Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Season 10, Top 8 Perform Tonight

Tonight the top eight on American Idol take on songs from the movies.  I will be shocked if Jacob Lusk doesn't take this opportunity to sing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic.  But he also could go with something from the Barbra Streisand oeuvre, especially, "Papa, Can You Hear Me?' which would seem right in his wheelhouse.  Of course, there's plenty of Liza and Judy for him to pick from, or he can follow Fantasia's lead and take on "Summertime." This should be the week he bounces back from his bottom three placement.  Just don't insult the audience, and you'll be fine, you Lusky thing.

As for the remaining seven, it would seem to be Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart who will have to work the hardest to stay in the competition.  Stefano has not only taken up permanent residence in the bottom three (they're thinking of naming one of the stools after him), but he will be singled out as the one responsible for sending Pia home last week.  Haley has girl parts and we know that's a killer for any AI contestant.  Better to hide them (see, for example, Lillith Fair-esque Crystal Bowersox and non-threatening kid sister Jordin Sparks) than flaunt them.

Speaking of girls having a rough road on this show, I love the picture of the eight remaining. Notice how Lauren Alaina is holding on to James and Scotty for dear life?  She's smiling on the outside, but inside she's thinking, "I don't want to be this season's Katie Stevens!  Help me!! Please don't let them vote me off, I want to stay with you!!"

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  1. I thought it was brutal the way the judges reacted to Pia's demise as if they were expecting Stefano to go home. They might've reacted that way when she was put in the bottom three, but not after it was down to her after Stefano was safe. Very poor behavior on the part of the judges!

  2. can you believe these judges actually gave Casey A.a standing ovation with that song?
    looks to me like they were trying to justify
    suing the one and only save by praising his
    singing,i just laughed and turned it off.oh
    and before that how about Paul butchering
    the one and only Bob Seegers awesome song
    "old time rock and roll"that's all I seen of this joke which has now become a total joke

  3. his wheelhouse... Heh. I remember that after Casey James performed "Don't", Randy said to him "This could be a great thing in your wheelhouse." After the show, I went right to the Internet and looked that "wheelhouse" thing up, because I'd never heard that idiom before. Now, whenever I hear it, I think of that AI moment. You know, I wonder if you used it here on purpose (maybe to poke fun at Randy's repetitive-yet-hip-to-be-square way of describing performances) or subliminally (you being quite the Casey James fan and all).