Monday, April 18, 2011

Highlights from Coachella 2011 (part 2)

I can't say I've reviewed every minute of the footage, so it's possible I've  missed some great stuff.  But here's what I found that I wanted to share with you all.

First up is Jack's Mannequin, hailing from the OC (home also to one of my favorite, underrated bands Offspring as wells as Social Distortion and No Doubt). I've seen their name around for years, yet never actually listened to any of their music before (hey, I've been busy).  But, I like what I'm hearing from Coachella.   There's a little U2 sound in there, the nicely layered alt-rock with pop sensibilities that I like.

The next song (which could have benefitted from the mic being on during the whole song -- opening acts get no respect) is more urgent, propulsive, and infectious a little reminiscent of ...The Academy is and Head Automatica.  I dare you not to start bopping along by the end.

Broken Social Scene had me with the first note of the guitar.  Boy, I'm easy.  And they don't even have to be a good looking band (no offense)!  I hope they're doing well since there are so many of them on stage -- that's a lot of mouths to feed.  I read that they're from Canada, so if you meet them, speak slowly.  The lead singer actually has a really nice voice -- even if I'm not sure if he just said that everyone wants to "eff" the cars.  Well, if they do and make it sound so good, I'm all for it:

So I didn't realize I was familiar with Two Door Cinema Club until I heard this song (even with having Shazam on my iPhone I forget to catch the names of bands when I hear their songs on the radio).  They're Irish, which I suppose explains the Ginger on lead vocals, and the slight accent when he sings.  I'm torn about this band.  Love the song, love the music, beat, melody, instrumentation, but, not really into the lead singer's voice. 

The next song starts like they're going into a Foo Fighters' tune (which I'd totally be behind), but then it goes off in its own great direction.  I'm going to have to consider focusing less on the vocals (except for Jimmy Sommervile, I'm not a fan of guys singing that high) and more on the music which is definitely solid.

If you 'd like to try any of their MP3 downloads, check them out here:


  1. My cousins (ages 18 and 24) love Jack's Mannequin and basically everything Andrew McMahon does. Their genre of choice is pop-punk, which makes me break out in hives so I never gave Jack's Mannequin much of a chance assuming that it was just more of the same. (I did concede to downloading their song The Resolution but it's not in heavy rotation on my iPod.) But, saying they have a little U2 sound in there might make me give another listen. Maybe.

  2. Glad you mentioned Broken Social Scene, who are part of that massive Toronto power-pop scene that's been churning out quality music for over ten years now. Post-punkers Metric and power poppers New Pornographers from Vancouver are also part of a "music collective" of talented musicians, a more-developed notion in Canada than the States. Good stuff going on up there.

    I gave Jack's Mannequin a listen and I like it. Two-Door Cinema sounds like a cross between the Pogues and Morrissey--it's ok, but not my fav. I heard Brendon Flower's set was pretty good (former Killers frontman). I've always liked him, so gonna give that a listen. :)