Thursday, August 12, 2010

Band of the Week

Well, we already have Song of the Day, so now a new wrinkle -- Band of the Week. My first choice is Interpol. They're from New York, the lead singer has this monotone voice that for some reason I find immensely captivating, their lyrics don't seem to mean anything, they're not the most brilliant of musicians. So why am I hooked on this group? Well, take a listen:


That was my ringtone till I updated to the iPhone and went with "Marimba."  Trivia for today -- my prior ringtone was the Pixie's "Monkey Gone to Heaven."  This song, like most Interpol, is sex on a CD.  What I love is the contrast between lead vocalist Paul Banks' unemotional take on some rather bizarre lyrics and the relentless rhythm that underlies the song.  He sounds so bored, while the instruments sound so driven.     It's an unsettling mix of urgency and ennui.  It works for me.


I just love the incessant, driving bass and drum line.  It's pulsating and erotic and just builds like, well, you get the idea.  It's just solid sound propelling forward.  It's even better with earphones turned up real loud, so the music just goes through your entire body.  If I smoked, I'd need a cigarette after listening to this!

Here's their new song from their upcoming indie-label record. 


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