Friday, July 16, 2010

My Pick for Song of the Day: Starsailor - Tell Me it's Not Over

All the PlansHailed in 2001 as "Britain's best new band," Starsailor is not a household name in the U.S.  Originally signed to EMI, they were supposed to be the next big British import -- but that never materialized.  Instead, they've had a stop-start trajectory in the U.S.  Their first album,Love is Here, did well, but their second album hit a bump.  It was supposed to be produced by the legendary, and at the time not incarcerated, Phil Spector but they clashed and the band moved on in search of another producer.  Their sophomore effort was not a success and their next album similarly faded quickly.  They switched from EMI to Virgin and collaborated with Stones' guitarist Ron Woods for the 2009 release All the Plans. 

I found them quite by accident, switching channels one day, and heard the song Tell Me It's Not Over from their most recent album  Where had they been hiding, how had I not heard of them?   A little Radiohead, but not as gloomy.  Love lead singer James Walsh's voice, he has a little break in it when he sings.  Very sweet, very touching.  Hard to imagine Noel Gallagher calling him a ... well let's just say it wasn't a nice word unless you're a rooster. 

From their first album, Love is Here:

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  1. Never had heard of this group before. Gave a listen and I do like the lead singers voice. Just listened to one of their other songs called "Alcoholic", which I found very moving.