Monday, August 2, 2010

Real Inspiration

In my other life, I write for Poker Player newspaper and other poker sites.  I prefer the human interest stories, I don't play well enough to even try and fake writing about strategy.

I had the opportunity to interview Donnie Vann.  Those of you who are here because of Casey James know about Casey's inspiring story of fighting back and rehabilitating himself after his motorcycle accident.  Donnie Vann has an even more amazing story of the human spirit in all its glory.  He is the most positive person I know and when you find out about him, you'll want to get to know him too.

Please read this, the first half of my interview with Donnie.  It's been hacked up, sadly, to fit the word count limit (Donnie was in fifth grade, not tenth, for example), so it's not my original prose.  I switched computers and can't find the original. :(
Poker Player Overcomes Bad Beat

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  1. Shari, I did enjoy this story as well. I actually forwarded to my sweetie because he is a big poker follower. I am sure he'll enjoy it.