Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay, how ridiculously excited were you for the start of the second season of Glee? Excited enough to hunt down the east coast feed so you didn't have to wait three hours to see it? Excited enough to text your daughter during each commercial just to say how awesome it is?

So who is loving the new football coach? Genius casting. I don't know if this character will set women's rights back about a hundred years or not (but, heck, it's not like we'll ever get a woman elected president, I'm just sayin') but that is the most subversive bit of casting I've seen in a long time. Love it!! And love having a foil for Sue, even if the Beiste doesn't seem as up to the challenge as I originally thought.

And Sue, oh how I love her. "See this? Court summons. Child endangerment. There's been a line of would-be Cheerios out there since late July. I guess they lost their humanity a little bit. One girl ate a pigeon. Several others started worshiping a possum carcass as their lord. That's how much they want to be Cheerios." And Jane Lynch's delivery of such tasty words is delectable.

Sad to see Artie and Tina broke up. But love when Artie raps!

Love Sam, the new guy, who was given the best line: "I've never had any balls in my mouth. Have you?" Anyway, I'm guessing four. And Sunshine mde Rachel fear her headliner spot on the squad. Good for her! I already don't get how Mercedes isn't the lead singer on the squad. But I have one question -- how does the school have money for AutoTune? And dolls bearing the likeness of each student. Just how often do claims of molestation come up at that school?

Finn is still a trembling ball of wuss and I'm kinda okay with him losing his QB status. He never really sold me that he could lead anyone -- lemmings would turn around and run in the opposite direction.

Quinn is the new face of abstinence and Brittany tried her hand at false accusations, but it was too much for her tiny little brain to handle. Vocal Adrenaline has a new coach and now a great new short singer. Changes abound, but what remains is someone gets a slushie in the face, Will makes a terrible bad guy, Sue will always win in the end and Rachel can really nail a show-stopping tune.

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