs on politics, music and poker! You know as well as I do, though, that "shoot the messenger" is always a possibility in the journalistic world. And you also know that writers do sometimes catch flak and then look back and think, "I probably could have phrased that a little differently." Don't dig in if and when that happens, and don't take it personally. Just get on with your work.
    I generally sign my comments, but chose not to do so here for obvious reasons. Hell hath no fury ....

  34. Very well said Anon 9:47!

  35. agree with anon 9:47.
    Get a life Mickey, all the drama you cause makes the CJCC look much worse than anything Shari has ever said.
    Keep up the good work Shari

  36. Touche' Anon 8:04.