Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing New Artist: Tamar Kaprelian

Living in LA means everyone you know is either in the entertainment industry or one degree of separation from it (we don't need all six out here). For some time my hair dresser has been telling me about her friend, whose name I would conveniently forget each visit much in the same way that my stylist has to look up my last name each and every time I go in there! But I was never curious enough to look up her friend or to write her name down.

Today she mentioned that her friend's album was finally released. Then she asked me if I was familiar with American Idol. Well, just a little. Apparently her friend was on a showcase with Lee DeWyze last week and my stylist did his hair. Small, small world. For the record, she thought Lee sounded good, a little like John Mayer.

After her telling me for the thousandth time how good her friend is, I decided to take a listen. And...she was right. This is her first single, New Day. Apparently it'll be showcased on The Hills (or already has been, I'm out of the loop as far as that show is concerned).

And in case you think her sound is all smoke and mirrors (hey, there are some wizards out there who manage to make Taylor Swift sound good on record), here's an acoustic version of the same song:

She does remind me a bit of Haley Williams from Paramore, but that's not a bad thing. I love her voice as well.

Here's Tamar in the video for Purified.

Her first album is Sinner or a Saint. Check it out.


  1. Nice voice, in a McPhee kind of way. The problem is there is not much to distinguish her from a multitude of other vanilla-ish performers out there.


  2. the quality in the songwriting will set her apart from all the other artists in her genre.

    she is bringing back classic songwriting.

    listen to song: raining in paradise. its perfection.

  3. Get to know Tamar Kaprelian in her interview with ARTISTdirect! The LA based songstress talks Disney, Billy Joel & her debut album "Sinner or a Saint".

  4. Check out interview with Tamar Kaprelian talking new album @ARTIStdirect!

  5. Oh wow!! A fellow Armenian! :) This is great Shari! Such a beautiful song! I cant wait to hear more from Tamar! Thanks!