Monday, December 6, 2010

Review of Farmer's Daughter by Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox' post-American Idol debut "Farmer's Daughter" is available to listen in full here at the AOL listening party.  Expectations were high because Crystal was such a force to be reckoned with on the TV talent show and anyone with ears realized she was immensely talented.  Could her first record live up to the promise?  It could and it did.

The album opens with the rousing country-pop, Ridin’ with the Radio. I was surprised because I never thought of Crystal as a country singer, but she does a great job. It’s bouncy, it’s fun, and, in appropriate Crystal fashion, it basically challenges you. Keep an open mind, she says, give this a fair listen. Okay, point taken.

For What it’s Worth was an unnecessary cover. It doesn’t improve on the original and it fails to use Crystal’s ample gifts well. Her vocals do nothing to elevate the song and it lost the urgency it had when it first was released. The music overpowers the song and demonstrates the "less is more" adage.  But it is the one and only dark spot on this otherwise illuminating record.

Farmer’s Daughter is the title song. It’s her signature song, it’s her life story, it’s her connection to the audience. She’s in her element when she’s allowed to sing from her heart and not forced into a particular musical genre. This is a Crystal song, not folk, rock, country or anything else.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and can be both tough and vulnerable at the same time. 

Holy Toledo is the highlight of the record.  Passionate, heartfelt and beautiful, it's hard to imagine that this song wasn't enough to get her a record contract and that she had to jump through the American Idol hoops to get noticed.  Her voice goes from angelic to fervent, she shows range both vocally and emotionally that separates her from the pop chanteuse du jour.  This is real and raw and if it were on an old LP, it would be worn down smooth in no time.

Lonely Won't Come Around is catchy, but a little too pop for me, somewhat aural cotton candy.  But her vocals are strong and assured.   I could have done without On the Run and Kiss Ya.  There's nothing wrong with these songs, her voice is great, but the songs just are flimsy, unsubstantial and perhaps I expect more from Crystal.  It may not be fair, but when you can write Holy Toledo, songs that could be on Sugarland's next CD pale by comparison. 

About the time you hear Hold On you decide that democracy was a good idea.  One man, one vote.  Not one prepubescent teen, a gazillion votes. There is no reason that Crystal lost to Lee DeWyze if the criteria was talent.  Her voice is strong, clear, vibrant, mutable.  All of the accolades and attention that came her way early in the contest were actually well deserved.  This song, and FWIW, were the only songs not penned by Crystal, but it fits neatly with the other songs and shows that Kara DioGuardi (the co-writer) can knock out a catchy ditty and that Crystal can take a pop song and transform it.

Speak Now is a great bluesy number where Crystal gets full use of her smoky vocals.  It's also refreshing to hear a song go old school -- was that a real guitar solo?  So retro.  A song that takes it's time and creates atmosphere.  In Mine All Mine Crystal goes into a falsetto that is really pretty and tender and helps make this a really beautiful love song.

Crystal's husband Brian Walker co-wrote the song Mason, named after her son.  Their duet is sweet and a nice throwback to the singer-songwriters of the 1970s.  Brian's vocals are not as solid as his better half, but if your heart is still pumping, you can't resist the lyrics and their meaning.

The ballad Arlene closes out the record.  It's more the Crystal we expected, stripped down instrumentation, her voice conveying every range of emotion.  I don't know if this or any of the other slower songs is what radio programmers will jump at, but anyone who appreciates good, honest, heartfelt music should revel in her efforts to bring back the folk troubadour as an important part of mainstream music.

Crystal Bowersox has put together a great debut showing range and talent that belie her second place finish.  This is a winner of an album with at least three songs that should be remembered long after the TV show that launched her fades from memory.


  1. If I remember correctly Arlene was the girls bus driver on the AI tour. She wrote that song about her.

    Mish in colorado

  2. Thanks for the link Shari. After a transfixed listening session, I heartily agree that there's a lot to like about this CD. I'm pushing the "buy" button.

  3. thanks for the revue Shari. My daughter is a Crystal fan. and honestly i like her too. so i will be buying her cd for sure after reading your revue!

  4. I've been waiting for it seems forever but now its finally here. I listened and now I'm buying.

  5. There is a reason Crystal lost to Lee Dewyze, he received more votes. More people like his music.

  6. After one listen of the album I pretty much agree with this review word for word :)

    Love the Americana/folk/country/blues/soul Crystal sound.

    Love her voice.Above all, Crystal has an outstanding voice that maybe separates her from the zillions of folky coofee house / busker singers out there.

  7. After listening to all the songs, all the way thru - which I didn't expect to do - I'm buying. Second ever CD from an AI contestant that I'm willing to plunk my money down for. First was Daughtry.

    Great work, Crystal!

  8. I was pleasantly surprized...It took me back. For some reason I am reminded of the hugely talented Canadian singer Anne Murray. I think that is may be the pleasing and soothing sound of Crystal voice. Felt the same way about Anne and she had the ability to be genre neutral even though she was considered mostly country.
    Once again we learn just how limiting AI is in showing the real talent of some of these artists. And I was a fan of Crystal's from the start.

    Anon 4:07 while it is true that Lee got more votes the only thing that really matters to the success of an artist is whether the voters like the artists enough to pay for the music. I believe that Crystal will sell CD's which seems to be a problem for Lee. I didn't vote for either but many have pre ordered Crystal's CD and have already forgotten the songs previewed on Lee's. Maybe more of his fans will come through in his behalf. I don't think he made any new fans with his CD release. Only time and promotion will tell for both artists.

  9. I almost agree with every opinion the reviewer gave. With the exception of Lonely Won't Come Around. I think it could be a single too.
    This album is great to just sit and listen to.

    For a debut album that was rushed to get out and almost all originals this is one epic achievement for a 25 yr old who has had a not so easy life.

    Crystal is the real deal.

  10. Do like Holy Toledo,although not my kind of music,dont like any of the other songs-sorry Crystal-you are very very good-nothing caught my attention and made me even want to listen to any of the songs all the way through

  11. hate to say it but i think casey james could be the only successful A.I.contestant from season 9.nothing unique at all from crystal or lee they
    just don't stand out.