Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recapping Survivor San Juan Del Sur Episode 9: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Oh, Jeremy!  You were my pick, my favorite.  You had this.  A strong two-person alliance with another savvy player, Natalie.  Physical strength, smarts, an affable personality.  Where did it all go wrong?

Reed?  Maybe.

He planted the idea in Jon's head days earlier that Jeremy would be impossible to beat in the end.  The nice firefighter with two kids, who wouldn't hand him a million bucks?  It was a smart seed to plant in the vast empty space that is Jon's head and it grew quickly to a mighty oak tree of worry.  Jon doesn't know much, but he knows he wouldn't win in the end if he were sitting next to Jeremy.

Jon is like an overgrown puppy, he's very excitable, is easily distracted, and is readily attracted to whoever pets him last.  He does not have a strategy, he makes his decisions impulsively.   He is unpredictable and while that may make for good TV, it does not make for a good alliance member.

Winning team before the switch
"I love you guys."  That's what Jon said right after Jeremy and Natalie gave up the reward to give it to Jon and Jaclyn.  A catered yacht trip along the coast was Jeremy and Natalie's gift to them for joining their alliance, voting with them to get out Josh, and having a final six deal.  As Natalie said, when someone does something like that for you, you show them love and respect.  That's what she and Jeremy were doing for their new alliance members.

Jon and Jaclyn were so appreciative until...

Reed?  Well, not exactly.

During the reward, Jon and Jaclyn were toasting their benefactors and praising their selflessness.  Reed had enough and made it his goal to make sure that Jon and Jaclyn know how the "gift" was nothing more than a strategic play.  He wanted to turn Jon against Jeremy, get him to realize how Jeremy was his biggest threat, how he had a perfect social game, how his gift was just another in an unending series of brilliant moves.

But - at least from what we saw last night - it wasn't Reed who sunk Jeremy's ship.  Nope, Reed had help in his plan to turn them against Jeremy.

Jon?  Yep, it was Jon that ultimately brought down Jeremy.

Jon, the pretty boy dimwit.  The goofy, clueless guy.  They guy who couldn't spell alliance let alone tell you which one he was in from day to day.  That Jon.  Jon, who doesn't do much thinking, had a thought.  He realized that if Jeremy went to Exile Island and received a new clue for the immunity idol, he'd figure out that Jon has the idol that had been hidden there.  Jon risked hurting himself by thinking about it some more.  If Jeremy figured out that Jon has the idol, he'll realize that Jon didn't tell his alliance about it and that he'll look bad.  Finally, and about twelve hours too late, Jon realized that sending Jeremy to Exile Island to find an idol that he already had was probably a bad idea.

Just that fast, Jon went from "I love you guys" to "I better get rid of you guys."

We're still good, right?
While Jon was starting to worry about Jeremy busting him for having the idol, Reed was scrambling.  He knew he'd be the easy next boot, so he had to do something to draw attention away from himself and onto someone else on his side.  So he digs into Keith's bag and lo and behold he finds that Keith has kept a souvenir to later sell on Ebay - the instructions that go along with the hidden immunity idol.  So he tells Missy, Baylor and Jaclyn (who he already knows do NOT like Alec, Keith and Wes) that Keith has the idol. His goal was just to get the votes off of him and onto somebody, anybody else.   So this plan gets everyone to turn their attention to flushing out the idol and/or getting rid of Keith, right?  

Nope.  Jon is now in full panic about Jeremy realizing he was withholding info about the idol.  So he hatches a plan.  More shockingly, the plan worked.  He told Missy that he had an idol, has had it for some time, and that Jeremy just figured that out.  He told Missy that he was worried Jeremy - who was in their alliance and had never wavered, never strayed from the alliance - might tell the others that Jon had the idol.  He convinced Missy that Jeremy had to go, sooner rather than later.  And Missy, who had been aligned with Jeremy since day one...went along with Jon and jumped ship.  Three days after telling Baylor to vote out her ally Josh, Missy voted out her ally Jeremy.

Missy is either playing the greatest game of Survivor ever - a mix of Tony's vote out your friends and Sandra's anyone but be strategies - or she is choosing allies the way she chooses husbands.  She didn't at all focus on the fact that Jon had lied to her, that a physical specimen like Jon with an idol is a dangerous combination, that Jeremy was loyal to her and would never target her.  Nope, she just went along with the idea of stabbing one of her closest allies in the back this early in the game and going along with the most untrustworthy player left in the game.

They get to the Tribal Council and the first question Jeff asks is about trust.  Of course, it's Jeremy who answers that one.  Poor Jeremy has no idea he's in his alliance's cross-hairs.  But Reed knows, as do Missy and Baylor and Jon and Jaclyn.  Keith, who asked to be told if he were going home so he wouldn't be blindsided (i.e., so he'd know to play his immunity idol) kept his.  Jon, who trusted that Missy was on board with blindsiding Jeremy, didn't play his.  While thinking he was in a tight, six-person alliance, Jeremy was completely shocked to see his name written down five times, enough to make him the next member of the jury.

Natalie asked what all us fans of Jeremy were asking, "What the ____, Missy?"  Everyone's favorite is out of the game, a victim of trusting too much and not recognizing a threat for what it was.  As soon as he realized Jon had the immunity idol and had kept that fact from the alliance, Jeremy should have gone to Missy with that information. Instead, he trusted that time was on his side, that Missy was on his side, and that he could deal with Jon later. He didn't realize that in Survivor, there may not be a "later."  

Jeff (on Jeremy):  "Two minutes ago he was on a yacht."

Natalie: "This will be leverage for me down the line."

Wes: "I just don't want to get hashtag blindsided."

Jeremy: "That looks like the yacht I'm supposed to be on right now."

Jon (on the yacht): "Here's to the best team Survivor's ever seen."

Missy: "You rock the boat too hard, one of us is going to fall out."

Jeremy (just before being blindsided): "Trust is huge in an alliance and hopefully that's what we've been building all season."

Reed (3)
Jon (5)
Keith (2)
Baylor (2)
Jeremy (4)
Missy (2)

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