Monday, December 8, 2014

Recapping Survivor San Juan Del Sur Episode 11, Pt. 2: Natalie makes a move

If you thought part one of tonight's two-hour long episode was predictable, then you must have been yawning your way through the second hour where the most exciting thing to happen this episode was a rat scurrying across the ground during Tribal Council.

After Reed was voted off, Alec tells us he has no one and Jon confirms for him that his position is pretty dire.  Jon trusts his five person alliance and doesn't see any crack developing.  No matter how many times Natalie tells us in her confessionals that she wants to blindside Jon, and I think it's up to about 20,000 times by now, that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.  The only question remaining is will it be Alec or Keith who goes tonight.

But before we get to that, there's another reward challenge, aka another chance for Alec and Keith to watch the majority alliance squabble about who gets to enjoy another huge meal.  This time it's spaghetti in bed, which isn't really a thing.  I'm part Italian and could eat pasta at every meal and I enjoy spending time in bed probably more than most people, but I've never thought of combining the two.  Regardless, this is an ooh and aah invoking reward that ultimately Natalie wins despite Jon's assertion at the beginning that he was going to lock it up.   Jon needn't have worried.  Natalie decides to take Jon and Jaclyn into bed with her, so she can tell the folks at home that she's literally sleeping with the enemy.

My favorite moment was Missy complaining about not being chosen for the reward (she did chose Natalie after all just three days ago) missing the point that, one, she just had a reward and, two, if you want to keep your alliance together you might want to include them in a reward now and then.  And Reed thought Baylor was the brat.

Did I mention that Natalie wants to blindside Jon to avenge Jeremy?  I should mention that as often as I can because it's such a subtle point you could probably miss it.  Natalie is so circumspect on the subject, if only she let us know what she's thinking.  I mean, sure she tells us in the confessionals every time a camera is pointed at her what her plans are for Jon.  Sure, she took Baylor aside to tell her of her plan to blindside Jon to get revenge for Jeremy.  But what does Natalie "if he wins I will literally kill myself" Anderson really feel about Jon?

I won't go into how annoying Jon was with the wine and how he couldn't even spell sommelier (which I did without spell check, mind you) and how I want to put him in a giant glass and swirl him around until he pukes which was what I wanted to do hearing him go on and on about wine, because he then mentioned his dad and it all got real and serious and sad.  So, moving on....

Natalie tells Baylor that sharing the reward with Jon was "probably the worst experience of my life."  This obviously means she's a very lucky girl or Jon was a lot more boring and annoying than we saw in the one minute snippet the producers showed us of the reward.  Regardless, it reinforces to Baylor and us that NATALIE WANTS JON OUT.  Even Baylor says she wants Jon out.  Which, in Survivor speak, means Jon is totally safe tonight.

Post-reward, Jon's Spidey senses tell him that there is something weird going on around camp.  Jaclyn is concerned as well.  How much can they trust Natalie?  Are they solid in their alliance?  But just as soon as Jaclyn raises those really valid questions, Jon shoots them down.  He may feel some strange vibes, but he knows without any question that he can trust Missy and Natalie.  So, he's batting .500, which is great in baseball but not so good on Survivor where one little misstep could be your last.  The only thing Jon has going for him is his physical strength, the fact that his loved one is still in the game, the fact that Missy adores him, and the Survivor trope that Natalie's repeated promise to vote him out makes him bulletproof.

And just like that, Jon wins individual immunity, to go along with the protection of the hidden immunity idol, which means he's not going anywhere despite how many times Natalie tells us she wants him out.  The only play now is whether to vote off Keith or Alec.  Why is no one, say, Natalie, thinking of going after Jon's closest ally Jaclyn?  Excellent question (I always ask the best ones!).  Because Natalie is so blinded by her single-minded hatred of Jon that she's not thinking strategically any more.

They make what is a pretty unimportant choice seem monumentally significant.  Jon and Jaclyn want to save Alec for one more vote.  They like him, and Jaclyn enjoys his flirting, and he's young and beautiful and those people should get every benefit in life.  So Keith is their target.  Natalie realizes that Alec couldn't win a contest unless it was "if you're related to Drew, you win" so she wants Keith the 50-something expectorating fire captain to stick around and give Jon some competition in the upcoming challenges.

The alliance of five agree to split their votes, in case Keith or Alec have an idol, with three votes for Keith and two for Alec.  But Natalie, who is desperate to make a BIG MOVE in the game, decides to flip it by casting her vote for Alec, having him go out next.  This is a dangerous move because it shows some dissension, a potential crack in their solid alliance, and she wants Jon to continue to see her as loyal up until the moment she orchestrates his ouster.  But the only way her plan to get rid of Jon works is if he doesn't win immunity and Keith looks like the only real threat to Jon.

A lot of time is wasted on the Alec v. Keith vote, focusing on Keith trying to talk strategy and Alec flirting with Baylor.  There are no sparks between the two young 'uns, so the flirting doesn't pan out, and as for strategizing with Keith, just ask Reed how well that goes.

The 3-2 split sending Alec, rather than Keith, out of the game does shock Jon and Jaclyn and we'll have to wait a week to see if Natalie will pay for her decision or whether she can continue to con Jon into thinking she can be trusted.

Jon:  Unless I am reading everything wrong, which I haven't yet, I'm still  controlling and steering the direction of the game.

Jon: The more I get to know Natalie, the more reassured I am of the strength of our alliance.

Natalie: It's just about them and their perfect life together as a couple.

Jaclyn: I don't trust anyone out here.

Natalie: I could totally flip the entire game.

Natalie (5)
Jon (5)
Jaclyn (3)
Baylor (2)
Keith (2)

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