Monday, September 21, 2015

Survivor 31 - Second Chances. Preview.

It's taken me this long to get over Shane Powers not being voted back onto Survivor: Second Chances.  How anyone call can themselves a fan of Survivor and not want that lunatic to get another shot at the million dollars is beyond me?  I could watch Shane sitting on his special rock for 48 minutes every week.  This guy was pure gold - irrational, irascible, and irritating.  But having moved through the five stages to acceptance, let's preview the twenty former castaways who will be vying to finally get it right.

Here's my predicted boot order. Not who I want to win (cough - Jeff Varner - cough) but who I think will win.

20.  Kass McQuillen - You can't go into an All Star season with the nickname "Chaos Kass" and expect anyone wants to play with you.  Her target is larger than Max Dawson's ego and she makes Abi-Maria and Shirin seem likable by comparison.
19. Shirin Oskool - Millionaire, annoying superfan.  Grated on everyone and only lasted as long as she did first time out because absolutely no one thought she had a chance to get to the end.  The former Survivors, especially from the older seasons, might enjoy her fangirling for a little while. I'm guessing about six days.
18.  Stephen Fishbach - Like Kass, going into the game as the knowingest know-it-all puts a huge target on your back.  He has spent years dissecting everyone's game and is known for handing out weekly awards for the best player.  3-to-1 whoever casts a vote against Stephen asks if this entitles them to a Fishy.
17.  Andrew Savage - Even though over a decade has past, he's still seen as a physical threat.  Not known as a great strategist, no reason to think he's prepared for this group.  While he is the most deserving of a second chance, no one said Survivor is a fair game.
16. Abi-Maria Gomes - By this time in the game, everyone will remember why Abi-Maria was hated and will just want to get her out of camp.  She can only pretend to like people for so long.
15.Vytas Baskauskas - Huge target, everyone knows he's wheeling and dealing, has great rapport, and is a physical threat.  His smarmy chumminess and cut-throat attitude will get one of his allies to turn on him before Vytas can do the same.
14.  Peih-Gee Law - She can try and be sweet and nonconfrontational, but your real personality comes out and her bossiness will grate.
13. Joe Anglim - Golden boy, god's gift to everything, charming, friendly, and with Woo easily the most physically fit.  He's helped the team all he can, time to cut him before the merge.
12. Kimmi Kappenberg - She's not a threat, she didn't go far in her season, she won't be on anyone's radar early.  But, she just won't stop talking.
11. Terry Dietz - He's been helpful around camp and is a great guy, but ten years older or not, do you want to risk another immunity run?  He's such an obvious target, though, that I think he'll last longer than expected.
10. Spencer Bledsoe - How did he make it this far?  He's a threat, he knows too much about the game, he's sneaky.  Everyone agreed on just two things going in, Jeff Probst's dimples are hypnotic and Spencer cannot win this game.
9.  Monica Padilla - You know those non-targets that everyone ignores, they can win the game. Let's not let that happen.
8. Woo Hwang - He's the nicest guy on the planet, will not make any enemies, and you know that he'll probably vote for you in the F3.  But it's best to put him out of his own misery at this point, just in the small chance he's figured out the game.
7. Jeremy Collins - He's played hard, probably too hard, and is shocked to have made it this far.  He can taste the win.  Everything is going his way.  But, but, damn.  So close.
6. Jeff Varner - He's had an alliance since the moment Season 31 was announced, he's impossible not to like, and he's not a physical threat.  He's on the track to make it to the finale.
5. Ciera Eastin - After everyone else attacks all the visible threats they look around and see that Ciera is still there.  No one even realized she was in the cast.
4. Kelley Wentworth - Without her Dad as an anchor, she should do well.  She can win immunities near the end and will not rub anyone the wrong way.  Being a fan of the show will not get her booted  early like the last time.
3. Kelly Wiglesworth - The godmother of the show, no one wants to be the one to end her game.  She needs to make it to the end.  Maybe they can fly Sue Hawk out for the final tribal.
2. Keith Nale - Late end immunity run after having been way under the radar for weeks.  Once all the strong players are gone, the idea of "stick to the plan" Keith winning is pretty funny.
1. Tasha Fox - Smart but not an annoying superfan, fit but not an Adonis like Joe, loyal and likable, this is my winner. And she's my third favorite (after Jeff and Jeremy).

Who do you want to win?  Who do you think will win?  And who's your first boot?  Let me know below!

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