Saturday, July 31, 2010

American Idol News Update 7/30

While there was no news coming out of the tour on Friday, there was quite a bit of news about the future of the show that brought us everyone from William Hung to Carrie Underwood. Apparently, only "Yo, dawg" Randy Jackson will be returning to the judges' panel. While his silly behavior last year (booing Simon is pretty puerile) was a distraction and his sudden deafness to "pitchiness" whenever Lee sang confounding, he was the only judge to recognize and appreciate Casey's mad guitar skills. As I said when I filled out the survey that American Idol ran After that debacle of a season last year -- if they kept anyone it should be Randy.

But what of the new judges? To quote a line from Tom Hanks in Big, "I don't get it." JLo seems Paula-sweet without the Paula-crazy, so that's good. But I wonder if she's too visible a star not to be a distraction. Steven Tyler? I suppose he'd be helpful to the next Adam Lambert or Siobhan Magnus - who better to assess the quality of their screaming? He's had an entire career built on hurting my ears. And I do look forward to his style suggestions -- when in doubt, add more scarves.

But here I'm still focused on Season 9 because no matter how many problems it had, no matter how much bad rap it's received, it introduced me and you to Casey James and I will always be thankful to it for that.


  1. To another wondrous evening of Casey James' music...
    gifted to his audience, treasured by us, and a gratefulness returned in lasting appreciation for an exceptional artist.

    A continuous flow of Joyousness...Love dovetailing Love … poetry in motion!


    (twitter: seata_dapants)

  2. Marguax, Love the poetry in motion because that is what it is. By the way, I love this blog - it is so intelligent.
    Also, sorry Shari for misspelling your name in a previous comment. I said it before and I will say it again, you are also a gift to Casey, the James clan and to us guys.
    להתראות בתל-אביב!

  3. Back in Dallas - cannot wait for CASEY approximately 1 week to go... My husband and I are so excited... We just luv his music - listen to it everyday... WANT MORE and want to see a contract....

  4. Love everything and all things Casey! I also, like kathyt1, listen to some Casey everyday. Last thing I listened to last night before going to bed was Casey's "Shine Your Shoes". My son and I love the way he does the acoustic in this one and his voice and awesome!! I am so excited for him and about him! I've only followed one other artist in my life. Casey is the most real person, gentleman, unique artist I've ever seen or heard! Wonderful doesn't do him justice!! I'm celebrating his future already! Know it's gonna be GRANDE!! MAE777

  5. I personally don't get the new "judges". I also gave Randy the thumbs up on the survey, but the hiring of J. Lopez and Steven Tyler? Why these two when they had other artists like Bret Michaels and Harry Connick interested? I'm not sure I understand their thinking on this one...but, I don't even know if I'll be tuning in for season 10. I quit watching when Chris D. was sent home in season 4. I started watching season 9 after I saw Casey James perform "Heaven." That performance was perfection and I was hooked by him from that moment on.

  6. The thing I find most disturbing is that AI is probably not going to last unless someone on the panel is up for the job of making fun of at least a few contestants per show. Yes, not telling them they were bad and how to fix it but making fun of them because that makes good television. It's fun to see people belittled with snarky words. :( Bletch.

  7. Add more scarfs. Hahaha, you are so witty Shari. Who's going to give better eyeliner tips, ST or J-Lo?
    Here's the thing though, I couldn't see ST telling Casey to stop "hiding behind his guitar" or show "his more vulnerable side" He's going to appreciate true musicians same as Randy did before he started caving to "peer pressure".